Seriously how do you people get this shit down

  1. Not gonna lie, dissolving in real hot water (as little as you can use) and then mixing with a decent amount of chocolate milk it’s nearly non noticeable, hope this helps.

  2. I use OJ in place of Chocolate milk but this is for real the best technique. Also don't have to worry about chocking with toss and wash😂

  3. Did this method for a long time to get used to the taste and now I can just drink it dissolved in water. I do miss the 300 calories of Nesquik though

  4. Best method other than learning to toss and wash without letting the powder touch any part of your mouth before pushing, and I mean PUSHING it down, with water (or preferably oj/grapefruit juice if your Torrance can take it)

  5. I weirdly enjoy the flavor...but I did read mixing with something chocolate can kind of mask the taste. I like putting it in my chocolate overnight oats, surprisingly good in my opinion.

  6. It really can. It has to be mixed in just right in chocolate. Funny story, My aunt has a chocolate shop and she made me chocolate bars with kratom. It took some experimenting but about 6 grams is the most she could get in each one so the taste was still masked. It was real nice taking it that way though lol!

  7. Honestly, while I still wouldn't say it tastes good, I've tasted it enough to tolerate it. Probably because I've come to associate it with the effects. I typically use capsules because convenience but im not opposed to toss and wash. When I take capsules ill sometimes burp and taste kratom and that's my signal it's gonna kick in soon.

  8. I add the powder to my coffee cup, then have my keurig make hot water, stir, let the powder settle a bit, then drink. I don’t drink the sludge left at the bottom.

  9. Mix the powder with OJ or your favorite juice. Put it in a bottle with a lid or a blender bottle, shake it vigorously and then chug it. It's not that bad and over time you'll get used to it.

  10. I usually just throw the powder in my mouth, drink some oj, mix it and swallow, may sound disguisting but it’s the fastest and most painless way possible

  11. It's better to have a small amount of water cupped on your tongue and throw the Kratom into it, then swallow and chase with liquid.

  12. Yes the basic toss n wash is the way to go. Dont taste anything if you do it right. Mess it up and death seems like an option to take.

  13. I do it a very similar way lol my method is apple juice (and maybe a touch of apple cider vinegar in the juice to take out the bitterness). I take a small swig of juice, then powder, swish it around until it's mixed (doesn't take long as long as your mouth warms up the apple juice first-this stuff does not mix well with cold) swallow and chase it with another small drink of apple juice. Gets the job done 👍

  14. Yeah. I used the pouches and they're so nice compared to the ol toss n wash. Idk if OP can handle them if they have such an adverse reaction to pills though.

  15. My partner hates the taste when mixed in water, so I came up with a drink for her. About 8oz / 250ml almond milk, 5 grams kratom, 10 grams cinnamon powder, artificial sweetener to taste, blend until homogenous. We use a milk frother, tastes earthy without tasting nasty at all.

  16. I have a friend like this, starts gagging as soon as he sees my kratom. It's purely psychological in his case, because at first he didn't have an issue with it an gladly used it himself, though he of course never truly liked the taste. Somewhere along the way he developed a very strong aversion towards it. No idea why

  17. You people?! Seriously though after being able to turn off my nose drinking some nasty stuff as a alcoholic it’s kinda easy for me. I take a spoonful, then some water and kinda make sure the spoonful is soaked then swallow. Yes some time it gets stuck in between gums but I just take another swig of water with my nose turned off, swish around and swallow again.

  18. I’ve also taken it like this and it’s not terrible. Usually only do it if I’m out and about and have no way to mix it up in water. Note of caution with this method: Do not accidentally inhale some powder into your larynx!! Coughing that stuff up is messy and Certainly tastes worse coming up!

  19. This is exactly what I do, and several people think I'm crazy for it. The first time I bought it, I asked the lady at the shop (this was before I learned the price difference ordering online) how it's best consumed, and she told me people mix it with coffee. I tried it. Big mistake!

