South Korea's nuclear option: Calls grow for weapon development

  1. We've seen already this year how security guarantees aren't worth the paper they're printed on. All it takes is one more president like Trump to decide to pull out US troops and they could be left on their own against either 1 (North Korea) or even 2 (North Korea + China) nuclear armed neighbors.

  2. A seemingly common argument by the growing antifeminist movement in South Korea is something like "well, the feminists don't support having women be drafted so they don't support equality"

  3. South Korea is the only nation in the world to ever develop submarine launched ballistic missiles, without nukes (and it's not just a one off thing, they are planning to field nine subs). They are clearly open to the concept of getting nukes, and have laid the groundwork for the delivery platforms.

  4. Single stage fission devices aren't really that hard to design. Multi-stage fusion devices are quite difficult, but given the computing power that South Korea has, well, it wouldn't be too problematic for them to pull off if they really wanted to.

  5. Also South Korea operates nuclear reactors already. They have a fuel pipeline of some sort. (Not sure if they have domestic uranium mining or enrichment). They have relevant expertise. They have missiles. They've launched rockets into orbit (including a solid rocket motor stage).

  6. They absolutely should. There's very few things North Korea is more worried about than South Korean nukes--even if you want a peaceful reconciliation or denuclearization of the North, a nuclear armed South Korea is probably the best path to that, because you better believe the South's arsenal will far outclass the North's.

  7. Not if China and NK threaten to nuke South Korea if they try to develop their own nukes. That's exactly what they will do. The US really screwed the ROK and ROC by letting NK develop nukes while ending the ROK and ROC nuclear programs.

  8. Hot take: Afghanistan set a precedent, just like I said it would. No matter how long an ally, no matter how much already investment, no matter how horrific an enemy. If you show any weakness, US will abandon you.

  9. The Afghan government really only existed because of US support, the rest of the world really didn't care all that much about Afghanistan.

  10. Or maybe it's the fact that over the last few decades lots of countries without nukes have been invaded and none with nukes have been threatened

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