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  1. Fellow veterans I served with: Kyle Rittenhouse is so based, Eddie Gallagher was doing his job, Trump can dodge drafts because he's important to economy and veteran policies.

  2. 99% of the “Democrats get nothing done” narrative is literally just people who didn’t realize how hard the Tea Party fucked 3/4’s of Obama’s presidency (or how much based shit Bill Clinton got through).

  3. I mean it's really just people who think that Congress is about trying hard enough and like House of Cards instead of the very partisan bickering fight that it is

  4. why aren't you, as a world power, not propping up the iranian revolutionaries, if only to get closer to being done with the fucking house of saud

  5. Night night DT gotta be awake and alive to see my fave team to get angry at. While my bbys RBR are okay mi tri...Is gonna test me.

  6. Saw one of my old friends from high school today. I came out to him and he told me that I am “easily the straightest gay guy he knows” as a compliment.

  7. Bungie's Halo is dumb and paved the way for Destiny 2, Fortnite, and the First Person Shooter as it exists today and thats why its bad

  8. It is a bad choice it ages badly and is the very thing that makes 00s fashion look so much WORSE I mean it was worse than it already was.

  9. Vivitar 1.5x teleconverter came in. It was <$13 and it seems to do better with my 200mm lens than I was expecting. Definitely better than the 2x teleconverter I already had.

  10. I still can't believe 7 months ago the FTX CEO literally described their business as a Ponzi scheme and literally no one cared lol

  11. The process of coordinating christmas gifts with my family (and keeping everything secret) is more intense and complicated than any current geopolitical issue.

  12. I remember reading that a universal time zone was a fucking terrible idea but I don't recall why a universal time zone is a fucking terrible idea.

  13. I had to drive to the poorest, most PiS affiliated region of the country last week. Today I'm going down with a nasty flu.

  14. November-January are the only months of the year I have never had a SO due to never wanting to have to introduce someone to family at the holidays.

  15. Philosophy is but a serious of footnotes to Plato, and that's why my works cited page just says "Plato," I'm sure the reader can work out the details.

  16. So as you can see there is water pouring out from the front of the - of a mansion. Ok here are these two ladies and then there is just a giant golden butt. Ok and then there's golden boobs that apparently are spouting water. Um, it's um, yeah, so this is all great. And then um there's some tigers and... This is apparently the tackiest mansion that's ever been, and um. Then there's um them lying there with a bunch of snakes and um you know typical music video kind of stuff. But it's very empowering. This is deeply, deeply empowering stuff. So if you can't hear the lyrics because it's, because, um, I don't know why you would hear the lyrics [chuckles] frankly. Here are some of the lyrics, this is - this is empowering stuff guys. This is Susan B. Anthony. This is like women fighting for the right to vote, this right here is women fighting for the right to work. Right here what we are watching is women fighting for the equal right to talk about their wet ass p word. That's what WAP stands for.

  17. I may be a broke boi running a failing craft beer taproom but I just took my girlfriend out for her birthday to a top floor hotel bar and had mezcal margaritas with an incredible view.

  18. Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories Declining inventories

  19. My NEX-6 + Metabones Speedbooster + 50mm Zuiko has been an absolutely delightful camera to handhold ever since I started raw dogging photography without the L-plate

  20. Plato’s Theory of the Forms explained to a six-year-old: ideas are limited and the preset list of all possible ideas exists on some hidden level underneath reality. Everything in the physical world is participating and in some form, which means that everything is trying to serve some role as best as it can, and the optimal best possible thing that could ever fill that role is a concept that’s already intrinsic to the universe, meaning that Plato’s presaging bizarre concepts like convergent evolution thousands of years ago, and Timmy, Timmy look at me, Timmy stop playing with my phone

  21. Despite all of his flaws and the fact, I disagree with him on many things Mujeres Divinas is never not a banger. Gotta give u this one Vicente.

  22. Soccer is a thing again and I've already seen like five "hand egg lol, Americans are so dumb" memes. Imagine being the most popular sport by far in the world and still being so insecure because Americans like another sport way more.

  23. the great pyramid was primarily built by free farmers during the annual inundation of the Nile flood plain

  24. Are you comparing visiting a thing that was built with slave labor a couple hundred years ago with actually enslaving people and using them to build things? Those seem like pretty different types of activities.

  25. If the slaves who built the White House were still enslaved and building other shit today, I probably wouldn’t want to visit the White House either.

  26. Somebody did something fucked up in the past, so it's okay for anybody to do fucked up shit forever in the present and future

  27. My dad bet me the senate would be 50-50 with the democrats winning the runoff. I bet the democrats would keep the majority without Georgia. I also bet him R would get 220 seats and he bet me R would get 230 seats.

  28. it's probably Freudian but there's something about Chilean chicks. just remembered this gal I went to high school with, looked her up and man she's my type lol

  29. One of my favorite things to do to my friends (especially when they're/I'm drunk) is say "Who??" every time they mention someone's name. They'll mention one of our best friends or their girlfriend who I've hung out with countless times or something and I'll act like I have no idea who they are. The thing is, this happens all the time in conversation. So much so that you don't realize it's happening because it's just so common (i.e. a lot of stories start with something like "you know (x name) right? Well they...). So it's super natural for them to start explaining who this person is and so they get halfway through it and then they realize what's happening and they're like ohhhhh you got me and idk I think it's just so funny

  30. On one hand, trains are cool. On the other hand, my neighborhood is literally bound by train tracks and two railyards. The noise can be a bit much lol

  31. How is late night television still obsessed with Donald Trump? They're obviously not stupid, so one must assume that a lot of people still want to watch that shit every night.

  32. The fact that it's tied in to a whole pile of other content I can't be assed to watch automatically makes it less digestible than a single standalone movie.

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