[News] Yusuke Murata (One-Punch Man) has confirmed the Yoshihiro Togashi account to be real

  1. Don't be hasty now. You survived for an unofficial announcement. There is plenty of time for you to die before anything comes out

  2. Kinda unrelated but this really reminds me of my father, who passed away last year due to Covid. He really supported my hobbies, and bought for me most of the HxH manga volumes over the years. He sadly never got around to reading it, but I'm sure he'd be glad to see it's finally continuing.

  3. Bruh, after what happened to Miura the fans probably would monitor his health by becoming his nurses if they could.

  4. I had a trapped nerve for a few days a few months back. I honestly couldn't sleep more than a few hours and it was brutal. Adding work and other commitments, I was a zombie for those few days. I couldn't imagine working through it long term.

  5. Seriously though if his health is THAT bad. He should end the series. It's not fair to his fans if he drags them by the nose like this. Just end it or write a light novel. I am an outsider. I never read or looked at the anime. I think he's going to drop 10 chapters, get a check and dip out for 2-3 years again. It's bad that's his reputation now. Everyone thought that tweet was fake, because he came out of nowhere. Other people had to confirm that it's real for him lmao. That's terrible. I really do want to start it, but I can't if the author isn't going to finish. Once the series get's somewhat of a schedule, I can finally start it.

  6. Yusuke Muruta also works for Shueisha so he probably was able to get in contact with someone there (editor maybe) that confirmed to him that this account really does belong to Togashi. What amazing news!

  7. There was a livestream or something with Murata playing videogames with Togashi's assistant at Togashi's house. You could even hear Togashi's voice.

  8. I wonder if part of why he knows is if he's gonna help with illustration once OPM manga catches up with the webcomic. Murata would be a perfect illustrator for hxh

  9. Apparently so is everyone else! The original tweet has so many likes in such a short time and the followers of the account are going up thousands per minute

  10. Oh didn't know this was on a hiatus. Recently started reading it, only a volume in. Does it have a decent end point like hxh or is the main story still ongoing?

  11. I guess I gotta go back and re-read the massive exposition he wrote the last few chapters because it's been 4 years and I can't remember what was happening.


  13. I sincerely hope that doing this for an hour each day actually benefits his body one way or another.

  14. That's why these chapters are coming. Togashi needs the money to buy the game and pay for all the DLC. Expect another hiatus until DQ XIII approaches.

  15. What's remarkable is that the previous chapter was released when Wano in One Piece was just getting started, and the next chapter will be released while Wano is still ongoing or reaching the end, which could end up being a 150 chapter long arc itself

  16. Togashi, author of Hunter x Hunter, hasn't released a new chapter in a LONG time. What was it, 3 years and a few months now? So him making a Twitter account and posting about possible progress is huge news to all HxH fans.

  17. I'm extremely surprised to see Togashi making a twitter account (well, making it known at least), his mentions are going to be hell

  18. I called it lmao. I jokingly said the cherry on top after Houseki no Kuni, CSM and BC returning this summer would be HxH.

  19. It's funny how Toriko, a manga that is directly inspired plotwise by HxH could start, reach it's own

  20. He shouldn't even be working on it. He should be acting as a team leader and having like 10-15 assistants work on it while he gives orders.

  21. Yeah at this point in his career he should be drawing storyboards and writing story and has assistants filling in the details

  22. Kinda sad the dude who write my favorite manga was dying, and while he had to time skip,he finished the manga on his actual death bed! Last chapter even had a goodbye note from him. Now that's a man! So sad though :/

  23. tbh this is too good to be true , the amount of following on this account in just a short amount of time + some famous mangakas like

  24. Okay hold up, you have Yuusuke Murata confirming (most likelly through Shueshia) that the account is Togashi's, plus a bunch of other prominent mangaka following it and you're still on the fence?

  25. Let it be known that I never gave up hope HxH would return, this is the best day of my life since it went on hiatus, and I graduated a couple days ago.

  26. I don’t understand the tweet, he says the same thing quoting someone else. What about it actually confirms a comeback? Tweet content wise, the identity seems legit of course.

  27. Nah. There's no telling how long Togashi will stick around for. He could start publishing on a weekly or monthly basis, he could publish every few months, or realistically he'll do what he usually does, which is weekly chapters for a few weeks/months and then go back on hiatus. Even if Togashi came back and didn't stop publishing until the series was completed, Hiatus x Hiatus would still linger.

  28. Well it isn't the first time an hiatus has ended for Togashi. It is just a question of how many chapters he puts out before he goes on another one.

  29. I wish i was hyped but i cant. This manga had enormous potencial, but it turned into a drag when the hiatus completely broken the immersion and the last third of the manga were walls of text explaining abilities or some sort of exposition.

  30. Oh boy, this makes me so happy, I've literally exclaimed in joy as I realized the meaning of the tweet!

  31. Holy shit i can't believe it. Hoping his health hot better and at this point I'm hoping he decide to let someone else to draw.

  32. Geez I thought Murata is also drawing for Togashi but this is still good news. Really good news.

  33. I really hope togashi left somewhere the development of HxH and someone like murata can finish his work

  34. Cmon ToGOATshi. Just give me my ten Kurapika focused chapters and take another break my king.

  35. Hunter x Hunter (created by Yoshihiro Togashi) has been on hiatus for over 3 years with radio silence on Togashi's part. Even though he is not a very public person, he just created a Twitter account, announcing that he's working on the manga again and that he will update on his manuscript progress.

  36. I just don't get excited about Hunter X Hunter anymore. The current way things are going is probably the most long winded stint in a shounen manga I've ever read and the breaks are entirely too long for me to keep caring.

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