‘Goodfellas’ Star Ray Liotta Dies at 67

  1. “Ray was shooting a movie called "Dangerous Waters" on the island, and died in his sleep ... according to a source close to the actor. We're also told there was nothing suspicious about the death, and no foul play is suspected.”

  2. Ill say it: what an ending. He was working, had purpose, he was needed. The world wasn’t done with him, nor he with it, and so he died with his boots on.

  3. I worked in a coffee shop in Toronto in the 1990s, and he would come in really early in the morning. I guess he was shooting a film somewhere. Anyways he would come in, order his drink, and then slap, flat handed, the money on the counter, hard, like really hard. Every time. While doing so he would keep eye contact with a crazy look in his eyes, and then leave without saying another word. Guy had presence.

  4. Every time someone dies, it seems like there’s at least one or two people here have a story where they met the person. This is by far my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I once went to a movie in the park in Santa Monica. He was there, chilling in a lawn chair like a normal dude. We watched Ferris Bueller. Good times. RIP.

  6. I went into my doctor's office one day, and there he was, sitting in the waiting room. I guess he needed a doctor while filming something in my city, and somebody referred mine. It was so weird I still bring it up to my mom every once in a while to make sure it really happened.

  7. Scrolled down to find this. Loved him in Goodfellas and more recently Shades of Blue, but Blow is what made him one of my favorite actors. Fantastic movie and he nailed the part.

  8. The disappointed father looking at his drug addict kid in a way that says "well you fucked up, I can't help you and it's killing me" in the end hit different after I got clean. I loved him in probably all his roles but this is what I think of when I think about him.

  9. Bro as someone with father issues and also is a drug addict watching that movie while I was getting clean had me crying like a baby.

  10. May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face. And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

  11. Was Ray Liotta's portrayal of Shoeless Joe that made research Joe Jackson and become my favorite baseball player. RIP, Ray Liotta.

  12. Just re-watched Smokin Aces. Him, and Chris Pine especially are fucking fantastic in that movie. It's one of the few movies I think could have benefited by adding like 15 minutes of more back story on some of the characters.

  13. Honestly I loved him in Many Saints of Newark. His first role as the bloviating insufferable prick who lived a “good life” and then his Brother, a quiet, spiritually enlightened lifelong inmate. It was a surprisingly quiet and touching turn for the actor.

  14. Something Wild is one of my all time favorite movies and it was a random blind buy from Criterion.

  15. My girlfriend and I threw that movie on blindly last night and we’re so pleasantly surprised by Ray Liottas performance.

  16. This is also one of my favorite movies. He doesn't show up until about half way through in what is probably the best scene in the movie. For the next 20 minutes or so, you're like, wait, where is this movie going. It's a unique thrill ride and Liotta is propulsive every minute he's on screen. It's one of my favorite performances in any movie, period.

  17. Yeah man. Place beyond the pines was such a great film, loved him in there aswell. So many good roles. Totally unexpected

  18. This is a huge loss to the film world. This guy was one of the most reliable actors in the industry and was always a strong presence no matter the film or genre. Video game fans will also be saddened as he was the voice of Tommy Vercetti in GTA: Vice City

  19. The COD Black Ops II map with Alcatraz (Mob of the Dead) was also pretty damn good and fun with Liotta in it as well.

  20. I feel like that game really broke new ground at the time. Open world, narrative driven, full voiced. That shit was rare back then.

  21. Absolutely robbed of an Oscar nomination for Goodfellas. Incredible actor and an even better human. He'll truly be missed

  22. My favorite role from him was in Narc. I believe this role resurrected his career after many straight to video films in the mid to late 90's. I believe it was Joe Carnahan's first film - who would later direct Liotta in Smokin Aces

  23. Can’t believe this, he was always who I thought of when I heard the word “cool”. Such a talent.

  24. I met Ray Liotta in an Elevator at the Westin in Detroit, late summer 2010. I was going back up to my room from an early morning workout and got into the elevator and before the doors could close, in pops Mr. Henry Hill himself. I asked him if he was indeed the Ray Liotta and he confirmed he was.

