A business in Maine had this in their window this Sunday.😡

  1. All this time I thought I loved fried chicken because it was delicious. Turns out I'm genetically predisposed to loving chicken! (Stolen, can't remember which comedian said that)

  2. We eat Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo, turkey and dressing on Thanksgiving, why not eat fried chicken and collards on Juneteenth?

  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Maine/comments/vh1ko7/this_was_posted_in_the_window_of_a_millinocket/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  4. I looked it up, it’s a big chain insurance company franchise type thing, so I’m guessing corporate or whatever/however that works told him he’d have to be closed on Juneteenth

  5. Yeah, as an outsider looking in to American racism, making black stereotypes about fried chicken, watermelon, grape soda etc is ridiculous. Have you had those things? They're amazing.

  6. "All this time, I thought I liked chicken because it was good. Turns out, I just am genetically predisposed to liking chicken!"

  7. We are in Pensacola and went to 5 Sisters Blues Cafe last night. Fried chicken, collard greens, black-eyed peas, and they even gave me a side of red beans and rice even though that’s a whole plate. Hands down the best food I’ve had in a LONG time. Even my daughters liked everything they tried and they are “repressed suburban white girls”.

  8. I got really high last night and ended up eating 3 packets of ramen, 2 bags of popcorn, 2 boxes of Mike n’ Ikes, and a huge bowl of cereal, which I regret unbelievably right now.

  9. I grew up there. Can confirm. I lived in the very liberal, southern part of the state in a little beach town. The only black people were a handful of kids that a white family adopted.

  10. I'll add that where this happened was wayyyyy up north in Maine, Shitkickerville, where there are like no black people. Southern Maine is completely different and isn't nearly as ignorant.

  11. From the Millinocket wikipedia page: "The racial makeup of the town was 97.7% White, 0.2% African American, 0.7% Native American, 0.4% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 0.1% from other races, and 0.8% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.5% of the population.

  12. Maine had a colonial slave market as early as 1650. Enslaved people were brought by ship to York, Maine for the local market. By the 1754 census, there were approximately 154 enslaved men and women (about two men for every woman), in the District of Maine.

  13. Why would anyone type it, print it, and stick it on their window? I know that thinking isn't really their strong point but why would you risk your business by doing that?

  14. I feel like folks like this are not o ly fueled by hate and fear, but genuinely believe that everyone else agrees with them deep down.

  15. And I sloved the mystery of "what's up with black people and watermelons?" which my brother gave me yesterday asking this question - confused in European

  16. Juneteenth (June 19) is a holiday that recently gained recognition across the states for the black slaves being freed.

  17. I was today years old when I (in Japan) learned what Juneteenth was - just now, because I had no idea what this was about.

  18. As a southern white boy, I can tell him that the collared greens go better with ham or pork roast. With chicken, he can go with coleslaw or black eyed peas and corn bread.

  19. It makes me wonder if they had any black employees that were requesting the day off which would make the sign they posted even more egregious.

  20. This state is having an exceptionally difficult time with this holiday. I was all over the place since Wednesday and I heard people left and right pissing and moaning about it. "Guess I don't get paid this week 'cause some blacks got mad once." "What are you doing on Monday? Observing black jesus?" "I wonder when the blacks will riot again and get another holiday."

  21. Imagine being the sort of person who thinks "the ending of slavery" is not an event worthy of a national holiday. You should not have to be black to acknowledge that it was a big fucking deal in the history of our country.

  22. It’s easy to be mad at Juneteenth when you’re absolutely batshit crazy afraid of CRT, which would explain the very holiday that you’re so confused about.

  23. the amount of racist coping and seething in that single sheet of paper is insane. what a bunch of assholes.

  24. This stuff happens so much that it’s hard to get angry anymore. I’d be mad since before I was born. It’s pure ignorance. Fuck this person and their business.

  25. It’s funny cuz it’s like they just couldn’t help themselves…. They could’ve left it at “ ~it’s whatever ….” But …. They just had to let people know they’re racist

  26. I don’t even see how this is a stereotype. Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy fried chicken, greens, and (bonus round) grape drink?

  27. I've lived in Maine my whole life and it hasn't been till the last seven or eight years that people have just been nasty in general. Everything's politicized everything's a point of view and everything's White or black and it's just not how usually Things Are in Maine or at least not how they used to be it's sad. Mainers usually care more the functionality of something then its affiliation

  28. As a POC living in Maine, I feel like there are two very different regions here: the midcoast area (plus its vicinity) and the rest of Maine (which is vast but less populated). White folks in and around the midcoast area are generally very friendly, open, and welcoming. However, I’ve had bad experiences in the north. So, I don’t set a foot outside of midcoast or southern Maine. I’m not at all surprised that this insurance agency is located in northern Maine.

  29. That's the point of media and politics. Keep us divided and hating each other while they fuck us over and blame each other. Shits getting worse for all of us but we're too divided to hold the assholes accountable.

  30. “All this time I thought I loved chicken because it was delicious but it turns out I’m genetically predisposed to liking chicken!”

  31. The Juneteenth federal holiday commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. More than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, on June 19, 1865 federal troops in Texas brought the news to those enslaved there that they were finally free.

