Hunter runs over activist in UK

  1. hey if this ever happens to you- do. not. move. don't move yourself, don't move the person, unless they are going to get hit again. That kinda impact will snap your back and you might not feel it right away. Always call a ambulance and never ever move someone from a wreck if you can help it.

  2. The last update I read was police were quickly called to the scene and have since been able to identify the car and it's driver. Police force saying it's still early in the investigation and just asking members of the public for any info they might have relating to this and appealing further eye witnesses (I guess how the driver was acting before the hit as they have that on camera already). That's it atm.

  3. As a horseback rider, "hunters" are disgusting. The way they put the lives of horses' and just watch the tearing up of foxes by so many dogs is awful. Especially the ones who acts rude as hell in this video.

  4. Predator management is very neccessary, I suggest you learn about it. Here in the states the money we spend on tags goes towards conservation of wildlife. What do you do other than cry about hunters?

  5. They are not disgusting... its just hunting. Foxes are a menace and they WILL be hunted. Do you want people to run after dogs on foot?

  6. My whole life my dad has been a hunter and he has always used a rifle. I'm not a fan of hunting but if you're gonna do it, using a pack of dogs to rip a fox apart is absolute cruelty.

  7. Thankfully it happened on camera and they have a lot of information to give to the cops. Possibly even the license plate if they can get it from the footage.

  8. Fox hunters are MENACES in the UK. They absolutely destroy farmland and gallop down concrete with their horses, (which can seriously damage their legs.) Drag hunts are way better and safer. I hope this woman is alright, this isn’t the first time they’ve hurt peaceful protesters.

  9. That was brutal 😷 But not surprising, considering people who abuse animals often have mental issues. People who don't shy away from violence against animals don't shy away from violence against humans either at one point.

  10. Good news: We have the NHS in the UK (for now, they haven't privatised it just yet), so hospital bills aren't of any worry.

  11. Hunters are just pathetic ngl. There's literally no reason to go and kill animals for sport other than their own insecurities. I mean just look at this, an insecure and unstable person who's gonna murder you when told that what they're doing is wrong smh

  12. How do you think that people who live across the world get food then? This is the most American comment possible, not everyone has a Whole Foods right down the street from their house. There’s a massive difference between trophy hunting and hunting to use the whole animal.

  13. Well if you watch real careful like and utilize the single solitary sense that allows you to perceive photons in a certain wave range you may just notice 2 things in this video.

  14. Did we watch a different video? She wasn’t on the road, she was on the grass. The driver intentionally swerved to hit her.

  15. You might want to look up the highway code. I very much hope you don't have a driving license...

  16. Wait for real??? All we saw was them in the same place, not even disrupting anything from what we see. These sort of activists actually did lead to some changes in uk law too. The fact that you're justifying attempted murder by saying 'Well he shouldn't be opposed to the barbaric slaughter of native wildlife' is crazy to me

  17. People like you are why they're taking away protest protection in the UK, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  18. We had one in Australia years ago run in front of a hunter duck shooting and got shot. She was hiding in the bushes and ran out as oldmate was shooting and got shot in the face

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