🧐 ...just me?

  1. I walked into school one day when I was twelve and many of the guys turned hot over night somehow

  2. I tried an “are you gay quiz” once and the questions were all along the lines of “HAVE YOU FUCKED SOMEONE OF THE SAME GENDER?”

  3. When i was a wee lad i found myself thinkin' "damn that intercourse thing is probably really hecken' nice for the woman. I wish... no, women give birth, and thats yucky." Looking back as a pansexual and a bottom... it's a revelation to say the least.

  4. those quizzes are often inaccurate, but if you were like "hmm ok I'll play along with it" and then actually started to have gay thoughts, then yeah that makes sense

  5. For me it was looking at femboys online as a dare, then looking at gay stuff as a dare, then doing it in my free time because I realised I actually enjoyed it, then I started thinking about actual gay people I like then I came out. That's my story.

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