  20. Don’t listen to the guys saying to pour it on your tongue and drink something. That’s the WORST way to do it if you can’t stand the taste.

  21. I really don't mind the taste of it whatsoever. Funny how everyone is different! I'll tell ya, I've had some greens powders before that almost made me puke. I think those are way worse than any kratom I've ever had.

  22. Inhale. Hold breath. Spoon some on tongue. Immediate chase down with flavored anything NOT CARBONATED. Think happy thoughts. Once down, exhale.

  23. Seriously about the happy thoughts. I think it's psychological. Just relax and do it and go about your day. In fact, don't think about it at all, if you freak out mid-toss n wash, more of a chance you might inhale some loose powder. But that's no worse than taking too big of a bong hit, just cough it out.

  24. Hold your nose, chug the mixture down, follow with choc milk or orange juice or even a non diet soda, but the carbonization can cause burping issues and you do NOT ever want to regurgitate that shit!! Good luck.

  25. I am not God, But I can help. You need oblate pouches, you can get them at "The River". You fill them up with up to 4g of kratom easily depending on the grind. then you seal them up, take a drank of water (pre-lube), then drink it down. No taste and it dissolves much faster than capsules. Enjoy!

  26. I can't get used to it myself, like someone else just said it gets stuck in the gums and it tastes like your munching on rabbit turds. I'm gonna try blape papes ,,maybe that could work for you or is it worse than pills?

  27. This will not happen if you allow it enough time to fully saturate in you liquid. If you lightly shake periodically and leave it in OJ (my preference) it will declump and fully saturate it. It still may leave a tiny bit of wet kratom in your mouth, a swig of water after will clear any residual taste and kratom out of your mouth.

  28. Start adding powders like lions mane or haritaki powder into a glass of water. The haritaki tastes way worse than kratom so it makes kratom taste good.

  29. As little liquid as possible with out it being total sludge. Use hot water, add a lil cold after dissolving/mixing so you can dump it back like a shot. 1 and done! Down the hatch in less than 2 seconds. Chase with cherry coke

  30. Paper is really hard to swallow if your gag reflex is sensitive. So, this is not the way...and swallowing toilet paper, really? Our digestive system is not meant for this.

  31. Easy-to-use. Mix a little powder into a little bit of warm water. Then stir in a few ounces of something like Naked or Bolthouse Farms juice (like Green Machine). And now stir. You now have a concoction that won't choke you and actually healthy. Enjoy

  32. You people? Kind of racist towards us powder munchers. My people have been through enough without you people putting us down for the texture of our drink…

  33. toss and wash in one gulp without swishing it around in your mouth. Avoiding the swishing is the most important part. You guys are just making it harder than it has to be by mixing it into drinks or swishing it around.

  34. I painted my wall with throw up the other day and it took a decent amount of time to clean it up. Volcano of powder I had to spit out smh and I’m a veteran

  35. I throw the powder in my mouth and follow it down with about 4 oz of orange juice and then follow up with water and swish it around to get what's left on my teeth and gums. It's best not to think about it too much. It's the fastest way I believe, well for me. I also have the dose, the OJ and water ready.

  36. Surprised not many recommending Oj. To me it’s entirely palatable, sometimes downright enjoyable. Some strains make it taste like grapefruit juice. You need to leave it soak in for at least 5 minutes to fully saturate. You can also prep a future dose and leave it in the fridge/lunch bag.

  37. For me it really matters which strain I'm using as far as if it's disgusting or tolerable. Personally I use a "premium maeng da" and I think it's not so bad. I mix it in water then drink. Maybe try different strains until you find one that is less gag inducing for you lol.

  38. Yes! I’ve found some “strains” are actually quite enjoyable. Mixed with OJ, almost tastes like a super yummy grapefruit juice with slight hint of tea. Other strains just still taste like crap even mixed with extra OJ. Most are somewhere in the middle, not great, not terrible. With OJ though, you gotta use the not from concentrate stuff in my experience for the best result.

