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  1. Democracy's Dunkirk? Nah dude this was D-Day. There will be a few rough moments but before you know it we will be on the road to Berlin

  2. Proposed amendment: Only governors and ex-governors can run for president. That way you can always judge presidential candidates on their record.

  3. Interestingly, the power here in Lviv didn't go out until several minutes after the missiles hit. What's the mechanism here?

  4. It’s cool when administrative jobs aren’t really administrative and are just called that, and are actually just call-center customer service garbage.

  5. At this point, I'm happy. Stretch goal, get the solar disposal trajectory on the comanifested payloads.

  6. Yoooo I checked the DT just in time for yall to remind me of the launch. I ran outside in my fuckin underwear to see it. 200 miles away from me and it was still BEYOND bright, it was like an orange lightsaber lifting up. So fucking cool.

  7. You can tell it’s NASA cause mission control isn’t clapping, hooting, and hollering over every little development.

  8. Ok call me a dumb American or whatever, and it might be because i saved America from the evil Br*tish colonizers playing it, but i think assassins creed 3 was actually a good game

  9. avoids the revolution too much. i wanted way more history exploration, not some father-son drama and a completely unrelated Templar plot

  10. literally unplayable relying on teammates. though i also dont even attempt to tell them what should change for us to win because I hate talking, so its probably on me.

  11. Posting photos of your 50,000 dollar watch and 8,000 dollar gun on Reddit for everyone to see seems like a really bad idea, not to mention poor taste.

  12. trump running for office is all fun and games now, but just think that in two years you're going to be glued to your TV with your heart racing and a pit in your stomach as you watch results trickle out of wisconsin and pennsylvania to see if the late-arriving mail-in ballots can carry biden over the finish line

  13. Thinking of 2028 candidates, Josh Sharpio could be president someday. He has major Obama energy. Listen to him talk

  14. I don’t hear nearly as much about him as Obama, we’ll see though I guess. Even in the 2004 election Obama was being talked about as a potential presidential candidate in the future by the media.

  15. If I’ve never touched a Fallout game, or any real RPG, before, should I get Fallout New Vegas? It interests me a lot but I’m not sure if I’d actually enjoy it

  16. Because they're aiming for the moon which is on the night side of the planet. If they were aiming for the sun they would launch during the day

  17. Maybe the Patrick Sweazy movie with pottery ruined it or maybe it’s just an 80’s thing but I really feel like Unchained Melody is an underutilized song in media

  18. suddenly reminded of generational scars, poland launches its own attack on ukraine, thus fulfilling every poorly made russian nationalist map in 2014

  19. analysts: “Trump will have to tone down his rhetoric and become more moderate if he has a chance to beat DeSantis”

  20. has anyone been paying attention to GOP reactions to the announcement? curious how much support he has from party officials

  21. I like Catan, but I'm not a board game "enthusiast" because games are expensive, and getting people to learn new ones is hard.

  22. So is Catan not popular among board game enthusiasts? I've never played it and I've heard mixed reviews from people who are more into the hobby than the lay person

  23. Question for the DT, is Canada experiencing brain drain of its educated professionals (especially engineers)?

  24. WW1 historians: “Lions led by donkeys is a discredited trope. World War One generals and officers used more advanced tactics than just throwing their men at the enemies defensive line for the nth time ”

  25. They haven’t done layoffs at my company yet and I’m pretty sure I’m safe but who knows anymore. Just gotta weather the next year and a half before rates go down lol

  26. Its too cold to open my window before I go to bed, but my building's heat will probably kick on in the middle of the night an cook me. 😠

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