How many hours are you fasting in your country?

  1. I remember the good old days when we used to come back from school and it was almost time to break the fast. (4.30pm) That last hour still felt like a killer though lol

  2. Longer days in northern countries is kind of made up for by the fact that the climate is not taxing when you’re fasting, it’s just slightly longer hours. I remember fasting in Tunisia 40’C everyday was very difficult. On the other hand, in Europe half of my friends are eating and drinking, there’s a lot of temptation, so we are all in the same boat. May Allah swt make it easy for all of us and may we all grow closer to God during this beautiful month.

  3. That only is true to an extend. Northern USA maybe, but Canada/Norway the fast can be 20 hrs in the summer. Climate becomes less helpful then.

  4. UK here, first Ramadan, to be honest I'm glad my first wasn't a summer Ramadan lol, think that was like 18 hours

  5. It was 21 hours at its peak. Also depends on your suhoor start time as some of us did it earlier than other masjida determined it.

  6. The USA is too large a country to lump into just one category lol. Northern USA to Southern USA is a difference of a couple of hours!

  7. USA. It would be easier if I didn’t skip sahoor half of the time. Problem is when I do eat sahoor, I feel hungry sooner.

  8. What do you do if Ramadan falls in mid summer and you live somewhere like northern Alaska that has daylight 24/7 all summer?

  9. Honestly, it's been the easiest fasting compared to the last few years, Alhamdullilah. Btw denmark 5.11-19.57 today around 14h 46m

  10. 14h 40m according to the picture. i am actually attending isha prayer at a local masjid for the first time in sha Allah! i’m nervous but excited.

  11. Saudi at least has dry heat. In western countries, it's mostly the humidity which really makes things unbearable.

  12. So true. I am working as real estate and going outside all the time in hot summer. Today is about 33c right now. Jazak Allah. 🤲🏻❤

  13. Here in Toronto, around 5:30am until around 7:50pm. But I remember a few years ago when Ramadan was in peak summer, we would fast from 3:30-45am until 9:05pm.

  14. The UK was doing 21 hour fasts (including a lot of heatwaves) for many years until recently, our hours are finally going down. The mini 3.40pm iftaar fasts will be back eventually!

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