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  1. I love how the storylines in Bethesda games are so bad that even their most diehard fans avoid it or mod it out altogether. And instead of Bethesda hiring better writers, they just keep getting more aggressive in pushing their main quests on the player.

  2. I am not usually the kind to be like "think of the kids!" or whatever, but people who are 30+ (with selfies on their profile, esp. nsfw ones) and the vast majority of their recent post history are in the various teenagers subs, they just make me super uncomfortable.

  3. So from a quick skim 2/3 don't know? Not a great sign if you're looking to amend our constitution, particularly if it's to do something you can easily do through parliament.

  4. It's notable that (like the rest of us) none of those interviewed had any idea what the voice would be, how it would be selected, and what it might achieve. I'm still not sure why we can't just legislate ATSIC 2.0 and be done with it.

  5. That a crazy republican district might not certify their own very heavily red district, which would cause a house race called for a republican to flip blue, is peak GOP fascism

  6. first day of work was pretty aight nothing too crazy just realized kids can't write oh and like lots of college applications that were pretty subpar.

  7. Pokémon fans when they go outside and see that the world runs at something faster than Pokémon’s 20 FPS (60 FPS gives them a headache)

  8. Does someone know of a mental health expert analyzing Elon Musk? I'm really curious what people think about him from that perspective.

  9. MAMMALS TODAY ARE so spoiled, it was not so long ago that a block of very sharp CHEDDAR WAS ENOUGH to motivate hard work 🐊

  10. i’d like to clear my name and say that the ålander has seen my beard. i am and always have been a shitlib of my word 👏😤

  11. The annoying thing about arguing with somebody who is (objectively) wrong about politics is that you literally can't win them over with a logical argument. If your dumb Uncle or annoying co-worker is going on about how "the Nazis were liberals because liberals = big government and the Nazis were the biggest government of all!" there is no argument you could use to correct them that is still tethered in reality.

  12. I saw something recently where it talked about how revolutionaries aren’t bound together by an ideology, but by general anger at the system and I can’t remember where it’s from for the life of me.

  13. ngl I think it's a good thing that hundreds of millions of Chinese people are no longer in poverty and can live better lives

  14. malarkey level of dying my mustache (very light brown, almost blond) to match the rest of my beard (dark brown)

  15. So long as I continue to identify as a combustible tube designed for murder, the Supreme Court will do everything in its power to make sure I am forever legal 😌

  16. My son has like a "student of the week" thing where one student brings in some family pictures, talks about themselves, and then the other kids write a brief profile of the student of the week.

  17. I just realized that Trump calling Tim Cook "Tim Apple" is like someone calling Sans "Sans Undertale" unironically

  18. The cameras in smartphones aren’t even cameras. Cameras are lightproof boxes and there’s nothing lightproof about a piece of glass sat in front of a sensor with a fixed aperture and no shutter

  19. CMV: Taylor Swift deserves her own flair. Personal opinions of her or her music aside, she's legit the queen of capitalism. She knows how to extract every last dollar out of her fans (myself included) in the free market.

  20. No, because then I'd have to get it. And I suspect the only people easier to dunk on than Friedman flairs are Swift flairs.

  21. Swifties are another breed, man. It would be insane having a large group of people that fanatically devoted. Taylor Swift must be a saint if she hasn't devolved into Stalin by now, wielding that kind of power.

  22. I would agree with 20. I think you need to have at least a year's worth of post-high school experience to reach an ideal amount of maturity.

  23. would it be good to talk about interpersonal relationships are important to me as the people i know (i.e., network, soft skills) allow me to "get in the door" to apply my "hard skills" for a university essay

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