Nichelle Nichols dies at 89

  1. I've met her several times at various conventions, and she always came across as a lovely lady. Sad about some of the rumors concerning possible estate manipulation that was floating around concerning her caretakers.

  2. As a white male growing up in the south during the '80s, her portrayal and the portrayals by the other non-European cast members, were integral in my social development as there was plenty socially going reinforcing that non-whites were inferior. Star Trek showed me the opposite, while fictional, was the truth and it stuck solid.

  3. As it was already mentioned in multiple different threads about Nichelle Nichols, take the story with a grain of salt. It's quite probable that it was MLK that influenced that decision, but the details of how, is a story lost to time by now - Nichelle has

  4. I did not know her, I did not see her as black or white for she was beyond that— she was Uhuru, instantly likable, competent, and good. She wore the first ear bud too!

  5. I met her once at comiccon. Very sweet lady, disarmingly tiny in person. Still, at 85ish, she had more vigor and passion than any other special guest. Everyone else looked bored and listless, Ms. Nichols was grinning brightly, telling stories, and actually talking to fans like a real person.

  6. I remember my Girl Scout Leader playing the Star Trek episode for us with the interracial kiss. It was 1991. I was very mailable so it made a big impression about how I saw the world. She was one of the few females in saw and she too had and outsized influence on me pursuing my dreams. What a woman.

  7. She was awesome, and I'm not trying to besmirch her in any way. But I also just learned this (reading more about her after hearing about her death) it wasn't the first interracial kiss. Apparently it's a common mistake - as I also thought it was. It was the first kiss between black and white people though.

  8. The claim to the first interracial kiss on American television is heavily disputed and depends on the definitions of race. Back in the 60s, the kiss was most likely not seen as the first.

  9. I did not know the MLK part. Thank you. It adds even more beauty and strength to this lovely person. RIP Uhura. Thank you for what you brought to our world.

  10. Not gonna lie, this made me tear up a bit. Legend recognizes legend. For me, growing up gay in a small, religious town where I felt I didn't belong, George Takei was one of the biggest idols I had. This comment shows how representation in media matters, to inspire the future generations to be better than the past. Thank you for posting this!!

  11. This is exactly what I point to anytime someone says that TV and movies have "become political." It's just a hilarious ignorance of history, because it's always been political.

  12. She has her place in history for a lot more than the kiss. But for people who don't know star trek she has that too.

  13. I’m looking forward to the day that we don’t even have to say “first (racial anything)” because society has moved so far beyond racism. I hate that we have to identify these social firsts. It just tells us all how far we still have to go.

  14. Some would say Uhura didn't really "do" much and I would've enjoyed her taking command more often to be sure, but Uhura was one of the characters who seemed the most no-nonsense. Always too busy to be seeking more credit or getting involved in drama among her crewmates. She added something so necessary to Star Trek even well beyond representation and I'm sad to see her go.

  15. If you'd like to see more of Uhura, even though she's not played by Nichelle I'd recommend checking out Strange New Worlds

  16. There's an episode of the animated series where she and Nurse Chapel take control of the ship. Loreie Signal is the episode, but I probably misspelled it.

  17. Saw her at a Con 5 or 6 years ago. I forgot she was going to be there and stumbled on her Q&A. I stood and watched from the back of the audience and smiled as she related one anecdote after another. Such a sweet lady. The world is poorer today.

  18. Been watching the animated series as a follow up to TOS, and omg my wife and I have loved her character taking center stage for a couple episodes. Idk how they got away with it, maybe no one noticed because it was animation in a time when people weren't really paying attention to that, but seeing Uhura take command was awesome.

  19. "Second star to the right and straight on till morning..." Thanks for being an icon and role model for so many. Rest in peace.

  20. I met her a few times over the years at conventions and she was the most beautiful and caring person who really appreciated the fans. Rest well Nichelle, you will be sorely missed.

  21. Oh no :( she was such a lovely lady. I was an extra in a movie she was in and had the privilege of meeting her and speaking to her in person a fair bit. She was so nice face to face and seemed very genuine.

