Need to find a veterinarian

  1. I’ve been through this. Cat had a hairball and stopped eating. I suspect if you look at ear area skin will look yellowish. you need to hydrate cat

  2. I see you tried chicken. You can take that chicken blend it with equal parts water and pack it in syringe and feed a bit at a time. Little squirts. Cat will spit some out but gotta keep at it. My cat was like a cat food sprinkler but it saved her life.

  3. I'm sorry to hear. I have heard that some out-of-town vets will be cheaper (think Komoka, Lucan, etc.) but can't recommend any.

  4. I can second this. My cat ate an Apple Watch band and needed surgery. In London most vets quoted me around $6000 for the surgery. I went to Thames Road Vet Clinic in Exeter and I paid $1780 all in- which was 2 nights there, x rays, drugs, food and the exam. Can’t recommend them enough. Hopefully your kitty feels better!

  5. Thanks for your suggestions. She eats wet food normally and I didn't change anything about it. I'll try the microwave thing. The chicken wasn't cooked fresh, I didn't have any. It's canned. I did try hand feeding but she'd just get to and move to lay somewhere else.

  6. Just scrolling past but I wanted to stop by and say I know how it feels to lose a pet! I'm so sorry for your loss.

  7. Oxford animal hospital is a $50 exam and i like them a lot but I don’t know if they’re taking new patients

  8. Just as an fyi i called them last week and they arent accepting new clients at the moment :(

  9. Hi! You could try Northwest London veterinary clinic as they are fairly new so I think they may be accepting new patients. I go there and I’m a student as well. For my last visit, I checked my bill and it said 70 dollars for the visit. You could also ask how much the visit may be too!

  10. Try calling Sears Animal Hospital on Wharncliffe (519-661-0496), they are fairly priced and may be able to take an emergency case. Pm me if the quote is more than you can afford

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