"I was asked - if Lakers can get Turner & Buddy for Westbrook, should they also try to get Bojan Bogdanovic in a 3-way w/Utah? Taking those premises on face value - adding Bojan would cost the Lakers an extra $80 mil in salary/tax. So, no, think they'd just play Swider on a 2-way."

  1. Even if they paid it, it has to be logical. Caruso is worth the tax, Bojan is not worth paying an extra 80m in tax for. He is gonna get played off the court in the playoffs and is old.

  2. I agree however the only thing that makes me think maybe they would go more into luxury tax is how quickly lebron signed the extension. They might have said they were willing to spend.

  3. Genuinely just curious cause I didn’t watch much Indiana last year but aren’t people somewhat overrating Turner and Buddy? I get they are solid players and fit right what the lakers need but they aren’t all stars or crazy players… if they weren’t then wouldn’t Indiana themselves have been better the last couple years?

  4. Just give Cole Swider some minutes. They need sizeand he has that at 6'9 and stretches the floor. IJS. The need size at the wing size. The tallest sf we got 6-6.

  5. "Taking those premises on face value" is a pretty important caveat. The contending team's warchests are pretty light at the moment but Bogdan is your classic "FRP for a rotation player" trade deadline move, they aren't going to just give him to the Lakers, it's very much just idle speculation all-around.

  6. Ya I’m fine with buddy or bojan but not both. I like Bogis size but on a team with Bron AD and turner, where does he get minutes? At least buddy can kinda plug some size into either wing positions and provide the same shooting. If we need a taller slow shooter why not just resign Melo on a min.

  7. Guess the entire media is lying… Pacers can easily say idk where this offer is even coming from

  8. I don’t see how that’s a bad deal for Indiana. They get off Buddy’s contract. They get 2 firsts that could end up being very valuable. They already traded Brogdon so might as well tank for this season

  9. Indiana have told the Lakers that they are welcomed to renegotiate the deals if lakers are willing to add in a second FRP. The leaks were also that the Pacers were willing to do it for 2 FRPs. Their owner just sees this as a way to dump Buddy’s contract while also getting something in return for Turner. And they’re in the perfect position to absorb Russ’ contract because of how they fucked up the Ayton situation. Imo, people talk about how the Kyrie situation was a godsend, but I feel the same about Indiana.

  10. It’s more hilarious Lakers fans are excited to get Turner & Hield, and it’s even more hilarious that they think they’ll win em a ship

  11. You don’t even know if he can defend at an NBA level. That is such a gamble from a hopeful contender. No way they just do that

  12. It’s sad that the Laker organization doesn’t pay. We will be at a disadvantage until the kids decide to sell the team

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