  22. Re-watch the original episode 'Charlie X'. Nichelle got to demonstrate her beautiful voice in a short rec-room scene. we could have used much more off duty recreational scenes with the non-command crew! Also, remember Whoopi Goldberg's story about seeing Nichelle on Star Trek. She yelled something to the effect: "Mom, there's a black lady on this show and she isn't the maid!" I was watching too as a youngster and I saw how people are supposed to treat each other. I was a lonely backward, fatherless white kid who wished that family of space-farers would beam me up and take me with them 'Beyond Antares'. Farewell to this lady as beautiful inside as she was outwardly. 😥

  23. My thirteen year old self only ever thought of her as the (obviously important) communications officer on my favourite tv show. She was one of the crew and I never really saw her colour or her gender. She was right up there on the bridge every week with Kirk, Spock and co. She was beautiful and I loved her unconditionally. RIP sweet lady.

  24. This is so sad, I remember when all the OG crew were still alive when I watched the reruns as a kid. RIP to a TV legend.

  25. You Know, I had always wondered what we would do when our hero's died. You Know, those people who we would watch even if the movie was bad. Most people said get over it You'll find new people to watch.

  26. There’s always new heroes. Despite the vile ex-Presidents, Premiers, and Glorious Leaders so often mentioned in the news, yet in unexpected, unseen, quiet ways, there are always new heroes.

  27. Like so many around the world and throughout history, Star Trek played such an important role in my life. While I wasn't alive when the Original Series aired, I can only imagine how much of an inspiration Nichelle must have been to people.

  28. Sad to say that she was in said conservatorship because she had dementia. I don't know who was right or wrong in that situation but a court looked at the situation and thought she would be best taken care of by her son. Her family seems to have supported him as well.

  29. She meant so much to me as little girl looking for good role models and throughout my life. I got to tell her that in person once and she could not have been more gracious. You might have thought that she had not heard those same sentiments already a thousand times before from other female Trekkies. And she was so humble and appreciative of having had the opportunity. This one hurts as much if not more than the passing of Leonard Nimoy who was my other favorite. In her case, I got to meet the real person behind the character and was so impressed. Rest in Peace, Nichelle.

  30. I am torn up by this. I wasn’t her friend in anyway but over the years she got used to seeing a few of us when she came to Denver. She would just talk and talk about things sometimes. Like I said, we weren’t friends at all but it was just amazing to see someone I just adored actually remember who I was sometimes. Gosh, rest well dear lady. You will be so missed.

  31. I grew up wanting to become a psychic bartender because Whoopi was inspired by Nichelle Nichols. Thank you, Nichelle.

  32. Advanced the role of women in the workplace in the most elegant way. She will be remembered for her ground breaking character.

  33. One of the most beautiful women to ever grace a TV screen. Lt. Uhura will live on forever. Nichelle Nichols was a trailblazer in her role and she'll always be fondly remembered. RIP

  34. I saw her at DragonCon a few years ago and was struck by how absolutely gorgeous she still was. Rest In Peace.

  35. I’ve just gotten into the show recently and man, it’s always so devastating to hear this. She was a revolutionary, an amazing vocalist, and just overall class act of a person. I wish more people were like her in the word. Rest in prosperity, space princess

  36. I grew up watching the Star Trek movies. This woman is a bonafide legend. A pioneer and a trend setter. She always treated the fans with respect and had a sparkle in her eye. She was a stunning young woman, and a fine role model, and always seemed above the squabbles of the other cast. She was pure class.

  37. Nichols had been suffering from end stage Alzheimer's for many years. As someone who watched his grandfather go through that, although its sad to lose another TOS cast member broadly speaking I'm glad shes been released from that living death. It is not a dignified way to live. Those who have seen this first hand know that on this earth there are things far worse than death.

  38. My favourite scene of her was when she spoke Klingon in The Undiscovered Country, what a funny scene. It's been said here a lot already and I totally agree, she's a trailblazer. I don't know of any black woman who played such an important character back in the 60s and 70s before it was considered normal. She must have inspired so many. RIP.

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