What Was Your Immediate Post-Crash Life Like?

  1. I was hospitalized for about two months, broke the left side of my face and an orbital blow out, shattered both arms brain bleeds, bruised aorta, ivc filter to stop the blood clots, daily injections to thin the clots, more mri and other tests, so in short changed my life. Couldn't pee by myself, left arm Percutaneous pinning and an external fixator. Couldn't pull in a clutch for a year, after therapy. Took an additional 6 months to get back on a different bike with easier clutch. Memory loss, and a fuck ton of arthritis issues now. I am more careful now, and riding cruisers, and it's more dangerous with more people on the roads "not paying attention".

  2. Have a friend that got t-bones by a car and had similar damage to his face, apart from shattered tibia and femur. That sucks.

  3. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way - I’m asking out of curiosity not judgment - were you wearing a full face helmet? Bc if so, shit.

  4. Immediate past crash sucks. But the worst part is when you learn the extent of the damage. The day they told me I would never regain full range of movement in my right knee was brutal.

  5. What happened to your knee? I just crashed and had a tibia fracture right at my right knee. The surgeon put in plates and screws but I’m not sure the extent yet. From the pics it looks like my knee was broken. It hurts like hell though and I can’t bend my knee well but it’s only been a week since the crash. I’m just trying to get an idea of what to expect though, hope you’re doing well now.

  6. Had a driver turn left in front of me at an intersection. I can remember being about to hit them then blacked out. Broke my pelvis, a couple ribs and my right hand/fingers. Also a wound down below that was bleeding heavily. Woke up on the ground surrounded by medics telling me I was in an accident. Tried to stand up right away for some reason haha. Passed out again until I arrived at the hospital. The first 2 weeks were full of pain and frustration. All surgeries were done the first 2 weeks, with the most severe injury being done within the first 3 days. Couldn't move in bed much; spent most days sleeping or just laying there watching YouTube and TV. Stood up for the first time on my good leg after 15 days.

  7. ihad a Mercedes coupe blow yhrough me as I was sitting at a red light going probably 80, broke my neck, spine, all my ribs, hip, eye socket, jaw, cheekbone, fractures both heels, few other misc bones and tears and shit, tore my boots off and helmet exploded, I got throw into some bushes or something idk

  8. Got t boned, driver took off. Bike totaled. Full gear so nothing broken. After a week of being sore. Started riding my other bike. I have a camera now though.

  9. Hit the side of a Subaru that ran a stop sign. Broke my Duc996 in half, shot the gf over a telephone pole (tough bitch was ok) I flew about 100ft down the road, landed on my back on a rock…spine guard saved me. Hyper extended elbows, broken wrists, broken teeth. It actually didnt hurt that much. I was geared up. This was twelve years ago. I still have limited movement with my right elbow, need a surgery. Got a decent settlement, instead of paying off one of the mortgages, I bought a used Ferrari. Yeah…..Im a fucking idiot. Oh, I bought a couple of Duc1098S bikes too.

  10. Riding for 14 years. Crashed 4 times. 2 of those times were hit and runs. Never broken a bone thank sweet baby jesus but did spend time in the hospital.

  11. Im doing my license right now and the instructor tells us regularly how dangerous it is, and esp with comments like yours I sometimes think I shouldn’t have even picked up a bike. There are so many shit car drivers out there ruining our lives. Of course they are in the wrong but who loses in a crash? Idk.

  12. Those cell-phonists should not be allowed on the road. Period. If they text and drive, they should lose their license for life. Here in my state there are about 10 deaths every season just from texters hitting motorcycles and failing to yield, etc. I really hope the texter that caused that mess got arrested, or had the book thrown at it in some way. It disgusts me that there are no real laws (or none that get enforced) about distracted driving.

  13. I hit a deer on a 636 at 60mph, friends bike, totaled, I sold my bike shortly after, not because of the accident though, to be honest it’s like it never happened mentally, physically I’ll carry the scars from the road but I was lucky and they’ve faded, and I wasn’t injured otherwise by some miracle

  14. When it comes to insurance sometimes you gotta be carefull they may watch you like a hawk so dont be surprised ask around for and find a lawyer with a good rate and document all your concerns and fears of the accident. They may have you talk to a physician and mention if it has been affecting your sleep and when you get your PTSD and triggers. Take care of youself rest and have a papertrail.

  15. Immediately after my crash was a bit out of it - was in hospital for a month and then had another 3 months off work and more surgeries.