  25. He was great in Hannibal too, kind of a smaller part but that ability to make you hate a character so much with only like 10 minutes of screen time in the whole movie is no small feat

  26. I used to do stand in work for TV and film, when I was living in New York. I was standing in for Anna Gunn on a television show called shades of blue. The scene was taking place in a very small dive bar somewhere in Brooklyn. My cue was to walk through the door walk past Ray Liotta, and then turn around and sit down at the bar next to him, then the two characters were to have a conversation. Ray didn’t use a stand in ! He preferred to be on set at all times so he could see the crew working as well as communicate with the Director if necessary. He literally just sat on the stool the whole time but he wanted to be there. The second AD told me not to make small talk with Mr. Liotta, as he found it distracting. This was a general rule of being standing by the way, but I said of course I’ll leave him be. So I did my movement a few times for camera set up, and then ended up sitting next TO Ray Liotta for a good 20 to 30 minutes. I didn’t say anything to him for about the first 10 minutes, simply making eye contact and giving a small smile and nod. Then he began to talk to me. He was very kind. He thanked me for doing such a good job. He asked how long I had been in the actors union, and we chatted about boring sets, prop food, and all sorts of other things that only actors on set would be able to chat about. He was very friendly and super kind. The A.D. was rather confused that he was talking to me. But then figured I must not have spoken with him first, and that he left us alone. That’s my Ray Liotta story. He was a consummate professional, a dedicated actor with a masterful craft. I couldn’t help but remember that little anecdote when I saw he had died. I consider that little interaction one of the highlights of my 15 years in tv/film.

  27. Noooooo :( what a career he left behind. His Goodfellas performance is one of the biggest Oscar snubs in history imo, and recent years he’s been killing it too. Thoughts with his family, 67 is older but there’s never a good time to go.

  28. I wouldn’t really call 67 that old in terms of death. IMO anything less than 80’s can be considered untimely in this day and age.

  29. 67 isn’t really considered older. To me, it’s young enough to make an unexpected death quite surprising.

  30. The Oscar’s are stupid. I just watched goodfellas again a few weeks ago, for the thousandth time…Oscar or no, it’s impossible to ignore how he stood out among an impossibly great cast.

  31. "May the wind always be at your back, and the sun always upon your face, and may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars."

  32. Thinking about how Pesci, DeNiro, and Marty outlived him is wild. You'd think Liotta would be the last one to go. RIP

  33. Bets on how soon we are going to see a memorial photoshop post of him walking into the corn field from Field of Dreams?

  34. I met ray a few years ago in my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We had a floor level loft on Kent ave and we let the crew for that stupid cop show use it to store gear as they were filming nearby.

  35. "And there was nothing that we could do about it. Death was a made man, and Liotta wasn't. And we had to sit still and take it. It was among the legends. It was real Academy shit. They even made him die in his sleep so his mother could give him an open coffin at the funeral."

  36. This is my favorite comment. Especially because I read it in his voice. RIP to a great actor and human being

  37. What a shame, and at only 67. Incredibly unique as an actor (so much that I don't think he quite found his creative footing post-Goodfellas), and who found a second life in the 2010s working with some really fantastic directors.

  38. I especially loved him in The Place Beyond the Pines. There couldn't have been an actor that was more fitting for the role.

  39. I first saw him in Something Wild with Melanie Griffith and Jeff Daniels. He scared the shit out of me in that film and I've looked for.him in films ever since.

  40. He died peacefully in his sleep. My wild speculation would be a heart issue. He was a smoker for decades and there were some rumors that he has alcohol issues. He had a DUI in the late 2000s and gave some bizarre tv interviews in the last few years that caused some concern.

  41. Me and my wife were tackling a binge watch of all of ER. We got as far as season 12 before we had to bail out because of how repetitive and boring it got.

