just moved here... I have so many questions

  1. For bookstores, its worth going to McKays! Massive used book selection, along with records, games, dvds, and all sorts of collectibles.

  2. Monday-Thursday 2010 and earlier were wonderful times to go see some fantastic music on Broadway. The only empty bars in those days were the ones playing “Living on a Prayer” etc…

  3. I got curious and bored one day and wanted to see where Murfreesboro road would take me (from Murfreesboro into Smyrna and then LaVergne). I saw the airport and exits to get into downtown. I ignored them. 20 minutes later I found myself on broadway. Was very confused and irritated.

  4. For real. The library is AWESOME. Even if you don’t go in regularly, you can use your library card to check out e-books and audio books. Plus, the library has passes to Cheekwood botanical gardens and the National Museum of African American music that you can check out. (There’s a wait usually, but worth it if you’re flexible on timing)

  5. I'd recommend checking out some South Nashville coffee shops if you want to avoid tourists. Tempo, Humphreys, The Horn, Red Bicycle, and District Coffee are a few in that area.

  6. South Nashville also has the best thrift stores. ThriftSmart and Southern Thrift are both on Nolensville Road and Music City Thrft has a location off Harding.

  7. Humphries St Coffee is one of the best in the city. Probably the best cold brew I can remember having.

  8. Love this, so true. I'll add the Loading Dock to that. OP needs to check out Green Ray Books & Zion House for plants on Houston Street. You'll have 3 options for coffee within a block. Get it while it lasts. The space is changing this fall.

  9. This is correct. You can start way down on Murfreesboro road near the Publix at that goodwill. And then hop on the interstate, get off on Haywood lane, and go to Thrift Smart (bring headphones-the music is not great) and then across from the zoo is Music city thrift, and next to it is Bargain hunt, which is a basically an oops! target. And in between for lunch, go to plaza mariachi and get one of those Mangonada drinks with the mango and the spicy chamoy and the spicy sticks in it. Yum yum.

  10. Awesome! They are all going on the list. Think I actually drive by the red bicycle this morning in Murfreesboro. Does it have multiple locations?

  11. Recent college grad moving from out of state. Job is about 45 north of downtown Nashville. Got any recommendations on good places or suburbs for younger people to live at?

  12. This comment is so thorough, I cannot thank you enough! I've added everything to my list and I promise to set aside an afternoon this week to get lost in McKays. I can't wait!

  13. Employees - I used to work onBroadway, I parked in the R lot at Nissan stadium. This was 5 years ago, not sure if that’s allowed anymore. At that time it was free and I just walked across the pedestrian bridge!

  14. Hey welcome to town. Sam and Zoe’s is a great coffee shop in the Berry Hill area, on top of all the other great recommendations from others. Also Osh is an amazing Uzbeki restaurant on Thompson Lane, can’t recommend it enough.

  15. Also, Sunflower Restaurant in Berry Hill has amazingly delicious vegetarian food. I’m an omnivore, but I love this place because the cooking is so skillful and delicious. They have the absolute best collard greens I’ve ever eaten.

  16. How long since you've last been? I went for the first time in years a couple of weeks ago and it was terrible. Didn't ring up my coffee so I had to go back to the counter after 25 mins of waiting, chicken sandwich was either under or over cooked (rubbery and chewy), and the coffee honestly didn't taste great. I realize it could've just been a bad day though.

  17. Yeah it’s great. I don’t go often anymore since I’ve moved to East but I used to live so close and was a regular. But getting there early and getting a spot at the window bar and watching people and getting some work done there is lovely.

  18. I showed artwork within the bongo network for years, but not since the explosion that took out fetch. And then the pandemic happened. We did try to go eat there recently and the kitchen was abruptly closed. I feel like a lot changed once Hot & Cold became Fetch.