  16. This is different but I t-boned a dodge driver who was making an illegal u-turn while driving my car. Wrote off both vehicles and my passenger almost went through the windshield. He swears he was wearing a seat belt but ya sure what ever. But the next day I knew I had a concussion and an excuse to be useless at work. I rode my bike in with my head and neck just a little fucked up. I kept thinking how screwed I'd have been if the I'd been in the same situation on my bike. That was 5 years ago and I still can't quite shake it. I haven't stopped riding though but I am very cautious.

  17. My first bike. A young woman pulled out of a gas station in front of me. I t-boned her front fender and flew onto the hood. I was just bruised but the bike had bent forks and everything up front was damaged (it was a new bike). She lied to her insurance agency and said I rode out of control and hit her in the parking lot. They denied my claim. Luckily I had to wait for a ride after the crash and hit if off with the stoners hanging out in the gas station who witnessed the whole thing. I went back and talked to them and they agreed to talk to the insurance company. Got a letter and a check a few days later. Fixed my bike like new and put 1000s more miles on it after.

  18. Hit by a car. Went down on the freeway in Los Angeles during rush hour. Terrifying. Guy who hit me was nice, and helped lift the bike of me. Cops were motorcycle cops and they got my bike rideable. Road it home that day, lane splitting and all. Driver was 199% at fault so his insurance company just rained money down on me. Like so much money. I used it to fix my bike, which I regret. Should have just bought a new bike and turned the other bike into a track bike but it was my first motorcycle and I was sentimental. Also bought a bunch of new gear, (gloves, boots, jacket etc). My gear rendered me pretty much unscathed minus a big bump on my hip and my left shoulder was kind of jacked. And 5 years later my left shoulder is still kind of jacked.

  19. I was t-boned and had my lower leg crushed. I complained once to the surgeon about how long recovery was taking and he told me I was lucky to have a leg. It was a sobering thought.

  20. I missed the t-bone by inches - was unbelievably lucky. Glad you got through the legal process so smoothly and are back on the bike.

  21. 8 months ago a driver fell asleep and hit me head on going the opposite direction while I was riding my (2 week old new to me bike) . He got my front left, banged up my leg and I flew over the car and landed on my side. Conscious and no broken bones—just crazy pain in my leg. I was furious as soon as I sat up. I immediately knew that I wouldn’t be able to ride for like a month and also that my precious bike was now gone. All that was in me was anger and that continued for many months later. The guy was uninsured too! Luckily I had uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and was able to get an attorney to retrieve every last cent of that coverage to help with medical coverage. Actually I just finished up with all the settlement stuff the other day with 11k in my hand. Ladies and gentlemen just pay for the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage because there are too many drivers that don’t have insurance and you’ll lose out big time on top of crashing. I finally was able to find my exact same bike and bought it a couple months after the crash which helped my state of mind a lot. But I was SO frustrated by the fact that Someone could “get away” with injuring someone else and not being accountable for it. It confused the heck out of me honestly. I eventually just had to forgive the guy because nothing was making it better. Buying the same bike helped more than I thought though later.

  22. Thanks for your story. I think there's great advice for everyone here - especially the uninsured motorist coverage. I can't believe how many of us got hit by uninsured drivers.

  23. It took 6 months of physical therapy before my leg could actually hold the weight of a bike (standing still), and then I took out a Ducati Icon as a gradient, and been going strong since.

  24. My immediate post crash was feeling dumb for what happened even though I had no control. I was hit by a deer on my KLX300 on my way home from a store. Used my time in between surgeries and Dr appts to get parts ordered and the wife an I installed them as they came in. Almost a year later now and I still cringe when I see a deer along the road, had a close call a few weeks ago almost being hit again. PTSD? Maybe? I'm hoping as time goes on that this feeling goes away but im still reminded of it every weather change. So glad I got back on the horse though.

  25. I can tell you what happened to my former best friend (uk). He came off at a big roundabout (going too fast, no other vehicle involved) and the bike (yamaha tdm 850) landed on his back and literally bent his body in half backwards. He was a thin bloke and iirc he had 13 pints of blood put into him that night to keep him alive at a&e. He had to have a lot of surgery to keep him alive and he was paralysed from the chest down and he was in constant pain.

  26. Deer (buck) blind sided me on my left side. Antlers broke 2 ribs and I tumbled down the street. Bumps and bruises and a broken toe. People did not stop to render aid. Fuck deer.

  27. Both of my previous bikes are rotting in a shed. The first one I crashed exactly like you did, though in my case it was an old lady and not going that fast. The second one suffered catastrophic failure but I had been in an accident with it before that but it fared much better than me, I had to leave in an ambulance.

  28. Dumbass pulled out in a parking lot without looking and I laid down the bike not to crash into them. Because it's easier to go down then it is to go in...

  29. Thanks. That last point is a good one, too. I pinned the throttle when I saw the SUV to my right, but I just didn't have the juice to get out of the way.

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