Business trends suggest young Japanese people just aren’t into jeans any more

  1. Huh, I see teenagers in baggy-ass jeans from the 90s all over the place in Shimo-kitazawa on the regular.

  2. When Japanese jeans are twice the price of comparable US jeans, no wonder. Import Levi's are jacked up to match and protect the few domestic brands that use similar weight denims and stitching.

  3. Well according to "price rankings" Japan comes in at 49th for a pair of jeans. Compared to most other developed countries Japan has quite affordable jeans.

  4. I hate the cheap plastic like jeans found at uniqlo for cheap, but still love my pair from a decade ago. Those things were really made to be durable!

  5. The alternative material is wearing thin ass pants and saying さむい every 5 seconds instead of layering or wearing appropriate clothing.

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