What are the best movie franchises to binge through?

  1. If you’re a fan of horror I’d recommend binging either the Nightmare on Elm Streets or Friday the 13ths. They’re dumb, fun time capsule movies - seeing how they changed things up to keep both series “alive” year after year is pretty entertaining.

  2. I used to watch slasher movies as a kid so sometimes I'll catch even a shitty one and be pleasantly surprised like "oh, I used to like these."

  3. Agreed. There's some real gems in those franchises, and so many people end up enjoying different entries. ANOES 3 - Dream Warriors, and Friday 6 - Jason Lives may just be my favourites.

  4. Battles without Honor and Humanity aka the Yakuza Papers, I binged the original 5 last year. Easily some of the best Yakuza movies made, and the original 5 make a great saga.

  5. I’m doing Mission Impossible right now too haha But Fast & Furious Scream Halloween Bourne series Rambo

  6. Not just the Lord of the Rings, but the Hobbit movies too. I know that can be unpopular. But if you watch them just as fun fantasy action movies, they are awesome. Great soundtrack, amazing visuals, all the things that make movies bingeable. I recently did all 6 LotR movies, I loved it.

  7. It's also interesting because of how much its changed and evolved over the 9 entries. It started as a crime drama and evolved into a car-themed found-family superhero series.

  8. Well obviously, but the Marvel movies up to the end of the Thanos storyline is pretty nice to binge, and Harry Potter movies and of course Lord of the Rings

  9. Matrix Trilogy (Now 4th)/ Godfather Trilogy/Rocky 1 and 2 (Stop there)/ All the Jason Bourne films w Matt Damon.

  10. Once you've broken the seal on Rocky sequels I'd just keep going. 2 already kind of ruins 1, you might as well enjoy Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. Skip 5 tho.

  11. John Wick I had never seen one, then they appeared on Netflix and my wife insisted on watching them. Lots of fun

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