  19. I moved here in ‘95 and there is nowhere I’d rather be. When I got here, I think our only pro sports options were the sounds and the knights.(minor league hockey) the town was much smaller and no one thought of us as a cool city. Since then I’ve watched all the changes and for the most part they have been positive. Sure, we have had some poor politics, but I truly believe they will be temporary. And yes crime is a problem, but do you know of any where else that the cops handed out hot chocolate to blm protesters? Traffic sucks, but if your car is stuck three people will offer to help or loan you a phone. I love Nashville mainly because of the people who live here. Have you ever been on a flight coming in to BNA. As soon as you are on your final leg the plane comes alive with Nashvillians talking to each other and giving tourists advice. Sorry for rambling.

  20. Ain’t this the truth. As a person that moved here from Cleveland, OH (Yes I’m a Yankee LOL) back in 2012, and having a family here. I still plan on moving back north towards Cincy or Columbus for a better job and school districts.

  21. Best thrift store is Southern Thrift on Harding. Parking is horrible no matter what for Broadway. McKays is the best! And I loved Broadway when I lived there. I’d go down in early afternoon, but I’d go at night too, just not as much.

  22. Half Price Books on White Bridge Road as an alternative to McKays. I adore all the Southern Thrift locations around downtown. The goodwill outlet is hit or miss.

  23. Employees of Broadway normally park in one of the parking garages in the area albeit they get discounted stickers. Best day of the week to visit Broadway depends on what you want.

  24. Novelette is absolutely worth checking out. Also, it's close to Portland brew, which (in years past, anyway) serves some of the best cold brew coffee in town.

  25. 8th and Roast and Pre-to-Post Modern (vintage store, it’s called starland emporium now) are right next to each other. Nice way to spend a couple hours in the afternoon.

  26. Rhino books and Headquarters Coffee are right next to each other. Infinite used books and good coffee. Then you can walk across the street and read your book and drink your coffee at the park.

  27. As far as broadway goes, I advise people to cruise it first then decide if you really need/want to breathe/touch any of that grossness. It’s neat to look at behind glass

  28. I live downtown and would love to do some late night train wreck watching, but it feels so damn grody. Puke everywhere, trash everywhere, people touching you without permission; it's tough to just walk around and observe.

  29. Best day to visit Broadway is like 2pm on Thursday. Go get a fried Bologna sandwich at Robert’s and hear live music but it will be chill and not crowded.

  30. I’m not sure why there is so much hating on Broadway. I’m going to have to try it out. I’m into people watching, so it sounds like it will be interesting. From Chattanooga with daughter and family in East Nashville.

  31. We just went yesterday morning (yes, on a Saturday, I got what I deserved). I thought we had gotten there early before the crowds would be bad, however the sidewalks were thick the entire time we were there. For me personally it was too many bodies. I was more than ready for a margarita at noon to relax more.

  32. There is a Books A Million on Gallatin Pike near Madison. They sell tons of used there if that’s something you look for! Also Half Priced Books has a big selection. There are a handful of Southern Thrift stores in the area that have a lot sometimes too And lastly I’d recommend Elders if you like fine binding like Easton Press (he’s pricey though, and I’ve seen reviews he can be quite rude though I’ve never experienced it myself)

  33. Bargain Hunt is a great store if you’re not looking for anything in particular. I’ve had some great finds there over the years.

  34. Best day for lower Broadway: February 29. It only comes every four years and is on a Friday or Saturday every 14 years or so.

  35. Frothy monkey downtown- I like the little Havana on ice. Dose over by 440, Sip on Gallatin Pike (also make their own ice cream in house), will also second Ugly Mugs

  36. Parnassus in Green Hills is such a cute little bookstore, and the Chinese place next to it is bomb af. McKays is 100% worth the drive too, they have used books, CDs, comics, movies, games and other neat stuff. Southern Thrift on Charlotte Ave is an awesome thrift spot with 2 floors and they have deals pretty much every day of the week. Down the street from it (if they’re still there) is Rhino Booksellers where they have used books literally from floor to ceiling, and they have the cutest shop cat. Frothy Monkey for coffee, and Hugh Baby’s for amazing burgers!

  37. Welcome! For weather: I use a combination a weather app (whichever you prefer) and follow @NashSevereWx on Twitter. Those guys are amazing. And a good rain jacket will work a lot better than am umbrella.

