Best platform to teach music theory online?

  1. I use zoom for my online lessons. It’s very user friendly and the share screen/sound function actually works (unlike Skype) During lockdown I had 50 online lessons a week and for the most part zoom was my go to. Some students preferred WhatsApp but I didn’t because it doesn’t have a share screen/sound function.

  2. Have you heard of There’s a free tier and I use that all the time with my students who work on composing and music theory, it’s like google docs for a notation document! You can share documents between you and your student and edit them in real time together. It’s been an incredible tool during remote lessons for me. Best part is you only need a device that has Chrome since it runs in the browser. It’s definitely not as advanced as a Finale or Sibelius but is plenty powerful nonetheless. Check it out, you could add that into your workflow with whatever video conferencing service you end up using! Nice thing about is you don’t need to screen share though since it’s a live collaborative document :) Hope that’s helpful! Good luck!

  3. Zoom + screen sharing Musescore. I keep the "keyboard view" open on Musescore so I can easily demonstrate harmonies using my keyboard (the keys light up onscreen).

  4. Discord for the most part, but I don't really recommend it unless the person already uses it. I use Zoom for everything else anyway so sometimes I end up using it for lessons too.

  5. Just adding another who uses Zoom with screen-sharing--I've pretty much never felt like anything was missing with that setup!

  6. Discord has better latency than skype or zoom. If you are trying to play along to the same thing it is literally impossible on any platform other than discord.

  7. Zoom is great, and the screen sharing and whiteboard features seal the deal. I’ve been teaching on it since March 2020 and by now a lot of people already know it well from using it for school or work.

  8. Setup OBS with various scenes. It has a virtual camera that you can plug into conference software like Skype or zoom. You can setup scenes to show whatever you may need for the lesson, more than just your camera. Stuff like desktop software, websites, images from literature etc.

  9. TIKTOK! People love some wisdom nuggets, and you'd garner more fans and followers that would happily like more of your service (paid) in full classes.

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