House passes assault-style weapons ban

  1. I personally like the part where they exempt retired police from the law, because the ones in my neck of the woods aren’t scary as fuck

  2. This is 100% why I don’t take proponents of gun control seriously. Until the LEOSA is fully repealed, all additional efforts to restrict gun access only concentrate civilian firearm ownership in those most unfit to carry or possess firearms.

  3. Ah the classic “rules for thee not for me” I’m sure the congressional bill also prohibits those same weapon types from being carried and used by their security, this owning that weapon by proxy.

  4. It's a term used by people who don't know anything about guns to scare other people who don't know anything about guns.

  5. Doesn't it just tend to mean automatic and semi-automatic rifles? I don't see the issue. Legislation would have to define it anyway.

  6. If we can use the exact precise words that would satisfy you would you then be willing to accept some change to the status quo?

  7. Gas powered semi-automatic rifle, rifle usually defined as having a barrel of a certain length, anything shorter than that is either a carbine rifle or a pistol. The main part is the high energy bullets (7.76), with a long barrel for higher accuracy, and high-capacity magazines that can be swapped out (30+ bullets), and its gas-powered meaning the gas created from the explosion of the gunpower causes the gun to reload, rather than a pump-action or bolt-action rifle which takes longer to reload (so you can fire a bullet every half a second)

  8. Yeah this Congress hasn’t passed any useful laws. They should drop the reconciliation bill and write local zoning laws, which they are totally able to do.

  9. Even if this passes the senate this wont do shit. Handguns make up the vast majority of shootings in America. "Assault Weapons" bans are some of the most useless gun control ever - red flag laws, universal background checks, mandatory safety training, and laws ensuring that legal gun owners store their guns safely and are liable if they get stole and used for crime if they don't meet those restrictions are the gun control measures we should be pushing for. That and economic investment and solid policing in communities that have severe gun crime are the answer, not this hyper focus on scary looking rifles.

  10. Yeah, but handguns mainly kill poor people and AR15’s pose a threat to upper class people so naturally you can infer from there which they will focus on

  11. This is one of the issues where this sub completely drops the wonk approach to policy. It’s incredibly strange watching people refuse to try to figure out what legislation will actually work

  12. I'm thinking the filibuster doesn't mater in this case. Manchin, Sinema, and Tester at the very least vote against. There are a number of other democratic senators repping progun states that might not vote for it either.

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