Sex drive and testosterone with chronic kratom?

  1. My sex drive has took a drop massively. I would masturbate or have sex daily before chronic kratom use and now id be fine with 2 times a week. I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing though because 8/10 times, I can have sex if my partner wants to. I have a very high sex drive though so that’s why I don’t mind being fine with not wanting to have sex or masturbate on a daily basis

  2. I’m in the same boat here. Feels like it took a big dive. I’m going to start looking up supplements and I know that searching this subreddit for the keyword “libido” will be a gold mine

  3. Yes, my libido has dropped quite a bit (daily user), but it also makes living with chronic pain much more manageable. I try to just use the least amount possible.

  4. Yep I use it 3-4 times a day to make my back pain tolerable. I havent had interest in sex in a while never considered that that might be why

  5. I'm not male and use it for the same reason. But it likely still is T. Even as females, we need T for our sex drive. It sucks so much! I've been taking T boosting supplements that are safe for women and have noticed a little help.

  6. I agree. Mine took a dive also. When I first started using it made my sex drive go up, the last 2.5 years have been a rollercoaster, lately though, more often than not, I’d rather not be bothered though. Honestly, mine may be related to the hysterectomy I had and stress. Might cut out a bit on the kratom and see what the results are.

  7. I'm a daily kratom user. I literally have to force myself to masturbate in an effort to minimize testicular cancer risks. My hand is there, but my hearts just not in it lol

  8. Try lowering your dose over time, normally when I’m within the stimulating range it actually increases my sex drive. I only take about 1/2 a tsp twice a day. When I was up in the higher ranges my sex drive definitely suffered, it wasn’t so much that I wasn’t necessarily interested but the sensation was numbed to naturally I wouldn’t be as excited.

  9. Kratom makes it hard for me to finish if I’ve taken it in the last ~3 hours. Back when I was on antidepressants it was nearly impossible at any point of the day.

  10. My libido dropped but I wasn't sure if it was because of the kratom or because I'm getting older (I just turned 40). I've been taking kratom for five years now. Maybe both?

  11. I'm a long time user and I have to take testosterone replacement shots. Its partially from meds I was taking but I do think kratom is part of it. It sucks but it is what it is.

  12. it can make it hard for me to cum, but with my current partner who i am incredibly attracted to and turned on by, no issues what so ever. before we met about a year ago, had trouble having more casual sex (couldn't stay hard/ wouldn't cum/ wasn't into it) which i attributed to kratom, but here I am with someone I care deeply for , taking more kratom than before, and i'm shooting bigger loads than ever :)

  13. Kratom does the opposite for me, and I’ve always suspected myself as having low T in the first place, so I think it’s different for everybody. Sorry I don’t have more help for you

  14. YES! I am onenof those women haha. And testosterone is actually a big part of our sex drive too. And I have heard that opiates can lower your testosterone and ainfeelnthat is what has happened with me. I have been taking T -boosting supplements specifically for women and have noticed some help, I'm just bad about being super consistent with them.

  15. Currently having the same issue with a lowered sex drive. I’ve met with 2 specialists and my test was average after taking Kratom for about a year and a half once a day. My buddy has the same issue but what helped him was one week on and one week off of Kratom. So I’m in the process of messing around with that

  16. In my experience, Kratom lowers LH (luteinizing hormone) production. LH signals to the testes to produced testosterone. I take Tribulus Terrestris to combat this because it stimulates LH. Tongkat Ali stimulates LH too.

  17. Yes sir. I am 23. was a daily user (addict in my eyes) 10-15g x2 daily from 19-21, my Tst levels after I quit was 223. For someone my age my levels should be 800-1200. I started doing Tst cream and used it daily for a year, only went up to 325. So since i’ve started Tst daily injections, it has been about 3-4 months, going to get my levels checked on friday so I will let you know my levels, but I feel a lot better. I did not realize how much your hormones affect how you feel, it’s night and day though.

  18. My husband has to take his daily dose (chronic pain, bigger dose maybe 1-2 tbs) until after happy hour. He said it works on it, but longer and better before. Not trying to be tmi, just saying it does cross the opioid barriers as I think I understand. Not proficient in how it all works, it just allows me to work manual labor with three degenerated discs

  19. Your second source suggests that it does impair test levels, as it says that his levels returned to normal after discontinuing kratom. In any case, all opioids are known to effect testosterone in some capacity, kratom certainly seems much less severe, but I would guess that it still does. Especially if you dose everyday/use high doses

  20. Kratom does not lower testosterone, it has no effects what so ever on androgen levels. It's a historic fact that opiates in general lower sex drive and reduce the ability to orgasm.

  21. From all the research I've done there's no studies that prove Kratom lowers your T levels, but it does kill your sex drive. I used it for over a year, I think I masturbated maybe once out of the month at that time and it took a little coaxing to get myself to do it.

  22. The "numbness" hypothesis makes sense to me--it can reduce genital sensitivity which can make climax slower and reduce interest one might get from initial intimate contact (in a given case, or in general over time.) It can be easily tested with topical numbing agents (esp. in men, though some can burn so investigate options).

  23. I mean, a little dampening of my libido is welcome in my case, and in that 2 hour window post-dose my dick is desensitized, but otherwise I'm still shooting ropes and pulling one out every other day or so at minimum.

  24. There is a known metabolic dysfunction that occurs with chronic opioid use and it could be possible that a similar metabolic dysfunction occurs with kratom.

