Sorry, if this question comes across as stupid but what should be the monthly expense on groceries for a single person in Melbourne? Of recent, I have found myself spending close yo $600 on groceries alone in a month and was wondering if some single people could relate to?

  1. That doesn't sound too excessive. I guess it depends on the quantity and quality of food you require. $600 is roughly $20 a day, which is not exorbitant. If you were frugal and were happy with simple dishes you could easily halve it, it you wanted to be lavish you could spend a little more.

  2. Thank you for the response. I guess I need to learn to be frugal. Would you be kind to give me some of your tips, please? Thank you.

  3. I spend 400 max per month for 2 adults and one child and we eat high nutrient content. That being said we eat on an exact meal plan that doesn't change and we eat meals home made from basics only. $600 if you're winging it and eating varied or pre prepared for example sounds about right honestly.

  4. That's about normal for me. I am also vegetarian so meat is not the entire issue, I guess I just have expensive taste. I think I could probably cut back to closer to $350-400/month if I just paid attention to what's on special and planned my meals around more filling bases like legumes and carbs. If I were you I would ignore everyone on here saying $600 is ridiculous - they must be eating rice and beans for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  5. I spend around $1200 a month for six people. Three adults and three teens. Mostly at Aldi, Reject shop for snacks, and the bulk of the produce at the local fruit and veggie shop. I go into the week with a meal plan so I don't have any food wastage.

  6. Any pasta dish is a good cheap staple. You can do a lot with $5 haha. You can add veggies and mince as you see fit but nothing wrong with pasta, bolognaise sauce, and cheese, and if you get them from Aldi you could make $5 last a good 3 or 4 days of food prep

  7. I budget $440 per month. That does 3x dinners per week (I cook two servings so I don't have to cook every night), and 5x lunches (normally the same meal) plus breakfasts, snacks and desserts. I'm veg/ vegan and limit myself to one 'fake meat' product per week as they're expensive and use beans, légumes, tofu etc the rest of the time. Most of the time my breakfast is overnight oats (cup of oats + yoghurt, soy milk, blueberries and chia seeds). This week for lunch I've got a veg ceasar salad with cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fake chicken, cooked quinoa and vegan cesear dressing. Dinners are tofu tacos (I buy whichever marinated flavour piques my fancy) (ingredients: mini tortillas, tofu, cos lettuce, grated carrot, cheese and sour cream), Sri Lankan lentil Dahl and devilled potatoes with rice and a minestrone soup with sourdough. Snacks are muffins from Costco (they're huge, I buy them, cut them in half and freeze them), mandarins, apples, sweet and salty popcorn and mini stroopwaffles. Dessert is mostly sweet cereals - I've got a soft spot for crunchy nut or special k forest berries (topped with kefir and served with soy milk).

  8. I eat a healthy amount of veg and proteins plus add in dairy and occassional cleaning items etc and spend $480 a month and i also prefer to buy free range meat

  9. I'm doing it quite easily too. Oats and fruit for breakfast, wraps for lunch and chicken and vege soup or a decent pasta or rice meal for dinner is pretty much my meal plan. On the weekend pancakes, eggs and beans. It costs around 5 dollars per person per day. I use things like stock, minced ginger, curry powder and can get heaps of good flavour. Our nutritional value is always really good too. I wonder what some people are buying as well sometimes that have huge food bills.

  10. That's a little high. Between two of us in the inner city shopping only at Woolworths (I know, I know) we spent a total of $770 the past month. That's usually eating out on a Friday night though, and a Sunday brunch roughly every second week

  11. Just hit the lick, these huge company’s are taking the piss with the amount of price hikes they are pulling so I’ve gone from nicking a cheeky snack here and there when the opportunity presented itself to walking out with the food I need to keep myself alive.

  12. I'm single and my weekly shop costs me $60. this week i decided to only eat vegetables and make a big fuck-off soup which cost me $25. So per month I'd be spending less than half of what you spend.

  13. Yep, I also struggle to keep my bills down. I'm trying to slowly reduce from 550 a month to 450 - basically I will be eating less meat to do it. I already cook everything at home, shop specials etc.

  14. I bought a big wok and reusable containers and made a weeks worth of stir fried lunches at a time. 'Used rice, frozen vegies and various Asian sauces, then stored in the freezer.

  15. 30-something living alone and yes mine flututates between 500-700 depending on expensive items like health, beauty and cleaning products. (cant beleive a can of deodorant is $9 now wtf!!) sometimes it is like $30 for one bag of stuff :(

  16. Cooking for one can be more expensive than cooking for 2. We spend about $800 a month for the two of us but my mum who lives alone is spending a similar amount to you and she's extremely frugal.

  17. Quick look at my last month, and we spent about $450. That's for a family of 4. Could probably cut it finer I reckon

  18. I probably spent $600/month when I was being somewhat lenient, ie. being mindful about what I bought, but still buying things like the dearer brands of tinned fish, fancy yoghurts, snacks I wanted, and some $6 frozen meals for work. Also probably includes me getting some takeout.

  19. Believe it or not, humans don't actually need that much food to survive. If you are super frugal, you only need to eat once per day. Or eat less calories per meal.

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