1. One of my cool friends nicknamed me that cause he didn't remember my name or something, it was a while ago, but it's a sincerely fantastic (Although unusable) name to me because of that

  2. There is this manhwa, "who made me a princess", the main character name is Athanasia. It was so disturbing as It made me think of euthanasia lol. There are also some readers who just pretend her name is Anastasia.

  3. True story, my mother (a trailer trash QUEEN) honest to god tried to name me “Cliché” because she heard the word and loved the sound of it.

  4. I'm originally from the hood and a woman on my block named her son Marquette. But she pronounced it as "Markwette." I was just a kid and thought the name was just randomly ghetto until my family bought a Marquette deep freezer and realized the lady had poor reading skills.

  5. Considering that it is a dance move and dances are still considered elegant, I don't think this would be a terrible baby name. Just change up the spelling a little

  6. This has actually happened a few times, with the parents not realising what it is. I saw an article about it in a news paper in Scotland about 15 years ago.

  7. In Pakistan, before their invasion Talib (meaning educated or student) was a popular name. After the Taliban’s rise however, it stopped being so popular. That tends to happen when a terrorist organization uses a popular name.

  8. I actually know a girl named Miss! Her full name is Missy but she's always gone by Miss. I thought it was weird at first, but now I think it's really pretty.

  9. I know of someone who has a kid with a name VERY close to diarrhea. She’s a crackhead who dumped all her babies on her mama, so I’m not surprised.

  10. It's an incredibly ancient name, though. Isis is one of the major goddesses of ancient Egyptian religion and is still used as a name today. That is one of the reasons why there was a push to start calling the extremist group IS or ISIL.

  11. Knew someone named Latrina. She was sweet and didn't get made fun of at all, we lived in the United States at the time where Spanish was the second language not French.

  12. When I worked for a children's progrum at the public liberry there was this little girl named "Tyranny". Still makes me lauwf to think about it.

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