This is your final warning neolibs

  1. I always knew Greta was a fake vegan. I can't believe she is holding me at gunpoint and making me eat bugs. Why is it that all these vegan celebrities turn out to be fake vegans?

  2. I really don't understand the push for bugs. Beans + legumes are nutritious, environmentally friendly, and a much easier sell than bugs.

  3. Insect protein provides a more complete and nutritious amino acid profile than plant protein. It's also even more efficient in terms of land and water usage and emissions per calorie than plant protein.

  4. Bugs eat garbage. Beans and Legumes have low yeilds. Though still much more protein to the acre than meat. Unless meat is bugs fed on garbage.

  5. There are zero reasonable vegan sources of vitamin B 12. If you eat several ounces per day of nutritional yeast or seaweed you can get enough vitamin B 12 but most vegans get it from supplementation (often animal-based) and there’s no way to scale yeast or seaweed up to handle 7 billion people. There are lots of insects that can be raised purely on by products that humans do not eat and they could be scaled up to provide B12 for everyone. Also there are a lot of people who just seem to do better if they’ve got animal protein in their diet, pretty much every kind of plant has “anti-nutrients“ in them so even if you’re getting all the nutrition you need the plants are wage in chemical warfare against whatever’s eating them and can leave you wanting.

  6. no one of consequence minus a few startups are actually pushing for bugs, it's a right wing meme

  7. I made the big switch from a mostly meat-based protein consumption to Legumes and Whole Grains years ago and it changed my life, and saved me a fortune in grocery bills.

  8. It's another easy protein source, it's good to have a diverse set of food sources cultivated in different ways, to curb vulnerability to supply shortages, certain bad yields and weather patterns, and pests/disease.

  9. Man I dunno but I regularly eat mold burgers (i.e. quorn) and like them. The macros are absurdly good. So I'll give basically anything a shot. I like impossible burgers more than cheap regular burgers. I like tofurkey slices a lot. No good replacement for steak or higher quality meats yet but those are only an occasional thing anyways. I also just like straight up beans. Especially pintos. 🤤

  10. You are aware that our hatred for bugs is solely and purely cultural, right? To be fair there aren't that many more cultures that are vegetarian vs bug eaters, so I guess both are possible.

  11. There is always an ulterior motive with people paying their pet agenda. Including me: just tax GHG’s and let the market figure it out.

  12. I think some variety is in order, even if it's variety between the vanilla of meats and the weird-ass superman insect mush they have in stock.

  13. Ngl what sucks as someone trying to cut meat is that chicken is great when it comes to carbon footprint but horrible when it comes to animal suffering.

  14. I eat mostly Chicken and Fish. I only get Red meat once every month or two. Last night I got some ground beef and made my Grandmothers sloppy joe recipe was was the first time I'd had red meat in like 3 months. It's not really hard to avoid red meat. Especially when I cook for myself and like a thing of bone in chicken thighs costs like 4 dollars and makes like a few days worth of meals.

  15. Arthropod that eats plants: Disgusting food eaten by dirty, barbaric (((third worlders))). A sign of desperation, cuckoldry, and poverty.

  16. This isn't/wasnt the worldview in East Asia and India. In ancient India the elites were the first one to become vegetarian which was later copied by plebs after that meat was eaten only by the lowest tribe/castes.

  17. Tbf these sea insects have a lot more meat to them than our land insects. Either way, shrimp with their arthropod bits still disgust me. When I only see the tail and meat, it's all good! Make a cricket not look like a bug and as long as it tastes good I'd totally eat it.

  18. Switching to lab-grown meat is more a realistic prospect than switching to insect protein IMO, and it’s not even that far off technologically.

  19. Plus the neat thing about lab grown meat is that odds are we will eventually get to the point where we can grow absolutely whatever the fuck we want. We'll be able to replicate that $800/oz Wagyu that was hand massaged for 12 hours a day by a Japanese farmer, all for the same amount of cost and effort as a $2 sirloin you'd get in the freezer section. It will make high quality cuts of meat way more accessible.

  20. I think in the coming decades that will be the thing that greatly cuts down production of lifestock for meat so eating real animals that you didn't honorably hunt or catch yourself becomes more frowned upon

  21. Exactly I want my star trek future. If you make lab grown meat fine. If you can use bigs to fuel my replicator, also fine. We're a lot closer to replicators than we think tbh. 3d printing of biological materials has been a goal since before we could buy 3d printers for home use.

  22. Sure, but until then, we just shouldn't eat animal products. Their production causes an inordinate amount of suffering to the sentient beings who occupy factory farms while also contributing to infectious and chronic diseases, dominating land use, and emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gases.

  23. It's far from a realistic prospect. Current lab grown meat relies on fetal bovine serum. Guess where you get that from.

  24. I mean, not even that, just eat less of it. You don't need to cut it out entirely. Eat less of it, like once a month or something.

  25. It's part of a larger meme around being forced to eat bugs and live in pods. The people who genuinely believe that is what's coming their way are completely unhinged.

  26. I just wish I knew where to get cheap bugs in my area. All I can find are expensive ones sold as a novelty.

  27. I am not, but I dislike this spam. I just saw a few articles about people suggesting bugs are better for the environment. But not even with a call to action or anything. So I don't get why they get so triggered to spam now about "the left forcing us to eat bugs" o.o

  28. These types of memes have circulated alt right spaces for years, disappointing to see them here. I am pro nutritious and efficient food sources in all of its forms, bugs included!

  29. I’m not gonna eat bugs myself but I’m not against bug meat/bug flour/bug juice being normalized, widely available at supermarkets and marketed towards ethically minded consumers.

  30. People are missing a very important point when it comes to bugs, we can feed it to shit we actually want to eat.

  31. Alt-righters will see a clickbait article and go, "Wake up, bro, new memo from the Illuminati just dropped."

  32. It’s impossible to decouple from animal products. Even crops require bone and blood meal to grow at the pace and quantity needed to sustain our societies. According to the USDA, plant and animal agriculture combined account for just 11% of carbon emissions, while industries like electricity generation and transport contribute about three times as many emissions each; accounting for over half of all US carbon emissions together.

  33. Because I don't wanna. I really wish I had better reasons than I do. But I don't. I could say how there's jut not a lot of vegan options. But that's an excuse and I know it.

  34. Greta's vegan. Greta wouldn't eat the bugs. Greta wants you to have some rice and beans with some vegetables and a B12 supplement. Greta wants you to leave the bugs alone. Or else.

  35. Man the amount of crazy shit we're going to have forced on us to save the environment is gonna be wild. Eat the bugs, live in pod (small apartments have a smaller carbon footprint), can't wait to see what they cook up next. Oooh maybe a child tax lol

  36. Okay, but have you considered that just because you like something doesn't necessarily make it a morally good thing to do?

  37. I support anyone that wants to eat bugs and maybe the next generation will be into it but that's just not something I'm going to do.

  38. If you don't listen to Greta Twonberg, Greta Threenberg is gonna come for your ass and you really don't want that.

  39. Honestly though, westerners have been paying a lot to eat giant sea bugs forever and asians eat bugs easy

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