An insider has informed IndieWire that HBO Max will continue removing Originals from their platform that are underperforming

  1. Discovery+ has a million different 90 Day Fiance spin off shows, yet they're axing a bunch of stuff on Max. Makes sense.

  2. Unfortunately people eat that shit up like their lives depended on it. They get a huge, and often non intersecting group, subscriber boost from that shit.

  3. I don't really understand why they would remove their own titles, don't they own the rights to them? Does it cost them much to keep them up as opposed to making them unavailable?

  4. Here my take. Everyone is looking at this wrong. You are thinking Discovery want content….they didn’t. Discover wanted studios…..which are prohibitively expensive (like everything else right now). So discovery, who wants to be a big time reality tv streaming station is limited pretty much by how many studios they have. They want the editing bays and mixing booths and sound stages. They are going to kill off everything that’s not Euphoria or John Oliver or reality tv. The will stop showing the existing shows because they don’t fit the new format (all reality tv). They will sell all of them, but streaming rights only, no IP. Because it’s content only there won’t be anti-trust issues. Amazon or Netflix will jump on that. They can close fast. Now they sell all the IP they don’t want. All the DC IP and Harry Potter IP and everything. If they sell it to anyone other then Disney/Marvel, Sony, or whoever just bought their shows then there are no anti-trust issues….so again they can do it fast. Any movies that are slam dunk to make money go on. Anything that’s at all risky get canceled and written off ASAP. They don’t want to wait for money later. They want this done fast. They want to the studios and pay for them with HBO content and IP and tax write offs. They will get them for next to nothing at a time others are in line for equipment.

  5. I need a list of all the ‘under performing’ shows so I can make sure to finish them before they’re removed :’(((

  6. You could sail the seas for HBO max original titles without feeling bad since they will remove them without notice

  7. Looks like the only show so far is vinyl. And 6 movies that apparently no one was watching. How true all that is I have no idea, just what the articles have been saying.

  8. HBO Max is $15 a month and there ain’t shit for new movies hitting it lately, might have to give this one the ol’ Netflix treatment and drop it

  9. I started paying for their service because I realised how much of their content I was finding on the high seas. Guess it's time to go back to not caring.

  10. Seems intuitive from a consumer perspective but if cutting content results in $$ savings and doesn’t decrease your subscribers or impact subscriber growth then it makes sense. I don’t like it but I can see why. Whether it impacts their subscribers is what will be interesting to see.

  11. This is the kind of thing that will be studied in college business courses one day. This is only rivaled by maybe movie pass as how to not run a business.

  12. At least with movie pass customers still got a pretty fantastic product for a while. It’s much less embarrassing when a company fails due to providing too good of a deal rather than too bad of one.

  13. The last five years have had a "never in the history of business has something this audacious happened" moment in movies (Moviepass debacle), television (HBO Max/Discovery story unfolding) and theatre (the unprecedented failure, automatic eviction, last-minute success, closing, plague and then successful transfer of Beetlejuice).

  14. If things work out Zaslav will be seen as a decisive true leader who came in and made the hard choice to put an end to a DC Universe that’s been on life support. To start anew with a high standard of quality moving forward.

  15. Business School Education: Study the Tree that the lightning struck. Then make a presentation on how to make a duplicate Tree and place it next to the original one and sell people the idea that lightning will now strike this duplicate one.

  16. It would be pretty funny if this was the move that resulted in the DCU being a multi-billion dollar franchise 10 years from now lol

  17. People here worship HBO but this has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard a streamer do. Getting rid of your OWN shows? There will easily end up being favorites for some people that are no longer available. It's just a trash movie.

  18. Gotta say, I’m very impressed with how Zaslav is speed running both the DCEU and HBO Max into the ground in just a few short days. It’s gotta be some kind of record.

  19. Absolutely garbage way to run a streaming service. There’s no other way around it, doing this just to save a bit of money is fucking stupid and idiotic. Part of what makes a streaming service appealing is having a lot of shit you can access and watch. You have a lot of options. Spitting on the filmmakers and your buyers just to save a quick buck is so damn stupid.

  20. Looks like Westworld may end at Season 4 ☹️ and the showrunners wanted the fifth season to be the last, so WW fans may never get that closure.

  21. What about West World? They suppose to get a 5th season and I be pissed if they removed it because I watched season 1 and 2 at least 6 times never gets old.

