Survey: 67% of Japanese favor sanctions against Russia

  1. They actually had back to back increase in voter turn out. One of the reasons they feel that sanctions should be lifted is well just scanning various message boards in Japan, they see its unfair to punish Russian citizens who don't support Putin. They see it akin to sanctioning North Koreans to get them to overthrow the government.

  2. Really think the OP needs to have that part edited in. Lot of people are going to walk away with the wrong impression if they don't dig a bit. Good catch.

  3. I think the question specifically mentioned the burden it will have on the Japanese economy (which would no doubt be larger than the US) and not just if the respondent agrees on the sanctions

  4. there really isn't the war mongering , choose a side type of fervor you find in the West, or in any type of situation really.

  5. When the news is displaying crying kids, particularly crying white kids, it’ll get someone over here to care.

  6. You knew what you were saying was dumb and going to get downvoted ahead of time, yet here we are, you're still posting something dumb.

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