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  1. Over the last week, The__Stifmeister wrote around 12.0 comments per day, peaking at 59 comments on Friday. The__Stifmeister's comments were 24.0 words long on average but their longest comment had 231 words. With 15 uses, 😎 was The__Stifmeister's favourite emoji.

  2. In September the US approved 2400 I5 visa for China which means there were at least 2.4 billion dollars of inflow into the US from China. And that is just in September alone.

  3. There is too little influence in wars. Paradock should add a puzzle minigame or a quicktime action prompt sequence to combat, possibly both.

  4. Wrong I did yesterday. And then I watched Attack of the Clones. I enjoyed them. Not just the visual effects, but the dialogues and characters. I ENJOYED THEM ALL, LIKE MOVIES.

  5. If it isn’t evident from my Posting, I fucking hate Elon Musk and his simps. Especially the ones who cheer when someone is fired for not submitting to His Excellency and licking his shoes like they wish they could. I hate those who demand authority. Hate those who demand it from others to their saviors even more.

  6. Can you imagine another Republican primary with 20 candidates and 30 debates and Trump is there again. Doing the same shtick. It would be Bananas. I almost want to see it but only if Trump loses. I only want schadenfreude.

  7. From what little I've read, no, it is not technically true. 227 members of parliament signed a letter advocating treating the protestors in the harshest possible way. Not an up and down vote on "Execute them all".

  8. Probably a good thing I’m not on the joint chiefs of staff because I’d be telling Biden to drone strike the ayatollah right about now

  9. Rey just going by “Rey Skywalker” while having no real relation to Anakin, Luke or Leila whatsoever is fucking stupid as shit too. I don’t care, you can’t just claim to be part of a family that’s dead because you decided to do that. “Skywalker” isn’t a title.

  10. Would have been cool if they had set it up to be a title, a carrying on of the Jedi way without the strict dogma contributing to the allure of the dark side. But...

  11. Elon musk simps are self submitting slaves who’ll fight for their master and get personally offended when someone says something about Master Musk, more than Master Musk will. All while they call everyone else a sheep and a slave. Just like Trump’s bootlickers, they have no ideas of their own, just that Master Musk says, so his commandment must be true and followed. They’re worse than NPCs, they actively submit to get his attention and a chance at a retweet.

  12. Both him and Sasse were like the only ones on the GOP side who didn't treat KBJ like trash during her confirmation hearings

  13. God as much as I liked him out of college (tbf he was really good in what few games he played) I am so glad I sold this expensive card of his a long time ago.

  14. I remember the gaslighting by Warriors fans all summer saying that every team secretly wanted him and would trade a 1st for him. Anyone who mentioned that he fucking sucked got downvoted to oblivion.

  15. I love me some T Swizzle, but the fact that the top result on Spotify for '3AM' is Midnights (3am edition) and not the Matchbox Twenty song is a crime against my culture

  16. Sometimes I order a big fat burger with a Diet Coke because I just don't like to taste sugar all the time. Sometimes, I just want the taste of Coke and to feel the bubbles digest my mouth sans sugar and sticky teeth.

  17. "And you killed God, so I gotta ask: Did he die of shame when he made your mustache?" - Confucius

  18. Malarkey level of if there were two guys on the moon and one guy killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what

  19. Fairly shocked by the explosion of mainstream antisemitism on twitter and the internet generally. Prolly need to strap up at Walmart, I’d rather he remembered as an anti-kristallnacht guy than a “well he didn’t necessarily mean it” dead soldier

  20. I remember when the Star Wars Sequels were a new thing, as in Episode VII was the only one that had come out at that point, and being actually intrigued and excited to know what the story was behind Snoke.

  21. Episode VII, unlike most people I hated it when it came out, but I can see how it could've been good if the followup had been good. But it wasn't. So it isn't.

  22. what are you talking about, it was one of the greatest moments in cinematic history when Snoke was revealed to be Jar Jar Binks

  23. I have some succish opinions about corporate leadership, but I love capitalism because I love seeing them get destroyed by their hubris.

  24. Now that the Democrats have defeated the National Socialist Workers Party Of America in close races all over the country, I'm sure AMERICA is saved, FOREVER.

  25. Also, the fact that Republicans have almost entirely dropped the voter fraud stuff might as well be conclusive proof that they never actually believed it in the first place (if the Dems got away with rigging one election, why wouldn’t they keep rigging more elections), which means they were willing to knowingly sink democracy just to keep their absolute moron of a candidate in office

  26. I've just accepted it at this point. If they could send Tom Cotton to the Senate, they sure as hell could make her governor.

  27. It’s weird I’ve only seen us ever have like one incest schism. That means none of us care that much about liberty to I guess.

  28. I like the Pandemic board game expansion that adds a MAGA truck piece that goes around the map and threatens minimum wage workers.

  29. It’s been said before, but the cons suddenly acting shocked that Trump is an absolute smoothbrain only in it for himself is beyond rich

  30. Anyone else watching the Pence interview? I'm glad a Republican, and his vice president, is rebuking Trump, but I can't understand how he can sound so indignant about Jan 6 when he freakin' enabled it by going along with Trump's narrative.

  31. my post-mortem on the arizona governor race is that more katie hobbs voters turned out than kari lake voters

  32. My “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt

  33. I mean, if games/apps like that had incentives like donating it to a charity instead of just trying to siphon money out of you constantly I think I’d be a lot less irritated by the business practice.

  34. Good. Zero COVID was a bad and unsustainable policy. Let's hope China gets their vaccination rates up (and gets better vaccines) so the people aren't put through hell.

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