53edo Harmonies

  1. Not harmonically but melodically, I find the different kinds of seconds available very interesting. You can have anything from a very small minor second of 4 steps to a very large one of 10 or 11 steps, and they all have a different color. It's worth exploring, in my opinion.

  2. I'm in agreement- except for the fact that I'm concerned about harmony as well. What can you tell me of the melody and chords you've worked with?

  3. Okay that one YouTube video demonstrating the algorithmic song "Channeled" is interesting. I think I'll have to mine that for ideas at some point...

  4. Anyone have thoughts on 53edo's Supraminor and Submajor intervals? I'm trying to find the uses of those based on 13-limit JI.

  5. ooops... it looked like the schismatic scale would allow a 13-limit comma pump, but I think my math was off.

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