  22. This is how the rail network died in the US. Because it was privately run, Rail CEO's came in and said "we want to save money, cut all those underperforming stations!" Well the underperforming stations werent zero, so they were providing passengers to the rest of the network. So you cut the underperforming stations and the next year now you have a whole bunch of new stations that are underperforming, so you cut those, rinse and repeat and you are left with only a few nodes in the network that can sustain enough traffic between them to be profitable where before you had a network of thousands of nodes that as a whole was profitable but individually had a lot of losers. Same thing here. Cut underperforming properties, lose subscribers, cut more underperformers, soon HBO is gone

  23. 'Infinite growth' culture is like some morbid comedy about a man so dedicated to 'profit' that he slowly cuts off all of his limbs to sell them over the course of the piece until he's there, eyeless, earless, limbless, surgical incisions littering the torso, with a scalpel in his mouth trying to hack off his own head because every other limb and organ is long gone for the sake of a quick buck. Literally just 'growing' your company out of existence.

  24. This 90 Day Fiancé owning DBag is going to burn HBOMax to the ground. Don’t get me started with Raised by Wolves…I knew this was going to be a clusterf$ck once that was yanked. Discovery needs to stay off of HBO-WB’s lawn and keep their reality crap separate. Ugh, this whole situation pisses me off.

  25. The DC streaming service never had the numbers on its own to make it, they had good content with Titans, Doom Patrol, and the animated Harley Quinn show. The Swamp Thing series was a victim of this same kind of stunt.

  26. I read the other day Young Justice isn’t getting renewed. S4 was fantastic, and the depth of the content on S3 and 4 just blast the first two seasons out of the water by virtue of having been made for streaming vs. CN, and that’s saying a lot because the show as a whole is fantastic.

  27. Shit, do they even sell physical copies of streaming exclusives? Where do those titles...go if not available online? In a vault somewhere?

  28. it feels like they are cutting everything to get the combined entity ready for larger sale. This doesn't feel like a company trying to invest in growth.

  29. There is a rumor that they want to flip Warner. So they bought it cheap because of Warner's Financials but if they cut all the costs down and get it to just the valuable ip then they can sell it to Apple/Amazon/etc. For more than they paid.

  30. Jesus Christ, remove this fucker from WB BY ANY (legal) MEANS NECESSARY. This is just... not how you run a major movie studio. It pisses off your talent, your customers... just why?

  31. It seems like they don't understand what a streaming service is. Not surprising given that these assholes are the reality TV broadcast types.

  32. It looks like they're *just* being removed from HBO Max and not taken out of circulation entirely. It's still super weird, but you can still watch the pickle thing on Vudu, Amazon Prime, or YouTube.

  33. While all other streaming companies are fighting to keep the most content on their platforms, Discovery is purposely removing content they own for no other reason than to show off that they can.

  34. Streaming was great, we’ve now reverted back to piracy as once again being the best service. Good try for a few years there tv and film biz!

  35. That seems like an incredibly short sighted move. There are SO MANY titles in HBO that I want to watch and just don't have enough time for -- which is why I have a subscription.

  36. My annual renewal is coming up soon and this honestly makes me reconsider the decision, part of the reason to have any streaming service is to watch a huge range of content when you want to including ‘poorly performing’ shows and movies if that’s what floats your boat, YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE, should have known better being a spawn of ATT though

  37. I’m not just waiting for a streaming service like Amazon to end up buying DC. The Warner bros and DC brand is going to be in the garbage under this guy. And he doesn’t care, give it 4-5 years top he’ll sell them again

  38. This is exactly why I just binge older TV shows that I can depend on, such as The Golden Girls, or Kdramas to get my tv fix nowadays.

  39. Can't wait to see their quarterly earnings report tomorrow. I have a feeling that WBD is going to crash hard...📉

  40. The whole point of this is to use misleading economics to make the quarter look better. You do that this quarter and next, and then you have established yourself with stockholders as the guy they want in charge, no matter how little customers like you.

  41. Am I the only one here that is in favor of a total DC Universe reboot and dropping all the B-level stuff?

  42. Netflix & Hulu must be drooling at the mouth wanting to make a documentary / miniseries about this in 1/2 years

  43. What’s crazy is that a lot of the Max stuff is HBO quality, has tons of streams and keeps people subscribed. You take that away, all you get are the 10 weeks worth of subscriptions when a show like Westworld shows back up every other year. I was very excited for a lot of these shows returning.

  44. Which is why I will never watch an HBO Max show until it survives until completion. I wasted my time watching one of my favorite shows Raised by Wolves.

  45. Remember when everyone would thought it would be better when everything was streaming services? Now the best streaming service is getting torn apart for tax cuts lol. This shit is stupid

  46. They missed the point of having an extended library. The deeper the library, the better. Because I may want to watch cheesy 70's blaxstploitation movie one night, an avengers movie the next night and then a bogart movie.

