So just saw an episode of Father Ted and I already love it, Never laughed so hard since El Chavo Del Ocho (A Mexican comedy sitcom fringe the 70s), any other Irish media that you would recommend to this Mexican?

  1. Second this, the closest comedy you will find to the Father Ted episode you watched is probably the other Father Ted episodes. I find them quite similar in humour and tone and they share a lot of the same writers and actors.

  2. Meet The Walshes and Count Arthur Strong are both things Graham has also worked on, I preferred The Walshes to Arthur but it only got 1 series.

  3. Black Books beats the IT crowd. Probably because Linehan/Matthews were more comfortable with books and booze than tech but they both have those Flann O'Brien influenced flights of pure surrealism. The bit where Bernard escapes from an awkward dinner with Manny's parents by sliding under the table at the restaurant and there's a full bar under there, complete with barman.

  4. It's not really the same humor but The Mighty Boosh is probably one of the funniest shows ive ever watched, it's somewhat comparable to the IT Crowd.

  5. Oh yeah you’ll need subtitles for sure, I have no clue how anyone understands what that wee English fella is saying

  6. The very first episode of Derry Girls is perhaps one of the finest pieces of comedy I've seen, the set up, the build up as each new character is introduced is just a master class. Up there with the introduction of the Kevin character by Harry Enfield. Amazing.

  7. We just binge watched it all for the first time, it's great. Can't even recommend it to the mother in law though, she'd be totally lost and she's Irish.

  8. Do people really need subtitles to watch derry girls? I guess I understood it fine being from Tyrone but its still surprising to hear that people have difficulty knowing what they’re saying

  9. I have a weird gripe with Waking Ned. Watched it again over the pandemic and it just kinda struck me as having a bit too much "faith and begorrah"-type style to it. That kind of "old country" backward vibe that some non-Irish romantically view Ireland as being. I decided to google it and now I get why. Written and directed by an Englishman, Funded by the U.K National Lottery.

  10. Brazilian here, have been living in Ireland for 7 years and my partner is Irish. A lot of the comedy consumed here isn't really Irish, the top ones are Father Ted (fantastic) and Hardy Bucks (if you've only lived in Dublin, you'll probably get just as lost as I do lol)

  11. People are mentioning black books and the IT crowd because they were written by graham linehan and star Irish actors, just like father Ted.

  12. It wasn't until I went to visit Father Ted's house that I realized everything that isn't outside of the parochial house, with a few exceptions, was shot on a sound stage in London.

  13. Weirdly the actors got paid more for shooting in Ireland than in London, since you got a location fee. That’s why there are some small parts where they never appear in the indoor shots.

  14. Brazilian here - I've watched a bit of Hardy Bucks with my irish fella and he dies laughing, I usually just get completely lost haha I've only lived in Dublin so it doesn't resonate too much with me, but it gets funnier on rewatchs

  15. The original YouTube series is by far the best imo. The rte show has its hilarious moments (the 2nd and 3rd series were a big improvement in the first) but they never quite recaptured the magic of the original homemade series.

  16. Youd likely also like Black Books. There's also Darkplace, for something even sillier and horror themed (but honestly just silly)

  17. Extremely unlikely that anything Graham Linehan works on in the future will gain traction due to his continued extremely active and vocal hatred of the Trans community

  18. Give black books a watch if you get a chance. Dylan Morgan was involved in writing a few episodes of Fr Ted I think. Great show.

  19. It's not a TV show but Foil Arms and Hog on YouTube they're 3 Irish comedians thay do sketch comedy some of their stuff is feckin hilarious

  20. Partly why I love Mexico and its people, they're great folk we have a lot in common with and we have a similar sense of humour, I loved my time in Mexico just wish I had more of it. You should watch the film 'Adam & Paul' it's a classic mate.

  21. Derry Girls, The Commitments (film), Brendan Grace (standup comedian - likely on YouTube). All along that type of Irish humour, nothing too harsh. If you’re going for harsh anytime though I’d check out Love Hate or Tommy Teirnan’s standup comedy

  22. You can try Foil Arms and Hog, a comedy trio that has nearly a hundred shorts on YT (they have been active for 10 years or so) I find them brilliant and I have yet to see them live

  23. There isn't any other Irish comedy tbh. Father Ted is the ultimate in Irish comedy. It was so good that Dermot Morgan died right after filming ended, the triumph of his career.

  24. My wife is Mexican and she loves Fr Ted & the IT Crowd. Although not Irish, she also loves all the Ricky Gervais shows, especially Afterlife and Extras.

  25. Not Irish, but made by the same people who made Father Ted is a show called "The IT Crowd". Very funny with a similar style of humour.

  26. I always say that if you get every joke and reference on Ted, you understand Ireland. And the show would not work with slick production values. The slightly haphazard production and acting is quintessentially Irish. Flann O'Brien with shaky sets. Ah sure it'll be grand.

  27. I already saw it come by but wanted to back them up, as a Dutch guy in Ireland i went through the same thing as you, first watched father Ted which is amazing and actually a handy one to get a good look in Irish culture, although of course it is very much exaggerated. Then went to black books and it's honestly one off the best series I've ever seen, and the it crowd came last in this Irish produced wonder series.

  28. Pues vería "hardy bucks", se trata de unos irlandeses del campo y es bastante chistoso hay otras también pero hardy Backs is la más famosa

  29. It's not explicitly Irish themed but the sketch show Big Train is full of the surrealist moments that distinguish the best of Matthews/ Linehands writing and an amazing cast of performers.

  30. To me, Hardy Bucks is the best Irish show ever created. Not of the same humor as Father Ted, and if you don't have subtitles you'll be in trouble, but to me it is the peak.

  31. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times Mexicans are spicy Irish and the cultures are so similar in ways it’s crazy.

  32. In Bruges 1000% …. Hilarious, like Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleason went on holidays and had the craic making it. The chemistry is brilliant!

  33. Father Ted is well clear of anything else IMO, but Derry Girls is probably 2nd for me. Can never for the life of me understand how non-Irish get the humour/accents in it but everyone seems to love it!

  34. My irish wife finally talked me into giving Only Fools and Horses a try a while ago and I loved it. British, not irish, but somewhat similar.

  35. They same guy that wrote Father Ted wrote another TV show called ‘the IT crowd’. It’s set in London and has some UK casting but it is brilliant. I’d say you will love that.

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