80 FOR BRADY | Official Trailer

  1. Patriots season ticket holder since 1983, and I'll be watching it least 20 times. I'm sure all of us in Mosi's Mooses that are still alive will be watching it. But this movie is absolutely going to bomb.

  2. Doubt I'll see this in a theater but I don't think it's possible to put Lily Tomlin and Sally Field together in a movie and not get a few decent laughs.

  3. As a Falcons fan...a movie about geriatric Tom Brady fans that takes place at THAT Superbowl is gonna be a hard pass for me.

  4. Well, hmm, I didn't dislike this. I even stopped watching the trailer before the end because, who knows, I might watch that movie one day.

  5. I love movies about older friends cutting loose and doing unconvential things, and I like these women, but this just looks corny.

  6. When I saw this on Brady's IG I thought it was a joke, had to be a joke...guess it's legit. And those 4 powerhouse women are all for it? Hoping it's more on the adventure and less actually Brady lol.

  7. Its not bad enough to hear announcers jizzing all over themselves to continually state and restate of awesome that walking douche canoe is, even in games that he's not even playing in. Now we have to get a movie based on this waste of fuck?

  8. As someone who rewatched Grace and Frankie constantly, I’m glad to see in work together again🤩

  9. This movie makes me irrationaly angry towards movies. How was an insufferable pile of shit ever allowed to be made? Nobody wants this.

  10. I'm tired of the trailer for this. Only way it would be good is if they get to the SB only to find BRADY PLAYS FOR THE BUCS NOW .... the movie then becomes a horror movie as the geriatric ladies go on a killing spree

  11. My hatred for Tom Brady and the Patriots and my love for “Grace and Frankie” and Rita Moreno makes this VERY confusing movie. That looks fine, but will probably wait for streaming.

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