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  1. PSA: don’t buy hot chocolate mix. Hot chocolate mix is for suckers, fools, and people with artificial preservative deficiencies

  2. I believe there should be a standardized curriculum for every school in America, and it should not be up to the individual states to decide what gets taught. That's just MY opinion though.

  3. Stephen King's The Stand starts out pretty amazing, begins to peter out around the second quarter, gets pretty suspenseful in the third quarter, and turns into a 22 car pile up in the fourth quarter. But its a really interesting 22 car pile up that involves a clown car, Al-qaeda, and a semi full of sex-lube and dildos.

  4. 12 Republicans voted for the measure: Senators Roy Blunt of Missouri; Richard M. Burr and Thom Tillis, both of North Carolina; Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia; Ms. Collins; Joni Ernst of Iowa; Ms. Lummis; Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, both of Alaska; Rob Portman of Ohio; Mitt Romney of Utah; and Todd Young of Indiana.

  5. Kinda sucks when a friend has entered into a slump and can't do much love her but like it sounds like she's in a funk atm. :(

  6. Yesterday was my birthday. Am now 25. Fun fact, November 29th is the 333rd day of the year, which is the number of Jesus Christ.

  7. It is actually reported that there is absolute immorality among you and the sort of absolute immorality that is not found even among outside DTers, for a DTer is living with their wife. And you are arrogant! Should you not rather have reported, so that they who have done this would have been removed from among you?

  8. Speaking of Nussbaum and crazy, she does a public lecture series up here sometimes – every couple years – and I caught one once, and she was going on and on about the danger of FDR welcoming hatred, but not in like any direct way – e.g. stirs up commie sensibilities or whatever – more just obliquely about how welcoming hatred is bad in almost an orb queen sense – about how non-anger is morally and practically superior to anger, and how Gandhi and MLK had the right idea and welcoming hatred led to anger.

  9. That episode of Stargate where the human race is genocided by their alien benefactors preventing them from having children

  10. If you're even wo dering why I am often implicitly suspicious of European governments, consider this quirk of Swiss gun law:

  11. Now that we’re a few years and a few more school shootings removed from the Parkland shooting, its pretty clear that those activist kids like David Hogg and Kasky and Emma whoever are all dumb as paint and they’ve continued to just be embarrassing. I could tell as soon as I saw them in an interview when they started up.

  12. Apparently Instagram has a subscription service now where users can charge other users a fee to see certain, otherwise hidden content?

  13. The DT is getting strangely cliqueish, which is unfortunate because the whole point of this space for 95% of the people here is that it’s literally impossible to experience social rejection from it

  14. Finished the final poem of the month for NaNoWriMo. Might be my best one-probably my longest. Some stanzas could use tweaking and one might need to be cut

  15. Political TikToks are engaging young voters and reaching a huge swath of people and unironically is serving as a driving force for information and change

  16. I think there is a real reporting bias here. I dont see any evidence that TikTok is more political than FB or Reddit or whatever. Its mostly dumb videos and hot girls.

  17. There's a tragedy of the commons argument to make if a country were to subsidize exports enough to kill global competition, but we are so far from that I think.

  18. just saw a post where people talk about rescuing stray cats in foreign countries and flying them halfway across the world and all the comments are like “you are such a good person”

  19. Hot take: Violent criminal offenders should be put in prison/mental hospital as as long as possible. No matter their mental state.

  20. CONSERVATIVES CERTAINLY LOVE TO prove over and over again that even if over 70% of Americans support gay marriage, they think it is "destroying the country" to keep it legal 🐊

  21. reactionary dipshits like them don’t give a fuck what most people think- according they’re all degenerate sinners who will burn in hell for daring to give immigrant children assistance while Trump is literally the second coming of Christ

  22. "When a national rail strike threatened in December 2022, Biden seized the railroads in an attempt to contain the issue, but two key railway unions struck anyway. The entire national railroad system was shut down, immobilizing 24,000 freight trains and 175,000 passenger trains a day. For two days, public anger mounted. His staff prepared a speech that Biden read to Congress calling for a new law, whereby railroad strikers would be drafted into the army. As he concluded his address, he was handed a note that the strike had been settled on presidential terms; nevertheless, a few hours later, the House voted to draft the strikers. The bill died in the Senate."

  23. Broke: my thoughts on the spiritual consequences of war being based off of good theological and ethical reasoning

  24. The amount of money spent on the Oak Island mystery bullshit has to exceed whatever the expected return could be from the treasure at this point.

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