The Washington Press corp's deep cynicism is destroying our democracy.

  1. The Washington Press Corp had the nickname No Drama Obama for the last Democratic President and it wasn't meant as a compliment from their end. When the business model counts on clicks, views, and engagement, and their reporters relish being stars on Twitter, it creates dangerous incentives. We saw this in 2016 when the media basically served as a cheerleader for Donald Trump, seeing the dollars signs and Twitter followers, but not the threat he posed to America. Boring, stable, competent leadership has become a fundamental threat to the profitability of news (see the layoffs that major outlets had to do not long after Trump left due to falling ratings) and that's going to result in far more cases of them intentionally sabotaging Democratic Presidents in favor of Republican ones.

  2. Yeah I still remember CNN live broadcasting a literally empty podium and microphone at a Trump rally in 2015-2016 for over an hour straight.

  3. Trump was the best thing to happen to news media since 2003. Always remember that. And they have the same amount of articles to publish every week, so they’re gonna write about the most outrageous thing going on, whether that’s Trump extorting bribes from Ukraine or Biden falling off his bike.

  4. The Media gave Trump free publicity during the primaries. But it was only ever the right-wing media that gave him positive coverage. Saying that the media was his cheer leader is like saying that the media is the cheer leader for mass-shooters because they cover them so much.

  5. Biden's poll numbers are on Trump's level because the economy was good under Trump, and it's bad under Biden.

  6. The average American sees things getting worse for them- inflation, housing becoming increasingly unattainable, growing homelessness, stagnant wages, climate disasters, Roe overturned - and the federal government is not doing enough to address these things. Not being Trump is literally the bare minimum, people need to see that a candidate will actually improve their lives to be motivated to vote for them.

  7. I get it, pocketbook issues are important to the regular American, but at the very least can we have a media not do a "both sides" and provide context that we are coming out of a pandemic with economic issues and that it will result in some turbulence to inform people.

  8. This, if anything the media helped Biden during the campaigns and early presidency. It's not the media's fault that Putin invaded Ukraine, Pelosi decided to inflame tensions in Asia, the Afghan government instantly collapsed, the supply chain got destroyed after covid, and the stimulus packages caused record inflation. These are all massive challenges that the admin has to deal with and the American people are reacting to, no amount of media spin could save polling numbers from this (see the recession definition change) and if they do try to paint whats happening as good people will lose MORE faith in them.

  9. Same. Macron said this best. My feelings towards the media are too complicated to put into words. Haha. Something on the media landscape needs to change or this is going to get very bloody very fast from both sides out of sheer extremism, and they'll be the first blood on the streets.

  10. Social media and algoithmically optimized feeds are the problem more than just "the media". Media is the spark, but social media is the fuel and the flame.

  11. Readers of the Washington Post constitute about 1-2% of the voting population. And among that readership, Biden's approval rating is probably double that of the national average. It's implausible that their coverage is significantly hurting Biden's approval

  12. readers, yes. But Washtington Post headlines drives content for other media outlets as well. The media eco system is such that "premier" journalism gets filtered down to the pundits and all the online only papers. the readership is small comparatively, but the reach is way larger than just their direct readers.

  13. They're probably all hopin that by helping them in discreet ways, they'll get a pass. They're naive because the first ones against the wall if the psychos take over will be WaPo, NYT, and then CNN followed by MSNBC. CBS, PBS and NPR will be investigated and several arrested and replaced, Fox will be transformed completely, and the surviving media brought under thumb under threat of death. The left-wing media must think this is a funny game or something.

  14. Well, the right is correct that the mainstream media fucking sucks. They're just wrong about WHY they suck obviously.

  15. "The media can't be critical when my party is in power" This is the most neo-liberal post of all time, true deep state mastery.

  16. I WANT them to be critical, but I also WANT them to get their heads out of their asses and think about what is currently going on.

  17. the reality is that if the Dems were running against a normal political party, they'd be staring at 35+ state electoral beatdowns for a host of structural reasons. Bad economy, out of touch messaging, ideologically (at least in terms of perceptions, which matter a lot more in the funhouse mirrorverse of electoral politics than actual reality) out of step with the electorate. The problem is that they're running against an insane party, and have been for a long, long time, and now the insane party can't even hide how insane they are. So the Dems are competitive because being crazy actually DOES hurt you as a party, at least as much as presiding over a bad economy does.

  18. This is some embarrassing cope. I want Biden to succeed as much as the next guy, and on the whole I still think he's a good man who's mostly trying to do the right thing, but I understand why Americans are pissed and it's not because the media is pulling on puppet strings in order to stir up drama. For the first 8 months of his presidency his approval was positive because in the real world, where most people live, things were looking up. Once inflation started to hit along with all the other crises that piled up, sentiment toward Biden soured, and the media coverage began to reflect that sentiment.

  19. I thought this was a "work from home" line of questioning, not some implication that another guy is calling the shots while Biden is incapacitated. Fewer dumb meetings and ribbon cuttings, just him and the work or whatever.

  20. Biden’s been playing the part of Bernie Lomax since he came in office and Dems are to weak to actually push any significant legislation through. So of course numbers are down.

  21. It’s perfectly fine to question the sanctity of freedom, as people often abuse their freedom to do terrible things, so long as you remember that the alternative is giving those people authority and power, the abuse of which has far greater consequences. That way your appreciation for the sanctity of freedom will ultimately become stronger.

  22. The media’s printing what people want to read. Blame the people, not the press. If anything, the Post is more pro-Biden than the country as a whole is right now.

  23. I mean, whether or not that's true, it's not like you can do anything about it. There's no world where you decide the press isn't being fair by not showering you in praise, take some measure to force their hand, and then come out looking like the good guy. Ultimately they have to be left to their own devices.

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