  42. I waited on him when I waited tables in LA when I myself was an aspiring actress. I waited on a lot of celebrities who were utter assholes. But Ray was so polite and gracious. He tipped me well and I remember being mesmerized by his eyes. He had some of the clearest, bluest, captivating eyes I’ve seen. RIP sir…your talent was a breath of fresh air and will be missed.

  43. My Ray Liotta story is pretty similar to everyone else's . I got upgraded on a flight to LA once and sat next to him. He was polite and pleasant, a real gentleman. Handled my fanboying with grace and did a great job pretending to be interested in whatever I was babbling about, lol. He was like a normal guy who just happened to also be hugely talented and famous, if that makes sense.

  44. I was too young to know Goodfellas and mostly know him as Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City. I was looking forward to his return with the rumored new GTA taking place in VC 20 years after.

  45. Oh man, this is a real downer. Ray Liotta is without a doubt one of those actors you're simply always happy to see show up in everything he did.

  46. Everyone knows him from Goodfellas and rightly so but The Place Beyond The Pines he magnificently plays a complete asshole.

  47. A couple of days ago something reminded me of him, and I tried to figure out why I didn’t like him. I realized that he was so freaking good at portraying some very unlikeable characters that I saw him as those roles. Think about people who are tempted to dislike Jack Gleeson because he was so great at portraying Joffrey Baratheon. Well, that’s how I’d accidentally ended up thinking about Ray Liotta.

  48. He bought his Mother a house in NJ, I bartended the housewarming party, I was in college at the time. He tipped me $100 bucks which was a lot of money to me. He was super nice. Goodfellas is one of my all time favorite movies, as I assume it is for a lot of people posting here. He had some other really good ones too. Copland is underrated.

  49. My martial art instructor went into movie stunt work and he played the guy chasing Liotta in the jungle who gets impaled on a swinging log. Great flick.

  50. Had to scroll way too far down to find a No Escape mention. Fantastic movie, and it's responsible for one of the hardest Sega Genesis games I ever played when I was younger.

  51. Just opened a trailer of it for the memories , and I see the year it's set in is 2022...

  52. I'll never forget a phone call I got to have with him. I worked for a distributor for a high end luggage company and his wife at the time couldn't get her beauty case open and he mother's medications were in it. I didn't know who I was talking to at the time and when I asked for her info she spelled her last name. I said "Oh? Like Ray Liotta?" She then tells me it's her husband and wants to know if I want to talk to him. I said "I'm from NJ, of course I do!"

  53. Fuck man, Goodfellas is one of my favorite movies ever and his performance was absolutely iconic. I also liked him a lot in Killing Them Softly

  54. In regards to people suddenly dying in their 60’s , there is an inexpensive CT scan called calcium score test that will detect calcium deposits and artery clogs in or near your heart. It has saved the life of a couple people I know

  55. I think people take for granted how good he is in Goodfellas. Pesci and De Niro could easily steal the film from him, but they don’t. He’s incredible and plays every phase of Henry’s life pitch perfectly.

  56. Damn. My first impulse is to reach for Goodfellas, but I think I’ll put Field of Dreams on tonight instead. Absolute legend.

  57. Damn. Ray was one of my favorite actors. He was so versatile in his roles. Anyone seen Identity? Such a great performance.

  58. Good Fellas is one of the few movies I could watch multiple times. He absolutely killed it in that role.

  59. One of my personal favorites of his lesser known films is No Escape: A sci/fi dystopian story where he sent to a prison island where convicts have split into two warring tribes. If you liked Escape From New York, this would be right up your alley if you have seen it. He was also amazing in Cop Land. RIP Ray Liotta.

  60. I just want to shout out his role in Killing Them Softly. The movie isn't perfect and he definitley will be more remembered for the Goodfellas and Cop Lands, but he was phenomenal in KTS and it's one of my favorite roles of his. RIP.

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