What company would you recommend for solar panels?

  1. Don’t do Everlight. Predatory sales people. I had to report them to the state which found them at fault.

  2. We received quotes from Full Spectrum Solar, Drew's Solar, and Midwest Solar and liked all three companies. Midwest Solar was our ultimate choice and we've been very happy with the whole process. Installed in July of this year.

  3. Full Spectrum Solar did mine. They're an established local company with lots of experience and good people. No problems at all.

  4. I would get quotes from Full Spectrum Solar and Arch Electric. I got quotes from both of them two years ago and they were both great to work with.

  5. They’re all too expensive, IMO. Madison is a high demand market and all the providers have jacked up their pricing so it takes 20 years to break even.

  6. You're not going to get it installed in 2022 anymore, winter is coming. But that's ok: if you find a contractor now you can get on the schedule for the spring. You don't make any electricity once it snows anyways so it's kind of a wash.

  7. Whatever you get, invest in a guard to block squirrels from getting under them. They built a nest under ours once and can cause damage if they chew on stuff.

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