[NEWS] "Ranger Reject" TV Anime Adaptation announced!

  1. It did look incredible, which is a good sign; The PV is supposed to showcase the best of what they have, but mediocre studios also put out mediocre PVs. The director, Satou Keiichi, most recently worked with Studio MAPPA on a couple of anime, I wonder if it'll be with them again.

  2. Gotta love how this PV makes it extra ambiguous to know who are the good guys and the bad guys. Any non-manga reader will be extra confused on who to root for.

  3. Animation looks incredible, but Sakurajima's eyes look way too different. I guess it's too detailed for them to animate all the time, so they will only do so in close-up shots? A shame though because his eyes are a huge part of his character.

  4. TBH I'm looking forward this being in color so it's less of a struggle to tell certain characters apart (mostly the rangers, but also some of the other junior members like Hisui and Suzukiri).

  5. That looks sick! The animation on how the invaders shape shift was so cool, nice to see the gang animated too.

  6. Alien invaders declare war on Earth and heroic Rangers are created to oppose them. 13 years later all the invaders are dead except for the footsoldiers, who are forced by the Rangers to enage in mock battles to keep the "War" going. One footsoldier, D, thinks enough is enough and decides to use his powers of shape-shifting and immortality to assassinate the Rangers. But the Rangers have a literal army of apprentices, so D finds other people with grudges against the Rangers and teams up. Much of the action and comedy is due to D being impatient, weak, and ignorant about human culture, but he makes up for it through villanous ingenuity.

  7. I think it's amazing but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Despite how it looks, it isn't really a battle shonen. It's more like a spy series with a lot of mysteries, backstabbing, and a comparatively heavy amount of text. It also has a pretty broad cast you need to keep track of.

  8. Its definitely not like his other works in Quintessential quintuplets. In fact I got whiplash with how different it was.

  9. I’d say try the first few chapters and see if you like it. It’s a massive change of pace and tone from Quintessential Quintuplets.

  10. Better than Quintuplets but definitely not amazing. Some flaws (like the aurhor clearly deciding to do a Makima-esque villain without really getting why she was such a compelling villain) but not enough to bring the whole thing down. Manages to make good use of an actual cast of characters.

  11. No. For a series all about fighting, almost all of the fights are bad. Poor pacing, poor choreography, poor framing, uninventive powers minus the MC, uninventive use of powers besides the MC. The story is convoluted and dragged out, though maybe anime pacing will help that latter part. It doesnt really deliver well on the tokusatsu aspect in the sense that you could swap everyone's appearance to be pure fantasy or sci fi and you wouldnt really need to change the story at all. If you love things like Super Sentai or Kamen Rider or Garo this manga does not have much for you specifically.

  12. I sincerely hope they use Ranger Reject as the title instead of what Seven Seas did. I wonder if Negi-sensei know about how well the wordplay works in English.

  13. Kodansha does the English manga, rather than Seven Seas. But I'd expect any official license of the anime to also use the manga name, since similar was done, for example, with Kodansha's license of In/Spectre.

  14. An announcement PV like this isn't really indicative of the content they're gonna cover. It's just to get you hyped. The staff isn't even necessarily the same.

  15. Sooo hyped for this! One of the most underrated series going on right now IMO. Glad it got a chance for an adaptation.

  16. So hows the manga? Ive always meant to read it but I decided Ill give it some time to not enter the weekly grind too early.

  17. The story is great. The main character is interesting. The art is good and the story kind of makes it hard to just root for one group. It develops characters well and is pretty interesting. Also, great character design.

  18. Honestly the manga is pretty meh, the art is good but the story is weak and I find myself bored of the series very quickly. It had potential but actual execution is terrible.

  19. Isn't announced but the managing director is apparently the guy who did Tiger & Bunny, and Inuyashiki (I have no idea if that bodes well or not).

  20. I usually don't get too into adaptations of series I read, even ones I really like (like this one), but it's always fun to see some positive attention to series I like, and this is no exception. Here's hoping it turns out well.

  21. Is this supposed to be "based" on the Power Rangers? because from that trailer it looks more like G-Force

  22. Excited for this! I hope this does even more well than the Quins anime so Negi make more of this type of manga

  23. I generally couldn't believe it, I took a break from the manga as I took a break from manga in general, but now I can carry it on in anime form, I wonder when it's out

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