How does the LBRP work?

  1. I love Damien, however I've found he explains the effects of the practice more so than how it actually works (same with most people). I'm interested in how doing those certain things creates a space to do magick in, how it strengthens your aura etc

  2. Most of the answers you're looking for can be found in the original Golden Dawn source material and in Aleister Crowley's comments on the material since his system is based on it. Some of John Michael Greer's books may explain more too - he has several that discuss the system in depth.

  3. I second this. What's the metaphysical connection? My studies haven't uncovered too much on the ritual, starting from the symbology of the pentagram itself.

  4. The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram invokes the archangels associated with the quarters by way of circumambulation. The skrying of pentagrams essentially opens a portal between the ordered and pre-ordered cosmos (chaos); we conjure raw aether through the portal with ritual gestures and give it shape with words of power (magical formulae + vibration); and we use it to construct a column of light around us, insulating us from Qlippothic influences.

  5. That's interesting, how does the pentagram open a portal? And do the invoking/banishing pentagram create different kinds of portals?

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