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  1. Thoughts on the current state of the social housing sector in the UK with the death of that little boy from mold? A story not in isolation. It appears endemic in the sector that resident after resident gets nowhere with the council on repair issues.

  2. The government has devolved a number of responsibilities to local governments (good!) - it has simultaneously cut their funding and limited their ability to levy council taxes commensurate with providing those services (dumb!)

  3. Especially as a first-gen Russian American, the adage "Western in appearance, Asian in method" just seems so damn apt for Russia.

  4. My dog is so funny. She literally cannot handle it if my girlfriend and I are in different rooms after bedtime. If I’m staying up late gaming or sleeping on the couch or whatever she’ll just constantly run back and forth trying to get us back together

  5. My dog is like this with a select handful of people: me, my cousin, my mom, and one of my best friends who she’s known since she was a puppy. If any combination of those people are at my house she just constantly runs back and forth between rooms to check on each person.

  6. Simply don't pay attention in class, do readings the entire semester, or do your own outlines so you can preserve your ego by making excuses for making dead median 🙃

  7. anyone who complains about the pacing in Andor is an IRL soyjak in my opinion with the attention span of a goldfish who will fall asleep if they don’t hear a pop culture reference or dumb one-liner every 5 seconds and frankly society shouldn’t bother itself with the opinions of such people.

  8. It makes me sad that all of the wHy dO PeopLe lOvE ELOn mUsk takes ignore the whole “landing rockets vertically” thing, which is one of the coolest things ever invented

  9. Funniest parallel parking experience I ever had was a college friend who needed to stay at my place in Brooklyn one night, never learned how to parallel park because Connecticut didn't require it for their driver's test and thus he never learned. So I had to teach him how to do it on the spot, at like 1 am, me in my PJs telling him when to turn in relation to the vehicle next to him.

  10. Andor is a curse in a way because I really doubt we’ll get another piece of Star Wars content that good in the foreseeable future (beyond Andor season 2).

  11. Prediction: andor season 2 will be bad. It will get wrapped up in the interpersonal drama of its established characters instead of continuing the theme of ideas and institutions shaping and driving the characters.

  12. With how openly anti-semetic the far right is being, especially with Kanye right now, I can't help but wonder what the future of Ben Shapiro looks like.

  13. If America ever need a new national anthem, I suggest “Power and Glory” by Pete Seeger. It’s one of the few songs that makes me feel patriotic as soon as it comes on.

  14. We use words like "honor," "code," "loyalty." We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punch line.

  15. You get that message if someone reports you? Man, never had one. I need to turn up the temperature on my takes.

  16. Out of three marriages why has my mom, who is a literal genius, never once been able marry someone who hasn't been either a massive c*nt or dead weight upon her or both.

  17. Intelligence is multifaceted. A genius in, say, computation or abstract reasoning wouldnt necessarily be a genius in character evaluation or preference revision/self reflection.

  18. Now that the daily Cosmic Background Stress that came alongside having Trump as president is mostly gone, I’ve really started to appreciate how absolutely fucking hilarious he was

  19. I'm a die-hard supporter of free markets and individual choice until I see what movies and music sell good. 😤

  20. Good thing I read the context and know you're talking about STDs, because otherwise I'd be thinking you're a crazy person who thinks it's sexual assault if you don't be honest with your partner about things they dislike.

  21. As long as Joe Biden sincerely believes that being president is what's best for the country (i.e. THE TRUTH), he's allowed to do literally whatever he wants in order to get re elected

  22. >Someone on twitter made a joke in the vein of "RIP Elon Musk 19whatever-2022" about an ex-chancellor of a*stria

  23. Reddit isn't an app. It's a website, which can be viewed in desktop mode in a browser on a computer or phone. To my knowledge, there's no other existent ways to view this website or any other websites. Apps don't exist. My fingers aren't in my ears and I'm not screaming at the top of my lungs to drown out your voice

  24. I'm old enough to have been at a lakers game near the rock and mini me during the shaq kobe years and I dont even remember him being that name.

  25. Not sure what made me think of it earlier but the intro theme for Danny Phantom is pretty cool. They manage to cram the backstory from the pilot in to about 30 seconds while still being catchy.

  26. do y'all remember that dumbass who died because he convinced his girlfriend to shoot him with a Desert Eagle while he held an encyclopedia over his chest to stop the bullet

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