  47. I think discovery is making a short term play. They cut everything that doesn’t make them money right now, integrate HBO Max to discovery+, take their subscribers, then sell of WB and any other properties. They’re not trying to make hbo make money, just keep costs down until they can make money offloading everything

  48. Get out of the game and license to Netflix so everything is in one spot and people won’t have to pirate content. You get your royalties and everyone wins. All these cocksuckers trying to cash in on the market that Netflix made just ruined it for everyone by being shit and late

  49. It’s almost impressive how almost everyone in the industry absolutely hates this decision. So maybe, just maybe…it’s an absolutely dogshit decision.

  50. Wow they are doing this to satisfy accountants with balance sheet financial engineering? Jeezus. Our system is broken if keeping a movie on a streaming platform with unlimited space and zero incremental cost no longer makes financial sense due to accounting rules.

  51. Mark my words. We’re headed towards a world of endless Marvel sequels and prequels and pretty much nothing else.

  52. I don’t understand how does it affect them to just have the movies and shows there. It’s not like they’re spending money on distributing and storing physical copies.

  53. I haven’t watched too much of the new stuff on HBO despite hearing good things about Peacemaker, etc. But I’ve really been enjoying the selection of classic movies on HBO…what’s gonna happen to those? Amazon has the next best collection IMO but they’re all behind secondary subscriptions, which pisses me off more tbh

  54. I just want to say I really enjoyed An American Pickle (movie in the picture) - It stars Seth Rogan as two characters, a Jew from Europe in the early 1900s and his great grandson in current day NYC. The great grandfather falls into a vat of pickles while him and his wife start their lives as immigrants and then he is preserved in the vat to be released 100 years later and his only known relative is his great grandson who he clearly doesn't know. Stuff happens (not trying to spoil the movie) and he decides to use outdated business techniques driven by old principles and values and finds himself within the hipster/artisan culture with current day problems while trying to connect with his great grandson who is very different and is facing his own problems but over time they learn that they aren't so different after all. Probably my favorite Seth Rogan movie.

  55. Even though Canada’s distribution of HBO (Crave) doesn’t get all of the content the USA version gets they have yet to remove these titles. Weird how this stuff works

  56. OK, what do I need to watch that's a great Max Original that I might have missed? Need to get binging like I'm outrunning a boulder.

  57. The more and more comes out, the more it becomes apparent that AT&T buying Time Warner in the first place may be one of the worst business decisions in recent times. AT&T spun off WarnerMedia partly because it was carrying $160-something BILLION in debt.

  58. Sucks. HBO has long been the Goat. I’m worried about these changes. It seems like it’s been taking a different path lately.

  59. Knowing how the previous removed originals are on PVOD now, they will probably all be moved to PVOD. Some also have physical releases in and out of the US. Or you can put on a eye patch and surf the open seas.

  60. After shelving Batgirl just yesterday, a 90 million dollar movie that was supposed to be basically done, another big brain move from Zaslav

  61. Maybe it's part of a grand scheme to minimize HBO "unperforming" content and make you subscribe to their latest offshoot: HBO Min. Only .99 for the first minute and $3.99 for each additional minute. Must have your parents permission. Order now!

  62. Man when HBO max first came out I was so excited for it and all the content but now I have no reason to keep it.

  63. All this self-sabotage from WB/Discovery is actually going to help a struggling Netflix. These creators want to go to a platform that will actually produce scripted content, and when the best service in town is too enamored with shitting its own pants to realize the damage they causing, Netflix/Hulu/Paramount will be there with outstretched hands full of cash.

  64. Alright, now is the time. Marvel should buy DC off this garage sale style owner and just merge the universes.

  65. Ah yes, the Netflix strategy. As we all know people are happy to pay monthly for a whole streaming service just for one popular show.

  66. I may be in the minority here, but this makes sense. Having thousands of shows on your website is like having thousands of channels via cable/satellite TV. It doesn't matter if no one want to watch them. Instead, it just clutters the site and makes the viewer need to look harder for something they may like. Over saturation on Netflix has gotten to the point where I don't bother browsing for shows on the site unless I hear about them somewhere else first. HBO may be trying for a quality over quantity approach, keeping new viewers more likely to check out their other shows. This could extend a subscriber's time spent on the site even if they only subbed for a specific show. Whether this will work or not remains to be seen though.

  67. Shocker: content that doesn’t get views doesn’t get renewed. Why does something so obvious need an article?

  68. Wouldnt it make more sense to keep them, and license out those Originals to other services to make more money?

  69. Makes sense to bring in the HBO people to do programming. Instead of the HBO Max people which I guess are different

  70. This is a good idea, it will make it easier to find the good shows/movies. Netflix is cluttered with terrible shows/movies. Quality over quantity is always the best strategy.

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