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  1. In a way, it's kind of fucked up seeing Nick Fuentes and Milo take advantage of an obviously mentally ill and egotistical Kanye. It's like he doesn't realize they both see him as inherently lesser than them because of his race.

  2. I'm pretty sure it was autocorrect but regardless don't pretend you haven't almost made the Fukushima/Fukuyama mistake before

  3. The nice thing about teleological arguments about history like Fukuyama and Marx and HITTLER is that even when you seem to be right for a moment, you're still WRONG

  4. So after the president signs a bill, it becomes a law. What actually happens after that? Does the text get sent to the national archives or something? How are agencies notified that something has changed?

  5. I wanted to join the army or be an LEO as a kid/teen & now as someone only a little older I still do but I think I’m probably going to end up as a lawyer & idk how I feel about that.

  6. I thought "easy" classes in college would be a good thing to give a buffer with the more difficult ones, but I hate them worse than any difficult course.

  7. My buddy sent me some and then Putin invaded Ukraine before I could use it and that kinda killed the vibes so I never took it

  8. Arrslashneolib: What's happening in Ukraine is terrible and we should do everything we can to arm the Ukrainian's so they can defend their liberal democracy.

  9. There was like a 10 year period where every major congressional report was written by former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell so there are like five different “Mitchell Reports”

  10. Louis Riel is famous for his treason trial in Canada, for role in the Red-River rebellion Uprising. but he wasn’t really a traitor, per se. He was just leading his people

  11. Doug stanhope once(maybe more than once), said "If I know your sexuality within the first thirty-seconds of meeting you, you're fucking annoying"

  12. Can I say that in real life to people because it seems like a perfect ‘make conservatives nod along and agree with me so I can bluepill them’

  13. I remember when I was a teenager people used to get really mad at me for being "fickle" because I couldn't even do something simple like picking an online handle or an avatar, and I'd constantly switch characters in games. Turns out that's just called executive dysfunction and was a sign I have ADHD.

  14. I have tried to watch "I think you should leave" several times, and I just don't understand what people get out of it. It's not htat I don't get it. Its not that I misunderstand the joke. Its just dumb and bad and not very funny and they keep going with it. Who the fuck finds this funny

  15. “I’m nothing like those pathetic Disney adults,” I say as I continue eagerly reading and commenting on a Disney-based quest on Sufficient Velocity

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