Student critically injured in shooting at Magruder High School, suspect in custody

  1. These so called journalists have learned a new word “ghost gun”. I can already tell it’s gonna be their favorite word

  2. "Police said it was never an active shooting situation. They are working to find out how the suspect got the weapon and if it was a ghost gun."

  3. This is where my girlfriend's daughter goes to school. Yesterday was a very fucked up day in my household. She seems alright at the moment, but I know what this is. This is shock. The weight of what happened will set in eventually and it's going to fuck her up psychologically.

  4. um, Magruder is in Montgomery County, one of the richest suburbs in the Country. What does this have to do with Baltimore?

  5. Listen, as someone who lived in Baltimore City, it’s a fucking shithole but this happened in MoCo. Montgomery County doesn’t even border the city.

  6. This school is in Rockville, and it is where my girlfriend's daughter goes to school. It is basically the polar opposite of Baltimore.

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