  38. Nashville has a monthly flea market at the fairgrounds. It’s always huge. I second McKays suggestions, that place is awesome!

  39. As a native I have to say this is kind of overkill. Never once have I carried these things in my car for the weather here.

  40. The one time I forgot to take my winter coat with me, it was t-shirt weather when I left for work and it was snowing on my way home. Then my car stalled. Always bring warm layers if you can.

  41. Best Coffee shops... Americano Lounge is my favorite. Speciality coffee. It has a speakeasy feel. Comfortable seating. If you go at the right time, you may catch someone playing the piano. Try the Satchmo or Fitzgerald coffee. The espresso martini is the best. East Nashville, All People Coffee, frothy Monkey, Ugly Mugs, Urban Sprout, Retrograde, Barista parlor (on gallatin. The germanton location is very touristy).. all in east nashville. 8th and roast on Charlotte. The 12 south location is too crowded and parking isnt the greatest. Grams Coffee in Madison. Cute spot. Plenty of space to relax . Try the pineapple ginger matcha. So good. Parnassus, the Bookshop and Books a million. You'll have to go to cool springs if you want Barnes and Noble.

  42. Might be biased since I’m one of the owners but my bookstore Novelette Booksellers in East Nashville is a fun shop AND in a great walking neighborhood near some of my other favorites—Ugly Mugs coffee, Jeni’s ice cream, Cafe Roze for lunch or dinner…

  43. I just moved here last November. So far my favorite coffee shops are Sunflower Bakehouse and Stay Golden if you're looking to hang out. Crema has great coffee if you're looking to grab a cup and go. Frothy Monkey is pretty decent if you want to walk 12 South and you don't mind waiting in line.

  44. There's a Frothy Monkey on Centennial in the Nations too. There's also a White Bison just up the street... But I think that they may be a chain. Anyone know??

  45. The only thing I can answer is good thrift stores in Murfreesboro. You should travel to LaVergne and Smyrna too, if you’re not into highly populated and crowded areas constantly.

  46. I'm biased because I'm friends with the owner of the business, but for a quick stop for coffee and a treat, I really enjoy Soft Service Station in East Nashville. They've got good coffee from Osa coffee roaster, and soft serve (and a really good affogato). It's attached to a toy store (Tabla Rasa) and skate shop (Cecil's). The folks working there are all delightful and there's lots of fun things to goof around with.

  47. This sounds great, and I have never heard of it, but I’d love to try it especially since it’s recommended by you and they are your friend. Thanks !

  48. To hang out, Hillsboro Village next to Vanderbilt and 5 Points in East Nashville are both nice areas. They have tourists, but more locals. Hillsboro Village has The Belcourt. Nashville's art house movie theater. A short distance from Hillsboro Village is 12th South, which has more tourists but also more shops & restaurants.

  49. Why would anyone move to Nashville these day? Maybe 10-13years ago when it was kinda fun and had a something of substance. Now it's just sad and stupidly expensive to live in the city that subpar

  50. There are still lots of free parking spots downtown, if you know where to look. My favorite night on Broadway is Thursday, but I only go down there to work or attend a concert/game.

  51. For non touristy places to grab coffee I’d recommend Germantown! (although that’s my neighborhood so I’m biased lol). There’s a plethora or great coffee shops, restaurants, Bicentennial Park, and the Farmers Market to kill an afternoon at.

  52. East Nashville, coffee at Ugly Mugs and/or Portland Brew can both be nice. And I'm sure Jeni's has coffee flavored ice cream, so...

  53. Monday night is the best for Broadway, in my opinion! Check out Robert’s and/or Layla’s. Also if you like live music but not the crowds, Music Valley has the Nashville Palace, scoreboard, and Music City bar and grill and they usually have great music.

  54. The best time to visit Broadway is in the morning, when they are power washing the puke off from last night.

  55. Mc Kay’s not on a weekend,all the thrift stores now suck because all the influencers told everyone about them so we have the most boring and overpriced thrifts ever ( and yeah, I lived in all the big cities),I don’t know how to reply to non hip coffee, I got tired of celebrities posting about where to get coffee and tagging it so I just bought an expensive coffee maker and I swear to all the gods, the next transplant who asks where to go hiking or find waterfalls is going to incur the wrath of Gen X. Yes I am salty.

