Black Adam Will Reportedly Lose Up to $100 Million in Lackluster Theatrical Run [Update]

  1. I get that they obviously had to change a lot during shooting due to covid, but jeez, someone should have polished the script better. Hodge and Brosnan were amazing together, Rock was good as were the other 2 superheroes. But all the normal human characters, especially the kid, were just not good at all

  2. Because it's better than great, it's a masterpiece. The hierarchy of power would never have been the same without the man in black. If James Gunn decides to throw away this character, The Rock's magnum opus, I'm gonna cry.

  3. He rounded up his box office by 20 to $400 million and compared it to Captain America, ignoring that in 2022 dollars Cap would have made $500 million.

  4. I think he's just gonna start making more and more movies on streaming. He already has two Red Notice sequels coming up on Netflix and a new Christmas movie with Chris Evans coming out on Amazon that is supposed to be a franchise. The only theatrical franchises he is in that are guaranteed to make a profit are Jumanji and Hobbs and Shaw. Black Adam was his last shot at proving to everybody that he was a big box office draw and it failed.

  5. Yeah I just went and looked and there's all of two tweets about it. Having a meltdown isn't what I would call his feed when he literally has a dozen tweets just for the new uniforms to the xfl.

  6. Black adam is one of those weird heros, everyone who reads comics loves him but outside of that nobody knows who he is. This film was based on star power, and the reviews put people off.

  7. I thought brosnan was great as Fate but it bothered me so much that he spent half his screen time without his helmet on. Dr. Fate's helmet is one of my favorite comic costumes and they gave him the boba Fett treatment of just carrying it around.

  8. My local Ipic had half it's screens showing this turd, all empty. Why would they do this? There was better movies released at that time.

  9. Because they're contractually obligated to by the studios. You either show the film on the number of screens the studio wants or the studio doesn't send you films.

  10. A Black Adam movie wasn’t the right call. If they wanted to do a movie about a villain and tease the return of Superman then they should have done a new Lex Luther movie. The Rock could’ve played him. He would’ve looked like the animated series Lex. It’s time to see kryptonite mech suit lex vs the man of steel

  11. Using your theory why not have used Black Adam in "oh, I don't know" - The SHAZAM sequel?! That would have worked. His own film not so much, but egos are funny.

  12. They wanted to originally introduce Black Adam in Shazam and then build from that. The Rock refused that and demanded his own movie.

  13. Black Adam was the worst part of his own movie. All of the other super hero’s were more interesting and likable.

  14. The Rock has no acting range. He can smile, and frown. Like transformers, there's no fucking point to have average humans running around like they're important...

  15. I find it interesting how The Rock is considered a leading movie star but the only movies he has been in that have done well have been ensemble casts. Like he doesn't really have a movie where it's his movie and it's a blockbuster. He doesn't have his Rambo, Predator, Mission Impossible or Die Hard. For someone that has been billed as a megastar for like two decades now that's really strange in my opinion.

  16. Probably has something to do with the fact that his lifetime box office worldwide is twelve billion dollars. Why would anyone care if he's good at ensemble movies if he has so many hits?

  17. IGN should probably be added to the banned links along with IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Slashfilm and Collider. This isn't news. It's not even their update. They're just linking back to Variety.

  18. It wasn't a good movie yet weirdly enough I still enjoyed it more than Wakanda Forever, it was fairly entertaining in a very messy way.

  19. The film need to make $600M to break even // Good thing they are getting that $90M tax right off from shelving Batwoman, cos they are going to need every cent to dig themselves out of this whole

  20. They pumped the living hell out of this movie even as people who saw it said it was vanilla they doubled down. One thing mentioned was this was the safest genre with the safest of actors, leading to being anti-entertaining

  21. I haven’t seen it yet but I want to. As soon as the rental price drops (currently $24 to rent $30 to own) to a more reasonable cost somewhere around $4-$7 I’ll rent it.

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