Tesla just showed off their new bot.

  1. “Haters gonna say it’s fake… so real… now put your filthy hands all over me… you know this ain’t the cleeeeean version…”

  2. Yeah this looks like robots from years ago. Still pretty impressive from scratch but it doesn’t have anything like the reactive balance of the newest stuff

  3. I mean to be fair Boston dynamics has also been around a lot longer making exponentially crazier automata

  4. What happened to them? They were so hyped up in 90s and 2000s but disappeared completely now. Was it not worth the cash and they just gave up?

  5. It's so cool how you can see it shifting its weight before it takes a step. Also love how "fastening a bolt" was 100% remote controlled haha

  6. Yeah I'm think we should all probably pool our resources together and have Elon knocked off before he unknowingly ends mankind.

  7. Elon has said that any robot they make should be able to be beaten in a fight by a normal human in order to prevent a robot uprising.

  8. But wait until the end ... oh wait. What a cheesy way to introduce a robot, damn. I was excited. Then I saw Musk looking all awkward then the bot was even worse.

  9. Tesla just sucks that bad. Looks like what you found in the diaper bin when Boston Dynamics was a baby.

  10. Honda and Toyota have had robots for a long time. I remember all the mid 2000’s promotional material it was all just marketing but still cool novel stuff.

  11. Cause Elon is a sucker, but the biggest suckers are the Elon hardcore fans, he will five them shit and they will praise him for that. elron cant deliver on any if his products.

  12. I’m a Japanese android in a research lab, posting to reddit from my brain, whilst simultaneously breakdancing and trying to solve chess. This robot is bullshit.

  13. Musk enters stage: "it'll be impervious to rocks", he says and throws a rock at the robot, causing a few sparks to pop as the robot slumps to the stage floor twitching twice before remaining still. A cleanup crew quickly remove the mass of steel rods and servos while the PR team works furiously to come up with an explanation.

  14. I feel like this whole thing probably spawned from engineers messing around. Once you have dozens of robotics experts working near each other, the question is not if they'll start putting together a humanoid robot, but when.

  15. Wow! So lifelike! I’d never guess it’s not human. Meanwhile one of BD’s robot soldier’s would tear this fucking thing in half and do a Hulk smash

  16. Dont wanna come across rude, but robots walking like it has shat itself and waving has been done a million times over, what makes this so special? When Boston Dynamics came out with their robots it was unreal

  17. It looks like a shaky piece of shit that would fall over if somebody in that room farted too hard. Just let Boston Dynamics do their thing.

  18. Great, now Apple is going to come out with one and they will have to name it irobot and one of them will end up pushing that nice old man out of the window...

  19. Remember when he said years ago that this was only a year away? And now he finally has something to show and it walks around like an 80 year old alcoholic. I’m sure that semi, cyber truck, hyper loop, FSD, and trips to mars are just around the corner though!

  20. It's kind of hard to take other bots seriously given how much Boston Dynamics has done so far for development. We tend to forget that not many years ago, like just a few years ago, this would have been quite impressive. However, relative to what's been shown to the public, this bot looks rather clunky and slow. It's programming and logic feels archaic. It's even moving like old robotics with wide foot pads and careful shifting center of gravity. It's not "balancing" in the sense of what Boston's robots do. It's just moving and setting, moving and setting, while being careful to remain sluggish enough to not generate an inertia problem. But, place a small rock on the floor for it to step on or give it a slight nudge, and it will likely immediately fall to the ground unable to do anything. In a way, it's no more sophisticated than those tiny hobbyist robots you can buy and build. This is just a bigger version.

  21. Excuse me, Mr Musk. I ordered a truck several years ago, um is that getting closer? Will this robot build the trucks or something?

  22. You'll never see that Truck, but Elon appreciates the interest free loan from you, roadster customers and the poor saps who are still waiting for a working version of the solar roof.

  23. This is pure advertising. They probably spent a fortune making this just to get people talking. It's complete garbage compared to robotics nowadays but the tesla fan boys will eat this right up.

  24. Thats it? It's 2022 and in the 80s we had robots that could basically do this shit on a visit to my grade school. I mean, we have sent the most powerful telescope to space and shit and we get a dancing metal idiot? Wtf. Unimpressed.

  25. no finger movement. I was really looking forward to seeing if there would be any finger movement since that would at least mean this bot has potential in the factory, but I guess not.

  26. I can see why they did this. Last time they had a "teslabot" it was a guy in a suit. This time they sent it out without it's shell to push away the theory it's another guy in a suit again.

  27. Japanese robot ASIMO was developed 20 years ago and it is used in many industries. This one looks like it was built out of aliexpress parts. Clunky, unstable, yet another form of inflating tesla share price.

  28. So Tesla is selling 15 years old tech in automobile industry as 'high tech'. Seriously, Muskteers are the easiest targets to be swindled.

  29. What are you talking about bro didn't you see that sick ass light tunnel Screensaver behind it!? And the way it didn't even have ONE catastrophic malfunction while it awkwardly shuffled around stage!? Never seen anything like it before bro! elon is gonna stop climate change and fix society with this one bro, for sure!

  30. Seriously tesla is garbage, you got people getting locked out of their cars if they don't fork over 20k for a new battery, plus all kinds if buggy software that isn't supported and a warranty that basically says if the thing bricks after 4 years it's your problem, they're over-engineered and under supported, Elon is trash, and starlink is an abomination.

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