  56. Bobbie's Dairy Dip have some of the best milkshakes around. The best burgers I've found are at M.L. Rose., although Redheaded Stranger have good ones and a crazy good ecletic menu.

  57. Southern Thrift in Donelson does four colors for half price on Sundays. There's other locations in Nashville, too, I just can't remember them lol. I always hit up the Donelson one. Check their website, though, for the other locations.

  58. This is a great thrift store also. And there used to be a goodwill nearby, but it closed. However, if you drive down Lebanon road, there is a goodwill next to Hobby Lobby.

  59. Music City Thrift, right by the Zoo, is my favorite thrift store in the area. They have 50% days on most major holidays, they announce them on their social media and google maps page. I always find great stuff there, meh home goods and furniture selection but great clothes and shoes selection. The goodwill outlet (the bins) are hit or miss for me and I have to be in the mood for that hunt.

  60. Best day of the week for Broadway is never lol. Stick to weekend day drinking and GTFO by 4-5PM to bypass the sh*t show.

  61. Buffalo Exchange for Thrift and Cafe Coco for coffee and chill, both in the same spot basically. Get a "vented" umbrella sometime called windproof, it helps, but I also got a lightweight waterproof rain shell from Columbia that packs down really small.

  62. Falcon Coffee bar is my absolute favorite spot! I’m also new to Nashville and have been seeking out all the best coffee shops and hands down I love the vibe in Falcon, the back room and the back patio are amazing 🙌

  63. Having good rain boots and a poncho is your best bet for the rain. Practicing acceptance when you’re already wet is your other avenue

  64. Osa Coffee Roasters in Edgehill has excellent coffee. There is no seating, just a window to the sidewalk, and they close at 1pm Mon-Sat (closed all day Sun). Egghill is open on Sun and does have Osa coffee, plus great but somewhat pricy breakfast sandwiches.

  65. I recently went through my Mamaws belongings after she passed and found a bunch of those plastic bonnets older women wear to keep their hair safe in the rain. I keep one in my purse now just in case! Hahah!

  66. Coffee - cafe coco on the rock block Bookstore - I guess McKays now that bookman is gone. Thrift - Berry Hill goodwill and any southern thrift. Dont go to Broadway Employees park on gay street or in the garage right there.

  67. This is actually a whole ton of good questions. We moved to Tennessee a few years back and I had my culture shock of Broad Street. Not impressed at all! But seeing that there are REAL people answering this post gives me hope in humanity lmao! I’m gonna read now and take some serious notes!

  68. For parking downtown, the one place that’s always free/cheap is the downtown public library garage. It’s about 3 blocks off lower Broadway, but you can get it validated at the library for 2.5 free hours. Rarely do I end up paying for than $5-10 for an afternoon downtown. For evenings it’s actually a pretty affordable lot too.

  69. Do you like chai tea? There's a Somali family who runs a little coffee shop on Murfreesboro Road near Fesslers Lane. It's the best drink in town, I think. They have some good, cheap food as well.

  70. Well make sure you take a drive down music row. It is full of nostalgia and a very pleasant drive. Check out the goddess of music statue. Nashville ain't all tourists.

  71. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Sump for coffee. They have a whole menu of different pourover options. I like it a lot.

  72. “Isn’t a good coffee city” and “nothing is better than Starbucks”?! You’re nuts. Crema is fucking incredible. So is Matryoshka. Sump. Weak.

  73. Rhino Books is an amazing bookstore! It’s cozy and winding and stacked with books to the ceiling.

  74. When I worked on Broadway, we parked in a gravel lot before construction on a new building started. After that, our company had a deal with the new Amazon building on Church St and we parked there.

  75. Coffee: frothy monkey on 12th or bongo java on Belmont are two good ones. Headquarters on Charlotte is next to a park, so you can get your caffeine then sit at the park.

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