Is it just me, or are people driving way too fast recently?

  1. I'm the height of shutdown the streets and freeways we're empty. I know I zoom zoomed on the freeway because it felt freeing from the normal gridlock. But the traffic has returned to normal, and some drivers haven't accepted it

  2. I took a road trip from Milwaukee to the Gulf Coast with many stops in between in both rural areas and large cities such is Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Nashville. Absolutely everywhere we went people would go considerably faster on the highways than the speed limit. In Indiana, we got stuck in a snow storm and still people wouldn't slow down enough. One person specifically changed lanes and the swerved off the road because he had to pass us in a snow storm and we saw multiple cars on the side of the highway that skidded off.

  3. I saw a bozo in 94 westbound go, in one movement, from the left lane to the Moreland Rd exit ramp, use the exit ramp to pass a semi in the far right lane, then move back into the driving lanes and continue zipping around through the lanes.

  4. I'm a pretty laid back and defensive driver. I usually stay in the right lane and I tend not to drive aggressively. Crazy drivers will just go around me. I don't pay much attention to them.

  5. Can’t speak for that area of the city but seems pretty standard for Milwaukee/a lot of larger cities. Yes it did get a bit worse over COVID but not much as far as speed goes

  6. I've been on second shift for years and always thought people drove like they were desperate to end up on the evening news. Then I had to move to first shift. Holy fuck! People drive like they're ready to die and take as many people out with them as humanly possible. It really does seem to be getting crazy on the roads.

  7. at the onset of the pandemic, driving across the country became more dangerous. MKE driving already was suspect and just got worse like everywhere else. I've seen some really dangerous driving over the last 2 yrs and some that were near-misses that could have been deadly.

  8. I live in Wisconsin and work in Illinois. If you aren't doing at least 85-90 on 94, you're going to piss off a lot of impatient jerks. Even when you get off at Hwy 41, people are still flying by at 75+ and it's usually 65-75 until I get to work.

  9. no kidding man, I'm born n raised milwaukee 28+ years, but have been living closer to the illinois border and it's pretty crazy, I ran over a broken glass mason jar in the middle of the road yesterday that I didn't notice until it was too late, my tires are fine as far as I know, it just seems people are caring less and less about their enviornment and more about themselves

  10. It's always like that as soon as you cross the border. Used to live in IL and eventually adopted the thought that WI drivers were idiots driving slow in the left lane. Now I'm back and understand why we think the opposite.

  11. It's funny that the knee-jerk response to this is "well people wanted to defund the police". That never happened. Their funding has increased, and this is still an issue.

  12. I mean technically the budget has been constrained by the republican state legislature for what, decades? We can't raise taxes to hire more police if we wanted to

  13. There's so much desperation and fear in the air, I think it was always there, the Pandemic just turned the lights on to it.

  14. When I was a kid 5 over felt common, then 10 over used to be common, now I feel like you can do 15 over on most highways even in front of a cop.

  15. If you come from the Pilgrim road/Falls area and take the streets to Milwaukee you’re going to have a bad time. It’s insane. And do not, under any circumstances, accelerate from a green light without being completely aware.

  16. I had some cunt run me off the road on locust a block from Hopkins at 6 this morning. Just decided he was gonna pull into my lane while I was fully in it. Next time I’m gonna pit them into the curb and drive off

  17. It’s not just you. Although I’ve been working from home mainly the last two years, I had to drive downtown last week and I was nearly hit at least 3 times by people swerving in and out of traffic at a ridiculous speed. This was at 7:30 am. The speeding and reckless driving is off the charts. It’s become very dangerous on the roads regardless of the time of day.

  18. Problem existed before covid. I think people are just simply mad having to return to an office when it’s pointless. Everyone enjoyed more time of their day without commute and now everyone’s just an asshole.

  19. Tbh it feels like the speed limits across the board are 10 to 15 mph lower than what they should be in Milwaukee. Drivers generally drive the feel of the road, not the speed limit

  20. Tl;Dr: Yes they are. Only the NSXs I see around driving have full right to speed since those are basically F1 cars(just needs a little tuning up). But yes people are driving fast.

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