Serious Body awareness on .17 MD

  1. It’s like it’s telling you to do something before it’s too late lol. Honestly I have always thought that mushrooms know something about me that I don’t. So who knows lol

  2. I agree with the idea they know something we don't. My body seriously just felt like it was trying to tell me the whole time get up, stretch, move free up these knots.

  3. Weirdly enough yes. Mostly on a couple larger doses though. Not microdosing. It tells me to correct my posture constantly because my back will be on fire (even though I don’t have back issues) it’s odd lol.

  4. I have also had this experience at a larger dose too but I found it very odd that it was so pronounced with a microdose. Like every muscle in my back, around my hips and up my neck was trying to say YO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUVE DONE?

  5. I enjoy yoga when I do it, but I'm more a fan of like martial arts style poses. But martial arts videos are a lot harder to find on YouTube than yoga videos.

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