Dropped my bike for the first time

  1. Drops never go away. Just dropped my bike for the first time in a couple years at the gas station. Pretty embarrassing everytime lol

  2. Aw man. Such a shitty feeling. But im glad to know it happens to people with years of riding under their belt. Hope your bike is alright!

  3. Unfortunately I was just wearing my work sneakers. I didn't think the ten minute ride to work was worth wearing boots for but I will not make that mistake again, lmao. I do always wear my helmet, jacket, pants and gloves though so I did save my hands from getting scraped up.

  4. Don’t worry about it. Overtime you’ll learn not to do shit like that because you’ve already done it. You’ll learn the signs through practice. You know what you did wrong and it probably won’t happen again.

  5. bikes basically fine, you’re fine. it happens, just learn from what happened. vehicles of all sorts get banged up over time, maybe an opportunity to learn about paint correction etc.

  6. You ever trip when you walk? It's the same shit with your drop. Don't let it phase you, it just happens

  7. Yesterday I just slid my 05 ZZR600. I was on my way home, it started raining, and I was on a road with fresh oil. I went to slow down at maybe 25 mph, back end came out, I lowsided, and slid like 20 feet with the bike next to me.

  8. i made it through the msf, 2 intermediate courses, and even off-roading quite a bit in my first year of riding without dropping my bike. then in my alley i tried to make a uturn in about a 6 foot circle and realized that wasn’t gonna happen. instead of stopping i just dropped it.

  9. Yep happens to us all. I've been riding for over 15 years and thankfully haven't had a moving accident, but a few brain fart drops. My recent one which was last week, happened because I had forgot to put my kickstand down when I putting my rear tire back on after a tire change. Due to it being on the rear stand and as I was pulling on the lever on the rear stand to bring the bike down, and I stood on the left side of the bike to pull the weight to the left as I was lowering it. However, since the kickstand was in the up position it just crashed to the ground. Since it's a pretty big bike my strength just couldn't overcome the massive weight and it just went down. It was like it happened in slow motion. There were scuff marks on the left side/front fairing and the big rubber hose that runs from the radiator to the engine was somehow loosened from the fall and I had a coolant leak afterwards.

  10. Hah. The infamous kickstand. Due to all the posts about forgetting to put it down, I am like hyper vigilant about it every time I park my bike, lmao. I'm sure it'll happen to me sooner or later though.

  11. Hey man good for you! Someone once told there's two types of riders, those who've gone down and those who will go down. There's no shame in dropping your bike just use the experience to learn and grow

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