I can't open project because of iLok

  1. it looks like the problem is within iLok, whenever I clikc on something like cancel, it just keeps showing and doesn't let the project to fully load

  2. If you can open another ableton project, try to open the other project in the browser so you twirl it down and look at the individual tracks. Then drag and drop the tracks you need into the new project.

  3. I tried doing that, but when Ive tried to drag the tracks that were probably blocked by iLok I couldnt, the same error as when I tried opening the project.

  4. You should be able to copy the midi files without having the plug-in, unless it’s Ableton that you can’t open. Unless you need EW for your new project.

  5. I think it's the problem within iLok, Ableton opens normally, just the specific project doesn't want to load. I'm not sure of my EW account, but probably I would be able to log in, however I forgot to mention that the instruments I used were available for me because of subscription which I cancelled some time ago. Nevertheless I believe it should let me open the files at least to see the midi and stuff :/

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