I really don't care

  1. I just find it funny that it feels like they’re doing revert single thing in their power of subterfuge to win - yet still losing.

  2. That same man spoke favorably of Hitler and Nazi Germany and said he was treated better there than he was in the US.

  3. I hear that china is cheating in the olympics but how are the doing it? I want a serious answer tbh not some joke ones. Like what exactly are they doing because i dont know what's going on over there.

  4. The most blatant one was in the speed skating event when a Chinese player threw a barrier puck ( unsure of actual term) into the blade of the skater ahead. There is also the fact that quarantined athletes are being fed horridly.

  5. There was also an issue with the mixed team ski jump. A bunch of women were disqualified because their suits were too big even though they had used the same suits in previous events.

  6. If they were actually cheating, they'd have a better medal count. At the moment of typing this, they are in 7th and, more importantly, BELOW THE U.S., which China would never allow if they were cheating

  7. I just search up the medal count on google and just laugh. Haven’t watch a single event but I know for sure China was being China.

  8. It was so saytifying to see a chinses american beat china at mens figure skating. You cant loose when you get elton john on your side

  9. The Chinese people for the most part are probably great people as is the case for the population in most nations. People hate the Chinese government for what they have done.

  10. Downvoting isn’t oppression. Downvoting is disagreement. Banning someone or taking their content down is oppression.

  11. I didn't even know it was on until like yesterday and only found out after I heard China was cheating twice.

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