Dolphin 🐬 near Cutty Sark Greenwich

  1. Seems like it might be a harbour porpoise. Still just as cool though. Always nice to see some unusual wildlife on the river.

  2. Awesome! I was walking the Thames Path near Surrey Quays a few years ago and pointed to a big piece of trash floating down the river and mentioned to my wife how grim it was that people just chuck stuff like that in the river. Then it turned and looked at me! Turned out to be a blimming seal, just bobbing along!

  3. With the amount of raw sewage being dump at the coast to the sea, i wonder if the water in the Thames is relatively cleaner?

  4. The reason everyone is pissed off at the sewage is because it’s dumped close enough that people notice it. The underlying logic that by the time it’s diffused a few tens of metres into the sea that it’s so dilute it doesn’t matter in an ecological sense is pretty sound, and was why until people noticed, it’s been done with very little in the way of consequence to the marine environment for a long time.

  5. A lot more common than you might think. For years traders at Billingsgate have thrown waste into the Thames for the seals that live in the shadow of the City. Seals and porpoises can happily live in the tidal thames. The whales that occasionally show up... not so much

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