  39. I hated the taste at first. Used to mix it with orange juice or grapefruit juice. Those small bottles have a wide enough opening to tip a half-teaspoon in. Off and on kratom user for about five years. Now I just fill a glass with warm water, dump in about 2gms, stir it vigorously and church it down. I sometimes put a little honey in too, but that’s only if I’m taking a larger dose (3gms). When you put your glass down, naturally some of the powder will settle on the bottom. Just add as much water as needed, stir it again, and drink it down. I’ve gotten to the point where the flavor is actually something I look forward to each morning. Good luck!

  40. I take an empty water bottle and I mix up a strawberry crush drink packet or the A&W root beer drink packet non-carbonated and I’ve put the Kratom powder on a bent piece of cardboard or thick paper take it like a BC powder and then I immediately chug and kind of shoot the strawberry drink immediately behind it don’t get it squashed around in your mouth just like a BC powder and so far that has worked the best for me and I don’t even taste any of the powder

  41. When I started I mixed with chai tea, milk and sugar. Now I use a flour grind with warm/hot water, mix well, and drink it. You get used to it. I barely taste it anymore

  42. Try mixing it in Apple sauce or yogurt if you like it I had success with yogurt.But I have.gotten use to the.taste where I can now toss n wash it with ease.It will get easier

  43. I mix the powder into melted chocolate or nutella, and the result tastes pretty nice. It does mean I have to eat a few spoons of chocolate whenever I want to take kratom, but I don't think that's so bad. :P

  44. I put a tiny amount of hot water into a small glass...just enough to wet the kratom into a paste. Then i add about a shot glass worth of orange juice to it and mix it together. I take the shot if the mixture and swallow followed by a small drink of orange juice as like a chaser. It works for me. And its way better than stomaching a bunch of capsules. Plus its a little more potent that way and kicks in in about 20 minutes verses an hour for pills.

  45. Pills are your friend. If you can afford the extract pills, even better, but they Are expensive like $20 for 2-3 pills here in so cal.

  46. I pull my tongue to the back of my mouth so that the powder doesn't touch it when I dump it in my mouth. Then I get water and swish & swallow. Time/exposure also helps, I don't even notice the taste anymore.

  47. Oblate pouches make it simple for me. Wrap up a gram or two into the pouch, dip in some water to seal it and swallow like a pill. No taste, no fuss. Works great.

  48. Everyone hates it at first. I would look at people tossing washing (lmao) like htf! N now that’s all I do because once you get the method down it’s the easiest way to consume it.

  49. I used to just put it on a spoon and dump it in the back of my mouth with a drink of some sort waiting… Kratom was real hard to get down and I’m not someone who struggles with these kinds of things

  50. Like you, can't stomach powder, period, without puking. I take capsules, and my total dose every 6-8 hours is 5-6 grams ( 10-12 capsules ). I take 2 at a time with a drink of water, and keep repeating until I get them all down. I don't get nauseous this way, just feel a little bloated for 10 minutes or so. After dosing, I get a cup of coffee, sip it while having a smoke, and start feeling effects within 20 minutes.

  51. I use a blender bottle protein shaker and coffee I keep in the fridge. It still doesn’t taste good but it’s better than toss’n’wash.

  52. Maybe try a different strain. For me red Bali is bomb and I can take it no issue mixed in water. But rn I got a train wreck mix and it’s disgusting but it gives me a better feel so I take it

  53. Boil water, open the capsules into a cup and pour the hot water over it, add lemon juice. Add ice and a sweet drink like apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice…so much better on your digestive system. Although I let the powder settle to the bottom and leave it after I drink the liquid cuz less powder = less constipation

  54. I mix 13-17 grams with enough water to keep it runny, slam it, rinse cup with water, take a shot of ACV, then find something to clear my palate asap.