  25. By the end of my usage I was taking 40-50 g's a day, and yes, it tanked my sex drive. It's not like I couldn't get it up with the wife, it's just I had no desire to. When we did have sex I could go for ages, which sounds great, it's just, I could rarely finish, which made my wife feel shitty, and wasn't great for me either. Took months to get back to normal after quitting. Frankly, though, during the later period of my usage, it was the constipation that was my personal biggest issue, lol!

  26. Change the dosage or change the strain Find what works for you You might find a strain that would increase it

  27. Daily user since 2014 here... I can say I have low T, but not low enough to hamper my nads... my first child is due in October. Probably gonna go on TRT now that she and I one and done. I'm 44, she's 41.

  28. I take 50 grams daily and it’s a real chore to masturbate. If I can do it on this dose then you can do it on low doses. But it totally kills my sex drive. I don’t get any man boobage or anything like that. That could be from other things, like eating a bunch of products and foods with Soy in it. Soy and Hops are loaded with phytoplankton-estrogen. And tons of other plant foods too

  29. Since Kratom is an opioid, you can be sure that it's having sum negative impact on testosterone levels, as that's an issue which is associated with any opiate and/or opioid.

  30. Testosterone and dopamine supposedly rise and fall with one another. Check out Andrew Hubermans podcasts on dopamine and motivation he explains alot about the system in his podcasts.

  31. If it affects you in any similar way as opioids does, wich I can only assume judging by it's effects, then yes. In that case it does lower your testosterone and sex drive. There's a reason they prescribe testosterone to long time pain med patients and people in the subuxone and methadone programs.

  32. Start taking a daily ashwaganda supplement, it helped me wonders. I can't have sex with my fiance right now because of really bad back issues, it fucking sucks. When I'm in this much pain I take anywhere from 30-50gpd which makes my sex drive extremely low because I am content with whatever is going on around me.

  33. I think I take more than that (7-10.5g /day) and I have the opposite effect. Everyone's different. Could be kratom, could be something else.

  34. I’ve noticed a dramatic drop in sexual drive while on daily Kratom. I dose 2-3 times a day and if I don’t allow a long time in between for everything to kinda balance out - I’ll go weeks without even noticing. It’s just not there. I had a similar experience with opiates after a surgery where there was no drive. When blood work was done the doc had said that I’m bordering on the low t level. When I stopped everything and retested a month later everything was normal. It’s a balancing act that takes some time in adjusting.

  35. I guess I'm the exception because I have experienced no drop in libido and I've been taken 40+g a day for around 5 years or so. I probably have sex 4-5 times a week and masturbate on days where I don't.

  36. It’s not your imagination. It’s just like Oxy or alcohol. Either you get pain relief or sex drive. Not both.

  37. Studies show it also increases prolactin. I started getting itchy nips when I was doing kratom while on trt. My estrogen was all out of wack too and prolactin was high. Stopped kratom and everything leveled out to where it’s supposed to be.

  38. Just do a YouTube search for Andrew Huberman and click his channel then scroll though the channel. He has many episodes around dopamine and also has one on optimizing testosterone and estrogen.

  39. I had a huge drop in libido and some other symptoms 5 years ago I told my doctor and also that I was taking Kratom his solution was to go on SSRIs ( Canadian doctors aren’t great and don’t like testing). I didn’t want to take the pills so I paid a private clinic that offers full physicals. The tested every possible thing and found I had very low T levels and a vitamin d deficiency but everything else was normal. I got prescribed TRT and started making sure to get as much vitamin D as possible. I also reduced my daily Kratom intake by 2/3rds , improved my diet and began regular moderate exorcize and sure enough it all came back. Actually it came back with full force. I’m 38 and have the energy and libido I did in my early 20s

  40. I’m not a man. But I have also experienced a decreased sex drive. I’m cool with it because I have endometriosis (chronic pain condition that affects my reproductive system) so I can’t really have sex as much as I’d like without being in pain. But I was on antidepressants for years with kratom & I got off the meds like 16 months ago & I figured my libido would get better. Buts it’s been the same. I take kratom almost everyday. Used to have a high sex drive too. Obviously it’s a problem if this isn’t something that benefits you like it does for my situation. So judging by all of these comments agreeing with what you’re saying… I think it’s safe to say kratom definitely impacts the libido. In men & women. (Edit: typos)

  41. I’m on TRT and a high dose will still dumb it down. Even on viagra it can have an effect. I don’t dose high before sex and it solves it for me.

  42. Kratom and all opiates I've ever used have always diminished my sex drive but honestly I see it as a good thing. Not always thinking with your dick can be really useful

  43. Idk from reading comments, didn't think that was a problem. I've taken between 15 and 30 grams daily for almost ten years and my horniness has always been the same, though meth killed it for many years I'm in my late thirties and rub one out at similar rate to my twenties. But I was always once a day type of person, smoking ice or taking prescription speed only thing that ever upped (and then killed) my sex drive

  44. 100% for me. I didn't work it out for a while because I was also taking antidepressants. I dropped the anti depressant by half ....that helped. But coming off kraton my libido went through the roof. Im peri menopausal and didn't realise how much kratom was affecting my ability to orgasm. I could enjoy it , alot! In my kratom bubble....but take it away and sex has become a LOT more fun!! 😊

  45. Yes this happened to me when I first started. It's gotten much better the longer I have taken it tho. I believe I'm going on 6-7 months. I don't believe it has anything to do with low T from what I know.

  46. OIAD opioid induced androgen deficiency,suffered it with long term tramadol use,it’s possible to have high test but suffer low test symptoms if free test is low due to high estrogen,hormones are complicated so best seek professional advice

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