  32. A holiday in the U.S. celebrating the moment that enslaved people in Texas were told they had been free. This happened on June 19 1865, they were told almost three years after the emancipation proclamation.

  33. I grew up in central Maine, actually not that far from Millinocket. This is unfortunately far more common than people think. In the past the racism there was much less open and more based on true ignorance, because of how few POC live there. But now it’s just open malice.

  34. There's a business in my area that is currently facing vitriol online and having other local businesses stop carrying their products because they did something similar. The owner went on a racist tirade on Facebook in regards to Juneteenth on their business page and now they're suffering. Oh no, not the consequences of their own actions!

  35. Mfers be mad at us like we chose the color of our skin. Even if we had the option, they'll just find something else to pick at. It's whatever, gonna go enjoy my chicken

  36. It's the emancipation day for African American slaves in the United States and a big deal in the African American community. Here's

  37. I am so tired of the absolute ugliness. Just mentally exhausted by it. Why are there so many people so filled with hate just because a person’s skin has more melanin, or they follow a different religion, or they were raised different culturally, or they have a different sexuality….I just don’t understand it. It makes my heart hurt that so many people are so full of hatred.

  38. These people think life is a zero-sum game, where they can only feel superior by keeping others down. It's a smooth brain way of looking at stuff, that's for sure.

  39. Wow, how disrespectful. It literally takes no energy to just say "we're closed, have a happy Juneteenth." Wtf. Is wrong with people these days and why are they so concerned with what others do with their lives?

  40. Or even just, “we’re closed for a federal holiday” like it’s so easy to not even acknowledge Juneteenth without having to be racist.

  41. I don’t think anybody forced them to be closed. This is senseless racism and the people of Reddit deserve to know the name of the place

  42. Just a thought I've had itching in my mind. Why the fuck do we call it juneteenth? What a dumb name for an important holiday. We couldn't call it abolition day, or freedom day or whatever. Those are lazy examples, but miles better than juneteenth.

  43. I'm not gonna complain about any holiday if it means a day off work. Nobody I know cares about the holiday anymore than President's Day, but they're not hating on it either. Some people can't see the positive in anything.

  44. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. Like it's one thing to have these clearly racist thoughts. It's another to post it on the front door of the business you seemingly own for everyone to see. Now any employees have to also bare the brunt of people rightfully coming in and being offended at the owners racism. And they will now possibly go out of business.

  45. I did some work in this town of Millinocket. It’s a total shit hole, downtrodden old town that’s pissing economic futility. I’d bet that if 100 black people walked into this ins agent to get coverages he’d jump up and down for joy. Let’s hope his current clients walk away from this POS.

  46. They probably meant that last part as an insult, but I'm a white guy who loves collard greens, red rice, Mac and cheese, BBQ, corn bread, rice and gravy, stewed cabbage, watermelon, and just about any "racial" food.

  47. Why, pray tell, did they leave off the watermelon? If they are going to be that horrendously racist - they should do it properly.

  48. I am a progressive policy holder. I called progressive to let them know that I would be finding a different insurance provider if harry is still a progressive agent in a week. I got escalated to a supervisor (Annie) who had not heard of this incident but was very interested to hear of it. I can't imagine progressive likes this kind of publicity, and they can do more than leave a nasty review on their Yelp page. This racist motherfucker needs to be cancelled.

  49. It's a federal holiday. But yeah, I'd think a small business could choose to acknowledge it or not if they wished without being weird about it.

  50. Why not show the business so local Maineinites/ Mainers/ Maineians/ Maineopodes/ whatever you call yourselves can avoid it ?

  51. I work at a bank and we had signs up saying we'd be closed on Juneteenth. I had several people ask me what the holiday was and I did not get a single response to my explanation that wasn't racist.

  52. That’s one of the most f’d signs I’ve ever read. The business name should’ve been included. Why protect them?

  53. Nice n easy way of broadcasting to everyone and the community that your business racist and ignorant and deserves no customers/clients.

  54. Actually most of us barbecued our chicken and it with potato salad here in Texas for the holiday. Soooooo they need to brush up on their racism. Geesh!

  55. The racist food insults always left me scratching my head. Fried chicken, collard greens and watermelon are fucking delicious no matter what culture you’re from.

  56. Having lived in Massachusetts and Maine and having lived in the south, but being from California, I can tell you that New England is far far far more backward and racist than say Texas or Georgia. Photos we all saw growing up of the little black girl going to school in Alabama were taken 30 years before people from Boston were throwing rocks at school busses full of black children to prevent desegregation. Media, movies, press all misrepresent how racist New England and how chill the south is in comparison.

  57. I never understood how liking good food was somehow a bad thing. I get that it's a racist statement- totally. It's just such a stupid thing to fixate on.

  58. What the eff kind of business is this that they felt the need to be that much of a butthole? Unless it was a bank, library, or post office it likely wasn’t REQUIRED to close? What a dbag.

  59. any day is good for fried chicken who the hell doesn't like fried chicken? yawn I'm so tired in this country of everything being a black vs White issue last time I checked I'm white and I bleed red just like African Americans do my God why do people have to see race why can't we just see people as people as human beings?

  60. If he's upset he had to close for one day he's going to be really pissed off when he has to close forever because he can't get business.

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