  55. Protein powder. Ideally chocolate (not even my favorite flavor, it just works best at masking kratom)

  56. I put a liquid in my mouth first, usually sparkling water, measure my kratom out on a spoon, put my head back and pour in the kratom, it floats on top of the sparkling water so I never taste it. I kind of flick my head back and swallow it and never taste it.

  57. It baffles me how many people complain about the taste. If you've had wheatgrass or greens powder, it tastes the same. Just a bit grassy.

  58. Couple Oz of hot water, mix dose with matcha whisk, slam it. If you need a chaser after, have that ready. Water works for me

  59. I get it down like this. Put a scoop on my mouth. Take a sip of water. Down it. It's not complicated.

  60. I know it might sound weird but Oat milk.. And it doesn't ruin plain Oat milk for me. If you still can't do it.. Chocolate powder, fruit smoothies with peanut butter 100% masks the taste and actually boosts the effects. But you have to be in the mood for a whole ass smoothie everytime lol

  61. Take an old water bottle, put in some OJ, top it off with your dose, shake like the dickens, let it marinate for about 5 minutes, then chug it like a frat boy at an open bar Phi Mu mixer.

  62. I mix it water drink it and wash it down with more water its not that bad and you will get used to it i will never eat kratom wrapped in toilet paper...

  63. Toss an wash it with water. Im so used to nasty protein drinks i just learned to chug an get it in my system. Body building taught me its not the taste its what it gives you

  64. I think it tastes fine?? I drink matcha and green tea and other herbal teas and it tastes pretty much the same. Maybe drink green tea and force yourself to get used to the flavor

  65. Easy. I just do extracts and they treat me really good, and you barely have to take a little and they hit like a Mack dump truck.

  66. I actually just posted my method due to hearing about this issue a lot. Take a look and see if it’s helps!

  67. Probably no one will see this anymore, but if you eat strong, menthol-rich gums or fisherman’s friend’s right before and after you drink it, there is no taste.

  68. I simmer lightly in water with heat on low, add a sprinkle of cinnamon, simmer for 10 minutes exactly, then I add a Celestial Seasonings Peach tea bag and allow to steep for another 5 minutes. Then I take whatever the equivalent dose is that I want, add soymilk and sugar and it is delicious. =)

  69. I've been doing the toss n wash method exclusively for over 10 years now and 99.9% of the time I have no problem whatsoever. But that 0.1% is a MOTHERFUCKER!

  70. How is this still an issue for so many? Just put it in a little jar with some citrus juice and shake it up. Fruit juice, chocolate milk, coffee, whatever you've got.

  71. So, you could mix it with juice for example - I have tried it personally and it doesn't make it much better to be honest, but still somewhat good. What I started doing lately is just mix like 100ml of really cold water with your kratom powder, gulp it down and immediately drink something that suits your taste after (I do some coca cola).

  72. I take two of the koolaid water packets and my dose of Kratom in a small coffee cup and get the water very hot. Fill it half full and then drop a couple of ice cubes in it. It totally dissolves and it goes down very easy. You taste the flavor packets more than the Kratom. I’m like you..the smell of it used to make me gag and I’ve tried just about every other way and been experimenting with it trying to find the right potion 🧪 that works for me. Give it a try. Pick your favorite sweet water packets and let me know what ya think,please! Capsules just don’t work for me!

  73. Small shot glass with hot water mix your dose and then take it like a shot of green tea chase with water or orange juice if you really can’t stomach taste at all def go with orange juice at the end but the key is having the kratom be in the small shot glass so you don’t have to drink so much nasty liquid

  74. It gets better… almost like your stomach gets used to it.. at first, kratom would make me terribly sick feeling as well. It gets much better over time I haven’t felt sick in ages now. Stick it out!

  75. I used to have a hard time with this as well a long time ago. Now I know to use blate pouches (I use the cones called blate papes). Think of it like a capsule but not hard and more like a bag you fill up and then swallow.

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