Has anyone had strange a experience during the LBRP?

  1. Some spirits/energies/entities are like the guy at the bar who harasses people and throws a fit when he gets thrown out. The LBRP summons archangels in 6 different directions (4 or 5 as well depending on the format) and archangels can be really threatening to most entities.

  2. Not trying to offend anyone here, but i don't think the OP or some of the replies to this actually understand what the LBRP does and what its for. The LBRP doesn't "summon" any spirits, it doesn't even banish spirits (despite what the name implies), its a very basic "internal" ritual practice, designed to clear your OWN negative energies in preparation for other rituals, the same is true for its "cousin" the BRH (or lesser ritual of the Hexagram). You usually need to learn both if you join a mystery school (Ordo Templi Orientis for an example), so you can undergo more advanced forms of ritual magick that DO work with invoking spirits/Intelligences, but on its own the LBRP cannot possibly cause such things lol.

  3. Eh, not so sure. Regular practice of LBRP certainly clears space for me, at least well as sage or whatever. And the invoking of the archangels is real invocation, with lasting protective effect on space.

  4. Dude that place is haunted. Is it that land that’s haunted or just the house? It’s damn near impossible to get something off the land especially if it’s something like a gateway. Don’t stop in the middle of your LBRP, always finish it. Sage invites in just like myrrh, don’t burn those, try frankincense.

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