Warner Bros. Discovery Puts Pressure on J.J. Abrams - Sources say Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is frustrated by the lack of output from Bad Robot’s $250 million overall deal.

  1. That's the beauty of the Mystery Box™ -- you put $250 million in and have no idea what may, or may not, come out!

  2. Honestly, I hate Abrams for starting this stupid trend. Every show has to have a mystery box nowadays and of course, they're never opened. Streaming has only exacerbated this.

  3. The description of the show sounds kind of like an American version of Dark. But then Dark executed on JJ Abrams's whole M.O. better than he ever has, so I guess it makes sense that JJ's version would need a ton of expensive production and CG.

  4. Because they’re stupid and greedy. They all want Game of Thrones 2 and our whole fucking world revolves around the capitalist circus of old men on executive boards looking to get richer.

  5. Because production and writing seems to be the bottleneck for all the content that's required to keep Prime, Netflix, HBO, theatres, etc filled.

  6. Well yeah, Bad Robot is all about setting up the mystery like "What will we actually produce?" Releasing a project solves the mystery and that's just not as interesting as the mystery itself.

  7. Hmm...I wonder if anything happened in 2019 that might have shaken JJ Abrams's confidence in his filmmaking abilities...hmm....

  8. I don't think its fair to put it that way because movies released in 2019 have at least been in pre-production since 2017 (movies take a long time to make)

  9. James Gunn released theSuicide Squad movie and less than a year later, wrote, directed, produced and released the spinoff Peacemaker. All the while preparing Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3.

  10. I would also like a movie that is completely encapsulated in one film, no more of this mystery box shit that takes seven films to unravel, and you never do.

  11. Is everyone aware that Cloverfield is a Matt Reeves film? It wasn't written by JJ either, it was written by Drew Goddard.

  12. I love how people are talking about Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane and nobody mentions the horrific sequel Cloverfield Paradox.

  13. he's applying mystery box to producing.. what's the plan? is there a script? what the hell are you guys doing? it's a mystery and you get to piece it together yourself

  14. These giant overall deals from streaming services were all idiotic from the jump. They had no model on how to recoup the money and most of these people have produced very little. Ryan Murphy, Shonda, Kenya, Dem GOT Boys, JJ, etc. In network TV, they know how to monetize the people they're signing deals with and even then they'd never give anyone $250 mil.

  15. Her work really isn't for me, but Shonda at least has delivered Bridgerton for Netflix. Which, after the first two seasons, is apparently their biggest show.

  16. Not sure what you're talking about or what metric you're using for productivity. Murphy has been insanely prolific for Netflix with The Politician, Hollywood, The Prom, Ratched, The Boys in the Band, and more coming up. Shonda Rhimes has 2+ seasons of Bridgerton and also Inventing Anna. Kenya Barris did BlackAF, We the People, and Entergalactic before leaving. Benioff and Weiss have The Chair, a Leslie Jones special, and The Three-Body Problem coming up, which is going to be a very large-scale project. This is all very productive in the world of film production.

  17. Why anyone would give Kenya a dime is beyond me, outside of like seasons 1-3 of Blackish dude is washed completely

  18. Shonda is actually the only one worth the money. Bridgerton is Netflix's biggest English language show. And Inventing Anna was a huge hit for Netflix. But all those other people have wet the bed.

  19. I'll gladly chip in, if we can make a contract where he's not allowed to make films, "write" stories etc

  20. I've looked at the upcomming movies and Star Trek 4 for 2023 wasn't unexpected but under TBA there's also a Portal Movie and "Your Name", how do they plan to make a movie out of portal and why is there a Your Name remake. Why.

  21. They could have easily carve themselves out as a more sci-fi /action focused equivalent of A24, and use the label to produce some lower budget scifi/horror from up and coming directors.

  22. He simply has no identity or curiosity. Watching all his films, all I can say is that he likes Spielberg/Lucas movies and that's it.

  23. Hopefully cooler heads have prevailed and it has been quietly canceled, but they can't come out and say that they're canceling the "black Superman" mistake.

  24. Abrams and Bad Robot definitely deserve to go to "Movie Production Jail" for some time after the last dumpster fire Star Wars film.

  25. As a really big Superman fan, I hope this means his DC projects are halting. There is no good that can come of Abrams and those characters.

  26. Finally Hollywood execs are starting to acknowledge that maybe Abrams isn't everything he's been hyped up to be. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the good stuff from Lost was Lindelof.

  27. Lost was absolutely Lindelof and Carlton Cuse's baby. Abrams was around to get it off the ground, as it started as a Cast Away series, but past the pilot, Abrams was barely involved.

  28. This take is more of a refusal of acknowledge anything good about him as a filmmaker by underselling his hits while overselling his duds.

  29. I personally really liked his Star Trek movies but I'll admit that I never watched any Star Trek content before hand. I was aware of them and maybe saw a bit or to here and there but never saw a full episode.

  30. Abrams once admitted he wasn't a Star Trek fan. Thought it was boring. He made movies for a franchise he didn't even like and it shows.

  31. Well during COVID there was a dramatic decrees in Lens Flare production. So I’m sure once supply is restored, then you will see something.

  32. Well he's only directed 3 things in the last 10 years (a Star Trek and two Star Wars movies). I liked the Star Trek and the first Star Wars movie. I think he did a good job launching the Star Wars reboot. If the following movies had offered something new, I think we'd look back more fondly on the 1st one. It was a pretty good bridge from the old to the new.

  33. I'd say Mission Impossible 3 was his last thing he did well. Writer and Director on it but mostly I love that movie cause Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a terrifying villian. How much of that is PSH or JJ I don't know.

  34. I actually believe the only good thing J.J. has made in his entire career is Episode VII, the rest is decent at best. But then that was almost 7 years ago.

  35. I thought he was working on a Superman reboot like his childhood buddy Matt Reeves did with The Batman. These massive news publications need to do better with their roles, in not making the viewers believe theres not some glitch-in-the-matrix with their whole business model.

  36. Man you almost feel bad for discovery execs. They’ve made all these acquisitions and several of them have giant flaming dumpster fires that they have to clean up now. CNN+ is the biggest flop so far at $300 million, but man does a director not doing anything for 3 years after getting $250 million give that a run for its money. Although I guess that more than 5 people under the age of 65 will actually want to watch whatever JJ releases so it’s got that going for them

  37. Remake Fringe with the opposite color and/or gender people already. We all want a 1/2 black 1/2 Hispanic used to identify as a female Walter.

  38. I will go to my grave believing Rian Johnson is to blame for the sequels trilogy not turning out great. TFA may be derivative, (in my Star Wars? durr) but it set the stage for really exciting stories and concepts going forward. Who's Rey really? What's Luke been up to? Who is Snoke? What are the knights of Ren? What is Finn direction now that he's free of the First Order? But Rian Johnson said "nah fuck all the shit lets answer everything in the most unsatisfying way possible so idiots will think I'm being a risk taker."

  39. If only the director/writer/producer of TFA had left Johnson more detailed story notes than “we have no answers to any of the questions we teased answers to, do whatever you want with the story Rian”

  40. Having his forever attached to TRoS is punishment enough. I’m pretty sure the last I liked that he had a major role in was MI:3.

  41. I felt like there was huge missed opportunity with Finn being introduced and kind of progressing the story and showcasing him as force sensitive to not have him be the main character seems like a giant whiff.

  42. It's astonishing that they gave $250m to one of the biggest hacks in Hollywood. In the name of "producing original IP" when JJ Abrams' entire directing career is remakes/sequels of well known franchises. Then cratering the franchise.

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