[DISC] My Hero Academia - Chapter 353

  1. All For One looked cool with all of those Quirks on his fingers at the end. I hope we see a wider array of attacks during this fight with Endeavour.

  2. Reminds me of the elementary art class project where you trace your hand and then draw different designs on each finger.

  3. I sure hope so, him using simple attacks I can accept since he was against All Might and he needs all the brawns but this is the perfect time to show his array of quirks.

  4. It was moments and decisions like those that really made me believe the Japanese fandom overall hates the villains. The recent interviews was just confirmation at that point.

  5. Maybe it’s a stretch but I don’t think Hori would have a panel focusing on the glowing light on Dabi’s chest for no reason. Have a notion that Iida might save Shoto from whatever that thing is about to do.

  6. I guess it was really hard to improve speedsters without getting all flashy, but damn they have gadget class it should be something.

  7. He got one of the biggest spotlight in bringing back Midoriya as a cummulation of the set up of repaying Deku on Stein arc.

  8. I must say that the way Hori bought up Midnight death again is kind of awkward, i know the villain is probably the one who killed her but why mention her specifically months after it happened when you could say the same to all the heroes that also died?

  9. The villain saying 'just like that UA teacher" lowkey makes it sound like she's the only person he managed to kill and that this was his greatest accomplishment lol

  10. It is awkward but I think it was necessary if we are gonna set up some kind of fight between him and Mina (and maybe a few other UA students). None of them would have any reason to know who killed Midnight, they weren’t there.

  11. Yeah, it's really convenient that he words it that way and of course Mina is there. The whole structure of this end-war is just separating everyone with their final encounters. It's a lil lazy but the manga has been lazy ever since the hospital raid.

  12. Finally! I've been waiting to see what Red Riot was up to.  I predicted a long time ago that Kirishima would be in charge of guarding Machia's prison and that Mina would get a chance to redeem herself for her failure against Machia.  Excited to see Team Kirishima vs Midnights killer and all the other villains trying to break Machia out.

  13. He said something about an "escort mission" that kept him busy until now, there may be something about the whole battle plans that we readers don't know yet.

  14. But the "failure" of Mina was to "redeem" the failure of Kirishima in the flashbacks. Are they going to save each for the rest of their lives? Not that I am against tho

  15. I thought spinner just got swole, I didn’t think afo turned him into a kaiju. I was wondering if the villains where gonna get extra quirks for the fights, but of course it’s on brand for Dabi to turn it down. I’m curious about that light, maybe a part of Shoto’s new ability

  16. Damn so that might really be Dabi's final involvement. I guess he had his big moment in their previous encounter but like Spinner said it still feels unbelievable. And what I think I've finally realized is that this climax reminds me a lot of KNY infinity fortress arc. Just the entire cast seperated into fights that they have a particular investment in and giving literally everything whilst trying to converge on victory.

  17. One thing I like about MHA is how character inspire each other all the time. Being a hero isn't only about being the strongest, it's about inspiring people to be their better self, and Todoroki's arc is a great at showcasing that. He gets inspired by Alll might and then Deku's words, and he uses the occasion to grow, inspiring others like Shoji or Hanta. Imo his arc is one of the best in the manga : he turned into such a great person despite his circumstances, proving that a shitty childhood isn't a good enough reason to hurt other people. He's a great hero.

  18. You can flame me but Dabi defeat was so rushed and anticlimactic that I half expect him to show up again just cause I can't accept him getting killed in 1 chapter after so much build up.

  19. I actually think the fight itself was well done but I certainly don’t think that Dabi’s character arc is over.

  20. To me Horikoshi was never good at the "technical" side of the fights, so he went down aa i expected.

  21. Could feel rushed for sure, but we also had a great amount of chapters showing that Dabi will literally burn himself to the ground, so if you wanna save him like Shoto did the last thing you would think of was drag the fight.

  22. This chapter is a "breather" of sorts and also a big set-up for battles to come. Deku and the aquarium battlefield are notably absent so next chapter may shift to them.

  23. I don't know why but that one panel of Sero being like '....' after hearing about Todoroki's victory really bothers me. Hori's paneling him alone with a bigass '...' and no face shown is very sus to me. Or it may be something I didn't catch ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  24. Yeah, kinda strange now that you mention it. And I heard somewhere that he would get some kind of relevance in the future. This may be connected

  25. Manga's number one shit talker is back! I can't wait to see how he eviscerates Endeavor and Hawks with his pettiness.

  26. Dabi's skin is definitely regenerating. The panel with the glowing orb is depicting the ice thawing. The skin on his chest has regenerated with only a few of the burnt parts of the skin left.

  27. My wild theory is that Dabi is still alive because Endevour will lose his quirk to AFO and Dabi will somehow give his quirk to Endevour, which means Endevour will go out in a glory of fire, defeating AFO once and for all and dying in the process.

  28. Spinner came across as kind of whiny and annoying in this chapter for me... And since when were him and Dabi that close for his defeat to elicit such a reaction from him?

  29. I think the second quirk affected his mental state and the league has repeatedly been Spinner s family for a long time. They accepted him when nobody else did and while he and Dabi weren’t close, Spinner admired his resolve.

  30. He's got at least one extra quirk from AFO (clear from the same scene where Dabi refuses to get more).

  31. That color cover page was clean and glad we're meeting more of the prisoners but doubt we'll get any real attachment to them but hope so also Kirishima what a dude bro

  32. Really good chapter, we get to see possible match ups and the villains released from jail. That panel with Shoji looking all handsome was funny to me, I could see him vs spinner “battle of the ones discriminated against due to physical features?” Also looks like Mina, kirishima and friends will be fighting for midnight ‘s death. Lastly the panel showing all for one with all his quirks in his fingers was dope, he really has a whole weaponry of quirks on him. Also aoyama abs fat gum vs the alien looks cool too. Getting hyped

  33. I really think Horikoshi should have put a limit on the number of Quirks AFO can use at once in his body. Have it so that he can only carry 5 quirks without overbearing his body, while the rest of his collection is stored in others.

  34. It was pretty short, but Dabi vs Shoto was one of the best fights in the series. High stakes, emotional payoff, decent choreography, fantastic art.

  35. Between naruto war arc and this current arc, the current arc feels worse. The villains are embarassingly B-grade .

  36. I mean besides madara and occasionally Tobi the same can be said for Naruto’s war arc, not to mention the abysmal pacing and what felt like a lot of filler

  37. I’m baffled by the pacing of this arc. We’re spending nearly a full chapter zooming across battlefields just for one panel check-ins that all are basically “good job, dude!” thoughts? C’monnnnn. We get some “our secret plan!” stuff, I guess, but it’s all…like? Abstract? It doesn’t feel concrete.

  38. Kind of rushed through, I was really hoping it wouldn’t have ended so quick without Endeavor being involved at all with Touya or having that reunion. Hopefully there’s more to it

  39. I'm still of the idea that Shirakumo's conscience inside Kurogiri will reawaken and come with new portals to help, reshuffling the battlefields so that Endeavor will get to reunite with Shoto and Toya. This chapter does in fact confirm that Spinner's group is attacking the place where Kurogiri is held.

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