Anyone still playing Andromeda?

  1. Playing through it for the first time and I'm really enjoying it. The only thing I actively hate is the first person galaxy/system map thing they have going on while travelling.

  2. I’ve done two play-throughs since release, the most recent was straight after my first full play-through of LE after it’s release last year. I’m thinking of a third play-through soon, I haven’t played as Sarah Ryder yet.

  3. About to start it tonight for the first time. I’m looking forward. I just finished the trilogy LE for first time and know Andromeda is not closely related but I’m stoked for more space adventures!

  4. come to MEA's sub for some tips, it's pretty different from the trilogy in tone, combat, level design and overall gameplay (open-world).

  5. If you treat it like a standalone game in its own universe you’ll enjoy it a lot more than if you expect it to be like a ME game

  6. My wife still play for time to time. It was our first contact with the mass effect franchise so she like to revisit once in a while.

  7. Just started it a week or two ago, I actually like it a lot. Not nearly as much as the original trilogy, but it’s a lot of fun in its own right.

  8. For sure. I've beat Andromeda over 10 times each same as the original games. The combat is so addicting and satisfying with all the abilities you can mix and match. Will go for another playthrough in a few months.

  9. I do now and then. The trilogy is still my go to, but if I'm looking for Mass Effect change of pace, I play Andromeda.

  10. I did a play through of the LE and then I restarted it. Mostly cause I didn't remember what was going on. I got it when it was first released, couldn't get into, but wanted to give it another chance. I'm enjoying it

  11. Finished my second playthrough a couple months ago (last complete playthrough was at launch.) Probably gonna be a few year before I play it again just because it takes so long to get through.

  12. I'm playing it for the first time right now. I'm enjoying it so far. I played the MELE trilogy for the first time recently and did a second playthrough immediately after I finished. I think I'm going to do the same with Andromeda. And then after that second playthrough I'll probably play through the trilogy again.

  13. Just hopped back on after n7 day and tbh I'm having a lot of fun. I remember it being much more of a slog when I last played

  14. "Not that bad a video game" is a perfect description of it. Sadly, after the original trilogy, people expected more than just "not a bad video game" and those expectations weren't met by a huge margin. What people liked about the original trilogy(story and characters) is pretty much the weakest part of Andromeda.

  15. Hell yes. I'm doing a super-completionist run at the moment, completing all the little side quests before I advance the main plot. After this run I'm planning to do a new game where I aproach the missions from a more role-playing perspective, doing stuff as I think my character would. I love the flexibility this game gives you to complete stuff in any order and still get relevant dialog from squadmates.

  16. Into my 4th playthrough. The first time was 2 years ago after the trilogy. Not only it's not bad, but it's also good and it's my favorite mass effect game.

  17. Andromeda is a solid Mass Effect game. It has as much plot density as ME2, the best combat of the series, and party banter. The puzzle dungeons can be tedious, so just watch walkthroughs on YouTube. Other than that, it's not bad.

  18. Started it for the first time in October and have been enjoying it so far. The mechanics, gameplay, and character interactions are great.

  19. It's not that bad, but the writing definitely is not good. The original mass effect is years above in terms of the plot and characters to what Andromeda was.

  20. I went to guve it another playthrough and i survived about 5 secknd through le epic punny dialogue, just really gets under my skin

  21. I like it played through it 3 times talked about my experience on the andromeda subreddit and got branded a hater and was talking in bad faith lol

  22. I keep thinking to try it again, but I need another bloated open world game like I need a hole in the head...

  23. Played through it like 3 or 4 times for the platinum, can't remember. First time was when it came out and it was a 4 at best, there were a couple of glitches and bugs here and there but the combat was fun, so I kept playing.

  24. Played through it twice. Once when it came out and again after it was fixed. Good gameplay in fights and travel but way too repetitive in everything else. I’ll play it again once the next ME has a release date announcement.

  25. I’d play it again! It’s got plenty of flaws, but the exploration is fun. The combat is fun. I like aspects of the story even if a lot of it was pretty forgettable for me. It’s sad to see how much potential there was to make it better. But that goes for the vast majority of games.

  26. I've really been wanting to replay it, but after playing through the LE in 60+fps, Andromeda's unstable 30fps is just too jarring.

  27. I tried not too long ago to see if my feelings about it changed at all. Unfortunately for me, they did not. Having played the Legendary Edition multiple times and trying to jump into it just reminded me of all the issues I had initially and they still bother me. It's not "bad", but to me it's also not Mass Effect

  28. I've played the trilogy more times than I can count. Andromeda I've played about 3 times so far. I hated it at first, but when le came out I decided to give it another go. I like it, if you consider it as a separate game from the trilogy and don't take things seriously it's a fun time.

  29. I played through maybe half of it, and I was generally enjoying the game up until I met the Angara, and they just seemed exceptionally boring compared to all the milky way species. I got maybe another 10-15 hours in when I decided I just wasn't interested in what would happen next. I find the cast in general to be rather boring unfortunately with Peebee being the only character that's really memorable, and even so I don't care for her that much. I want to try finishing it eventually, as I did enjoy bits of it, and the combat is pretty fun. I know there must be some good lore and storytelling in there yet, it's just spread too thin

  30. I was really into the multiplayer for about 6 weeks then MW2 came out and all my buddies started going back to Gears 5 out of nowhere so I had to throw in the towel.

  31. I am now. Years ago, I had previously stopped at the first trip to aya but now I’m on board. The tasks are only as annoying as ME1, but not as much as DA:I

  32. I just finished the OT again and decided to play Andromeda for the second time after that. I feel like if the Mass Effect name hadn't been on it, it would have gotten a solid B as a game.

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